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Janette Speyer Livestreamers Brand Ambassadors

Live Streamers are Brand Influencers in 2018

Ross Brand with your Livestream Universe Update and Flash Briefing for Friday, April 20th, 2018.

Are live streamers the new brand influencers? Janette Speyer, VP of Marketing at Web Success Team, thinks so. She writes in a crowded internet space, podcasters, web casters and live streamers are the answer to getting your product in front of new audiences.

She cites the loyalty of livestream viewers, the passion hosts have for their show topics and the ability of brands to target a specific audience. Janette says Melissa Reyes and Tawanna Brown Smith are two live streamers who are delivering for the brands that work with them. You can read the article at WebSuccessTeam.com. We will hear from Janette Speyer on the Livestream Universe Update next week.

On the livestream viewing schedule:

Today at 1:30pm ET, Kathy Klotz-Guest hosts Yes and Brand on her personal Facebook profile. Popular guest Phil Gerbyshak joins Kathy to discuss “bad marketing.”

3pm ET – Eddie Garrison will be talking about his Facebook Live Training and Equipment Guide on his personal Facebook profile.

On Saturday,

9am ET – It’s Nimmin Live on YouTube with Nick and Dee helping you grow your YouTube channel — watch that at YouTube.com/NickNimmin

10:30am ET is Ask The Podcast Coach – Dave Jackson and Jim Collison take your questions at askthepodcastcoach.com/live.

At 11am ET, it’s Fork It Over Radio with Leslie Nance of go2kitchens and her husband/sidekick Robin. Get the latest news and tips on making your body inhospitable to cancer through your kitchen. View on Periscope or on the Fork It Over Radio Facebook page.

At 12pm ET, Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane host a live audio-only edition of the New Media Show, You can catch it at SpreakerLiveShow.com.

And Sunday at 2pm ET, it’s the Live Stream Insiders. Krishna De and Peter Stewart discuss developments in live streaming on the Live Stream Insiders Facebook page.

Show & event links at our website. For http://LivestreamUniverse.com, I’m Ross Brand. Have a great weekend!

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Jennifer Quinn Talks about Moving to Facebook Live & Collaboration (TDLU 1-11-2017)

The Daily Livestram Update for January 11, 2017. Hosted by LivestreamUniverse.com editor Ross Brand. Jennifer Quinn talks about how she came to love collaboration in #livestreaming, Joel Comm shares 3 awesome ways to murder your business and #LetsLivestream covers producing with Telestream Wirecast. Plus today’s highly recommended shows featuring Wagner dos Santos, Leslie Nance, Rachel Moore, Jonathan Tripp, Jenn Nelson, John Carlton, Rj Redden, Mitch Jackson, Jennifer Edwards Hoverstad, Kim Garst, Claudia Santiago, Vicki Hainault Fitch and Courtney Smith Kramer.

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A Busy Day for Wagner dos Santos & Jennifer Quinn Returns to #LivestreamStars (TDLU 1-9-2017)

The Daily Livestram Update for January 9, 2017. Hosted by LivestreamUniverse.com editor Ross Brand. A busy day for Wagner dos Santos, Jennifer Quinn returns to #LivestreamStars and the rest of our highly-recommended (MON & TUE + WED Morning) livestreaming shows featuring Luria Petrucci, Leslie Nance, Rj Redden, Jeff Adams, BeLive.tv, Claudia Santiago, Tracey Brown, Melissa Reyes, Vicki Hainault Fitch, Charles G. Hanna, Terry Johnson, Terrilena Austin, and Francine Gregory.

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Jenn Nelson Shares Holiday Wine Recommendations (TDLU 12-19-2016)

The Daily Livestram Update for December 19, 2016. Hosted by LivestreamUniverse.com editor Ross Brand. In the final update for 2016, Jenn Nelson of Wine Antics shares her holiday wine recommendations, a Blab Holiday Family Reunion with Joel Comm & Vincenzo M Landino, a celebration day for Leslie Nance of go2kitchens.com, who also will be making an announcement about Summit Live tonight on #LivestreamStars, and Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming Pros has advice for those taking time off from their shows. Plus more highly-recommended shows for today and beyond featuring Brian Fanzo, Jeff Adams, BeLive.tv, Rj Redden, Stacy Lynn Harp, Aaron Roth, Mary Desmond, Rachel Moore, CorkEnvy, Vicki Hainault Fitch, Dinesh Agarwal, Christian Karasiewicz and Nick Rishwain.

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Holiday Themed Livestream Shows: A Blab Family Reunion & Wine Antics Celebration (TDLU 12-16-2016)

The Daily Livestram Update for December 16, 2016. Hosted by LivestreamUniverse.com editor Ross Brand. Vincenzo M Landino talks about the Blab Holiday Family Reunion show he’s co-hosting on Monday with Joel Comm, Jenn Nelson and Jason Stubblefield have an upcoming Wine Antics Live Holiday celebration and FRI-SUN’s featured broadcasts with Wagner dos Santos, Jennie Mustafa-Julock, Vincenzo M Landino, Leslie Nance, Stacy Lynn, Patricia Fry, Krishna De and Peter Stewart.

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