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What We Do

Livestream Universe consults with brands, organizations and educational institutions leveraging the power of live video to grow revenue and engage in real-time conversations with customers and constituents.

We also provide coaching to new live streamers and experienced hosts looking to upgrade the quality and effectiveness of their broadcasts.

Our website contains interviews with leading content creators, industry news and overviews of the best products and services for live streamers.

Check out past shows and interviews plus recommended resources for livestreamers.

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[thrive_testimonial name=”Mitch Jackson” company=”Streaming.Lawyer” image=”http://livestreamuniverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/MitchJackson.jpg”]If you want to stay up-to-date with live video platforms and shows, connect with Ross at Livestream Universe and benefit from his daily and weekly updates![/thrive_testimonial]

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StreamYard Connect

StreamYard Connect highlights the different ways talented professionals use live streaming to communicate with customers, connect to new career opportunities and attract candidates to fill job openings. Plus we cover news and technology updates…and the production techniques that power successful live broadcasts.

The weekly show is hosted and produced by Ross Brand and sponsored by StreamYard, a browser-based app that makes it easy to create professional-looking livestreams. Join us Wednesdays at 2pm ET for StreamYard Connect on the StreamYard Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

Livestream Deals

Ross features products and services for livestreamers, including giveaways, special offers and new products, in this fast moving show with 3-4 guest segments per episode. #LivestreamDeals airs monthly on Facebook Live and across social media. More info and featured products at LivestreamDeals.com.

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