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Livestream Universe helps you leverage livestreaming to build your business, tribe and personal brand. Through Livestream University, we provide live video coaching, courses and consulting to individuals and organizations.

Our website also contains a bevy of free content, including over 100 interviews and counting with leading content creators who share their livestreaming knowledge and strategies and talk about how live video is helping them achieve tangible results.

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On November 23, 2015, Ross Brand hosted the debut edition of #LivestreamStars, featuring one-on-one interviews with talented livestream broadcasters. The show airs live at 7pm ET on Mondays and Thursdays on Facebook Live and is presented by Livestream Universe.


Ross features products and services for livestreamers, including giveaways, special offers and new products, in this fast moving show with 3-4 guest segments per episode. #LivestreamDeals airs on Facebook Live on the first Thursday of every month (except in January 2018, when it’ll be on the 2nd Thursday). More info and featured products at LivestreamDeals.com.

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