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Steve Stewart

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☑️ Know how to distribute your show to the top video platforms and podcast apps

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Meet Your Hosts

Audio & Video Professionals

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

Podcast Editor & Producer

Steve Stewart edits, produces and consults on podcast creation and production for many influencers in the personal finance space, including shows like the Stacking Benjamins Show, Afford Anything by Paula Pant, and the MilMo Show to make their podcasts sound great!

Stewart is co-founder of the Podcast Editor Academy that teaches others how to work from home and make money editing shows for podcasters, and he created the world’s largest and most diverse community for podcast editors, the Podcast Editors Club.

Using the experience from his own show, and all the behind-the-scenes work for his 20+ clients, Stewart helps and teaches others how to make better podcasts.

Ross Brand

Ross Brand

Live Video & Podcast Host

Ross Brand is a leading expert in live video and digital media with a notable background in radio broadcasting. His acclaimed 100 Predictions series has garnered international recognition, winning 30 book awards and securing ‘#1 Amazon Best Seller status in seven countries. 

Brand has been instrumental in shaping the digital media landscape, earning accolades as the world’s top livestreaming expert on social media (Klout) and influencing the growth of key platforms like StreamYard. His insights have been featured by major outlets such as Nasdaq TV, Forbes and Psychology Today.

Brand has hosted more than one thousand livestream and video podcast shows since 2015.

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