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Your Business Needs a Flash Briefing

90 Million Homes by 2020

  • Speak to customers in their homes and offices
  • Make your Flash Briefing a part of their daily routines
  • Receive on-the-spot voice orders for products and services
  • Establish your brand as the destination for industry news, tips and solutions

Ross Brand Alexa Flash Briefing

Get on Alexa Now!

  • Leverage our experience building, composing and voicing Flash Briefings
  • Professionally delivered and produced by a 12-year on-air radio announcer
  • Standout from your competitors with the best Flash Briefing in your industry

Sponsorship & Promotional Opportunities

Limited space is available for inclusion in our flagship Livestream Universe Update & Alexa Flash Briefing. There are multiple ways to take advantage of this outreach opportunity:



A 10-second read at the opening of the Flash Briefing: “brought to you by (company/brand/product name), (a few words about your product) at (website address). $74 per episode. $3887 for 13 weeks (65 episodes).


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Your show name, host, episode guests, topics and viewing information are included in our Flash Briefing the morning of your show (or in the Friday update for Saturday and Sunday shows). This is native advertising at its best. $29 per episode. $99 for 4 episodes.


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We Build, Produce & Distribute Your Flash Briefing

You’re too busy running your business or marketing your products and services to devote time to navigating the Amazon Skill Developer website, dealing with hosting audio content and working with RSS feeds. And then comes the time and energy of actually creating, posting and sharing the Flash Briefing content. Why not rely on our expertise to build and distribute your Alexa Skill and talent for writing, voicing and producing your Alexa Flash Briefing?



We build the Flash Briefing Skill for you and submit it to Amazon for approval. Within days, your Flash Briefing is delivered to the world via Amazon Alexa devices. This includes providing you an easy path for hosting and uploading your audio files that contain your Flash Briefings.  $499 for Alexa Flash Briefing Skill. $799 for Alexa Flash Briefing Skill + Podcast Setup.


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We can handle all aspects of writing, voicing and producing your Alexa Flash Briefing so that you have professional, engaging and impactful short-form audio content delivered directly to your customers’ homes and offices. Ross Brand applies his 12+ years of on-air and production experience to some of the best independent Flash Briefings on Alexa. This includes posting the audio file to your hosting service.

Write, voice and produce Flash Briefing: $149 per Flash Briefing. $599 for 5 Flash Briefings


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You now have great content out there, how do you get it into people’s homes and onto their phones?

We create a podcast out of your Flash Briefing for you, including text copy and links in the show notes. This includes a separate feed from your Flash Briefing. The podcast will be distributed to all the major podcast directories including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn radio and more.

One-time Podcast Creation and Distribution setup so you can upload your Flash Briefing audio files for distribution to podcast directories. $499

Uploading of Flash Briefing file to host for podcast distribution and adding show notes and links: $49 per episode

Posting social content with link to flash briefing and/or podcast version on social media. Includes 1 Facebook, 1 Twitter and 1 Linkedin post: $74 per episode. $299 for 5 episodes.

Our Expert Training Turns You Into the Creator

Nobody knows your business and customers better than you do. So why not apply our knowledge and experience in audio content creation to producing your own Alexa Flash Briefings? We can provide you and your team with on-site or online training to take total control of the content creation process, including choosing the right hardware, software, format, writing style and delivery as well as how to capture listener attention and include a call-to-action that converts.


In-person training: $2499 for 5 hours plus any travel and hotel expenses

Online training: $1999 for 5 hours


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Never miss an episode. Enable Flash Briefing on your Amazon Alexa device.

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