Multistreaming Success

Steps to a Successful Multistream!

step 1

Select your destinations

Which of the major social platforms will you be streaming to? Facebook, YouTube, Periscope/Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn Live.

step 2

Choose the right tool

Leading choices for multistreaming include StreamYard, Restream and Switchboard Live. Knowing how many destinations you need to stream to will help in choosing the best plan for you.

step 3

Managing the live chat

If live interactivity with your viewers is important to your content, choose a multistreaming tool that aggregates the chat from different destinations so you can follow it in one place.

step 4

Schedule in advance

Choose a tool that offers scheduling for Facebook and YouTube. You may want to  customize the titles and descriptions for each destination.

step 5

Promote with one link

You may be delivering your show to 5 destinations, but that doesn’t mean you want to confuse people with five links. Pick one destination link each time you notify people about your show.

step 6

Mention all the platforms when you are live

You made the effort to deliver live video to viewers wherever they consume content. Don’t hesitate to say, “We’re live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch,” or whichever destinations you are streaming to.

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