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Essential Live Streaming Gear

Ross Brand Rob Greenlee Streamyard CES


The best live streaming and video production app for beginners and an outstanding choice for live video hosts and producers at all levels of experience.

Samson Q2U Microphone

The best sounding USB microphone is also more affordable than it’s competitors and comes with an XLR cable for use with more advanced setups.

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Neewer Microphone Boom Arm

An inexpensive tool to keep your mic off your desk, at a comfortable height and out of the way when the broadcast is over.

Logitech C922x

If you are using your computer’s built-in webcam, these external webcams from Logitech will greatly improve the quality of video.

Logitech C920

A top webcam choice of live streamers for years thanks to its reliable video quality, the Logitech C920 typically costs less than the C922x while delivering similar results.

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Viltrox LED Light Panels

Lighting is critical for good-quality video. These small, light-weight and portable LED light panels have adjustable intensity and temperature. Get the AC adapter with it so you don’t have to worry about charging when live streaming.

Advanced Live Streaming Gear

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Shure SM7B Broadcast Microphone

The mic I use in my home studio and one of the elite mics for radio, podcasting and live streaming. You need either a powerful audio interface or an extra source of gain such as the CloudLifter.

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Electro-voice RE20 Broadcast Microphone

My favorite mic when I worked in radio, the RE20 is among the top choices for podcasting and live streaming. Like the SM7B, it needs plenty of gain.

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Sound Devices MixPre-3 II

A spectacular audio interface, mixer and recorder with outstanding preamps and analog limiters. Legitimate pro gear priced for creators. Expect a learning curve.

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Rodecaster Pro

A notch below the MixPre-3 in audio quality, the Rodecaster Pro is among the best options for podcasters and live streamers. Cool features include 4 headphones amps, pads for playing sounders and built-in processing options.

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Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro

Connect up to 4 HDMI video cameras, switch shots and output as a single USB webcam feed. Includes multiview and streaming directly from device to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

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Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini

Can you live without multiview and direct streaming? If you answered yes, then you can have the same 4 HDMI camera inputs and high-quality video output as the Pro version at half the price!

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Sony a6400 Mirrorless Camera

When it was time to upgrade from a webcam, the Sony a6400 was my choice thanks to its superfast autofocus, clean HDMI output and unlimited recording time. Amazing low light performance.

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Elgato Cam Link 4K

Connect your DSLR or mirrorless camera, camcorder or action cam to your computer so that it appears as a webcam. Plugs directly into USB slot so an additional USB cable is not needed.

LiveU Solo

LiveU Solo

The LiveU Solo portable live video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera source to any online destination. LiveU Solo lets content creators of all sizes, budgets and markets live stream professional quality HD video directly to any online video provider – without a large crew, lots of equipment or steep learning curve.

Sell Videos Online

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Sell videos online with the world’s leading video monetization platform. Uscreen is an all-in-one platform with both Video-On-Demand and Live Streaming capabilities. Own your audience, customize beautiful themes, sell courses and much more

StreamYard Graphics

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Streamer Templates

Stand out from the crowd on live video with templates designed specifically to work with StreamYard’s layouts. Customize with your own brand colors, text and more.

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Stream Sense Media

Take your live streaming to the next level with professional branding for your StreamYard live stream and video production.​

Video Editing

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I use Screenflow regularly to edit video clips for use on my live shows and repurpose recordings for social media clips and podcasts.

YouTube Growth

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TubeBuddy is the best tool for growing your YouTube channel by helping you identify growth opportunities while optimizing your videos for success. Download the free Chrome browser extension.


Forget about endless hours spent trying to figure out what words should be in your weekly newsletter or Google Ads ad. Let AI (aka Jarvis) do it for you. Use AI to write proven, high converting copy for increased conversions and higher ROI.

Email Marketing

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ActiveCampaign is the email marketing service I use to stay in touch with my community and ensure people know when I’m going live.

Social Media Planning & Management

Content Creators Planner

Content Creators Planner

The Content Creators Planner is the one place to define your goals, map out your content strategy in support of those goals, plan and calendar your content, measure what’s working, and make adjustments.

agorapulse social media management


Managing social media has never been easier than with Agorapulse. Schedule your content, get reports, and engage followers with one simple tool.

Media Kit for Creators

OneSheet Logo


A customized OneSheet is perfect for anyone looking to appear on more featured interviews. It’s great for speakers, authors, podcasters, coaches, YouTubers, bloggers, and anyone else interested in growing their influence.

Guest Interviews

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The best way to find your next interviews. Great resource for podcast and live stream hosts and guests.


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Master Live Streaming

Ross Brand and Super Joe Pardo teach you what need to know to successfully go live.

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DIY Publishing Course

Learn the fundamentals of self-publishing books in this in-depth yet succinct course. The DIY Publishing Course is perfect for anyone new to the self-publishing business. Presented by Dale L. Roberts.

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Indie Pod University

Join a growing community of passionate podcast creators in our private Indie Pod U Facebook Group. If you have a question, you will have priority access to Super Joe Pardo and the rest of the community to get answers as quickly as possible. Plus exclusive content just for members.

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School of Podcasting

Need help getting starting or growing your podcast? I can’t think of a better person to learn from than legendary podcaster Dave Jackson. A 2018 Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame inductee, Dave has helped hundreds of people launch their podcasts since he started podcasting in 2005.

Podcast Engineering School

Podcast Engineering School

Learn to engineer and produce podcasts at the highest professional level at The Podcast Engineering School, the only school in existence that teaches the professional audio engineering aspects of podcast production, and more. Graduates will be well equipped to start their own podcast production company or be hired as an employee.

Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand Jennifer Quinn

Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand

My review is quoted on the book jacket: “Jennifer Quinn is among the most compelling content creators working in the live video space. A talented host and on-air personality, she has been at the forefront of the livestream movement making her an ideal livestreamer to learn from.”

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