Vincenzo Landino on Live Video Production for Brands & Instagram Goes Live (Update Ep23)

The Daily Livestram Update for December 13, 2016. Hosted by editor Ross Brand. Vincenzo Landino talks about the collaboration between Aftermarq (Vincenzo, Amy Schmittauer) and Enlightened Audiovisual (Robert Hix, Jennifer Quinn, Sam Gonzalez), Instagram rolls out Live Video in Stories, 2 of today’s featured hosts (Leslie Nance, Stacy Lynn Harp) receive VIP status on Periscope… plus highly-recommended livestreaming content featuring Wagner dos Santos, Coach Jennie Mustafa-Julock, Wendy Futrell Fore, Chef Katrina, Terry Johnson, Terrilena Austin, Francine Gregory, Luria Petrucci, Live Streaming Pros, Leslie Nance, Rj Redden, Stacy Lynn Harp and Baxter Cribbs.