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Content Creation vs Content Promotion: Which is More Important? (Update Ep62)

Ross Brand with your Livestream Universe Update and Flash Briefing for Monday, May 7th, 2018.

Content Creators are often hear that they are putting too much time and effort into creation and not enough into promotion and advertising. On LIvestreamDeals, Express Writers CEO Julia McCoy said her company is achieving great results by following a different path.

Julia is the author “Practical Content Strategy & Marketing.” She says when it comes to written and audio content, quality wins.

You can catch the entire LivestreamDeals interview with Julia McCoy on the Livestream Universe Facebook page.

On Today’s viewing schedule:

At 12:30pm ET, Coach Jennie talks about why and how entrepreneurs sabotage their success and what to do about it. You can catch Coach Jennie Live Mondays to Fridays on the Coach Jennie YouTube channel.

At 3pm ET, Owen Video hosts BeLive Weekly on the BeLive TV Facebook page.

At 9pm ET, it’s “Ask Mike Murphy.” Mike takes your tech and podcasting questions at the Mike Murphy LLC Facebook page.

Show & event links at our website. For, I’m Ross Brand. Have a great weekend!

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Content Creators Summit & Nicole Sanchez on Best of BeLive (Update Ep31)

The Content Creators Summit, hosted by Kim Doyal and Lead Surveys, kicks off today and runs through Friday featuring speakers sharing their content creation knowledge, insights and tips. Ross Brand will be the second speaker on day 1 with his session beginning at 2:15pm ET. It’s free to attend:

Tonight at 8pm ET, Ross Brand and Rachel Moore host Best of BeLive on the Facebook page. Nicole Sanchez, who livestreams using BeLive on the Cisco Certifications Facebook page, will be a live guest on the show. She also discusses why she chose BeLive and the features that she uses in today’s Livestream Universe Update. 

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