Laura Petersen: How to Boost Your Social Media Promotion for Livestreams and Podcasts (Update Ep104)

Laura Petersen Copy That Pops

Ross Brand with your Livestream Universe Update and Flash Briefing for Tuesday, August 7th, 2018.

One way to generate more interest in livestream shows is by promoting them through social media posts. The effectiveness of that social media outreach can depend greatly on how the posts are constructed. If you are struggling to gain traction for your social posts, Laura Petersen of Copy that Pops says there is one major change that can greatly boost engagement.

Laura is the best-selling author of Permission to Write a Brand-Building Book for Podcasters. She was a recent guest on LivestreamDeals and shared how she added mystery to her podcast promotion.

More information about Permission to Write a Brand Building Book for Podcasters at The lessons in that book apply equally well to livestreamers, content creators and entrepreneurs. You can watch the full interview with Laura on our brand new LivestreamDeals Facebook page:

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On the viewing schedule…

At 2pm ET, RJ Redden hosts The Bot Signal on the Black Belt Bots Facebook page. Jessica Payne joins RJ to talk about storytelling with bots.

At 3pm ET, it’s EG Live hosted by Eddie Garrison. His topic today is how to utilize your competition. Eddie has moved his livestreams from his personal profile to his Eddie Garrison Facebook business page.

4pm ET, it’s Magnet Marketers with Jessika Phillips and Mike Gingerich. They’ll be discussing 11 huge Google Ad shifts to note now. That’s on the Magnet Marketers Facebook Page.

And at 5pm ET, It’s the Hollywood Spotlight Series hosted by Hollywood Insider Joie Gharrity. She’ll be featuring the cast of Lyman the Musical. It’s the first time the cast has appeared together on a live show. View on the Hollywood Spotlight Series Facebook page.

Show & event links at our website. For, I’m Ross Brand. Have a day!

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