Live Streaming Sports and Events: Wirecast Live Features Fantag (Update Ep108)

Fantag for Live Sports and Events

Ross Brand with your Livestream Universe Update for Thursday, August 23rd, 2018.

If you livestream sports or other types of events — or are interested in doing so, you’ll want to check out Wirecast Live today at 5:30pm ET. Andrew Haley interviews Fantag creator Brian Dombrowski. They’ll explore how media departments, schools, and communities can use Fantag to manage all their video in one place. Watch on the Telestream Wirecast Facebook page.

And if you’re interested in a free trial of Wirecast, head over to

Also on today’s viewing schedule…

At 2pm ET, it’s The Bot Signal with RJ Redden. She’ll be talking about Bots for Online Events including livestreams, webinars, and workshops. View on the Black Belt Bots Facebook page.

At 3pm ET, Eddie Garrison hosts EG Live. Today’s topic is user generated content. That’s on the Eddie Garrison Social Facebook page.

At 9pm ET — It’s Home Gadget Geeks with Jim Collison. He’ll be discussing Car Diagnostics Tools. View at

For, I’m Ross Brand. Have a great day!