Essential Gear for Live Streaming with StreamYard

Essential Gear for StreamYard Ross Brand

To make sure your audio and video quality are equal to your message and aligned with the professional brand you are building on LinkedIn and other live video platforms, here are the essential items every beginning to experienced live streamer using StreamYard should consider…

Live Streaming Tech with Dale Roberts and Walt Roberts (Brand On Broadcasting Ep18)

Dale Roberts Walt Roberts Live streaming tech

On Brand On Broadcasting, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talks with Dale Roberts and Walt Roberts of Live Streaming Tech about the gear they recommend for hosting livestream shows and gaming. They share tips on cameras, lightning, live video software and how to succeed on Twitch. Dale is an expert in self-publishing and is knowledgeable about how to optimize video content …

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Best Budget Mic for Livestreaming & Podcasting (Update Ep30)

Best Budget Mic Ross Brand Livestream Universe

What’s the best microphone under $75 for #livestreaming and #podcasting? I watched popular podcaster Pat Flynn (of Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn) test 3 mics and I thought one was clearly the winner, but at the end he equally endorsed 2 of the 3 mics. I will tell you why the Samson Q2u is the best podcast mic under $75, better than the more well-known ATR 2100 from Audio-Technica and much better than the condenser Blue Snowball (for livestreaming and podcasting). You want to use a dynamic mic for podcast recording and livestream video because it will pick up less room noise. Both the Samson Q2U and ATR 2100 come with XLR and USB cables. Podcast Date: March 5, 2018.

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