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Jim Collison on Hosting Your Live Chat with ChatWing (Update Ep5)

The Daily Livestram Update for November 14, 2016. Hosted by editor Ross Brand. Jim Collison of The Average Guy Podcast Network talks about Chatwing, an independent free app for hosting your live chat on your website plus featured shows with Terrilena Austin, Francine Gregory, Terry Johnson, Rj Redden and Audra Knight.

Better Facebook Live Comments: Melissa Reyes on Smiletime & Coach Jennie on BeLive (Update Ep2)

The Daily Livestream Update 11-9-2016

The Daily Livestream Update for November 9, 2016. Hosted by editor Ross Brand. Melissa Reyes talks about Smiletime’s integration of FB Live comments and Jennie Mustafa-Julock shares what she likes about commenting on FB Live with Plus our highly-recommended shows with Joel Comm, Dan Nickerson, Rachel Moore, The Live Fronts, Rj Redden, Stacy Lynn, Mitch Jackson, Jennifer Edwards Hoverstad, Claudia Santiago, Wagner dos Santos, Jennifer Quinn, Glenn Dawson, Sammi Tucker – Public Speaker & Paralympic Archer.

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