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Wirecast One Overview (Brand On Broadcasting)

Wirecast One Ross Brand On Broadcasting

In this episode of Brand On Broadcasting, Ross BrandĀ of Livestream Universe covers a new tier of Wirecast. Telestream has released a version of Wirecast called Wirecast One. It’s a great option for the new Wirecast user, coming in at a lower price point than Wirecast Studio or Wirecast Pro. It contains powerful features for livestreaming …

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YouTube Live Update: How to Go Live from Your Desktop (It’s Easy!) (Livestream News Ep25)

Go Live on YouTube Ross Brand Livestream Universe

YouTube Live now makes it quick and easy to livestream from your desktop and laptop using the Google Chrome Browser. You no longer need an encoder, third-party software or the old Google Plus Hangouts on Air setup.
Ross Brand of Livesteram Universe show you how to start livestreaming on YouTube in just a couple of clicks.

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