How to Add a PayPal Button to Your Website (Update Ep106)

PayPal William Slaise Jr

Ross Brand with your Livestream Universe Update and Flash Briefing for Tuesday, August 21st, 2018.

If you want to sell your own products and services online, it’s often best if customers can make the purchase right on your website. PayPal remains a leading option for taking online payments. In a recent livestream, William Slaise Jr shows you how to Create A PayPal Link To Allow Your Customers To Pay You For Your Services/Products. View it on his personal Facebook profile at

On today’s viewing schedule…

2pm ET — It’s The Bot Signal with RJ Redden. She’ll be discussing Bots for Live Events. View on the Black Belt Bots Facebook page.

At 3pm ET – The topic on The JennyQ Show is how to craft your message to attract clients. Jennifer Quinn welcomes Maya Elious. That’s on the JennyQ Facebook page.

4pm ET – Jessika Phillips and Mike Gingerich host Training Tuesday on the Magnet Marketers Facebook page. They’ll be talking about Facebook’s New Biz pages and locations roll out.

For, I’m Ross Brand. Have a day!