Why Livestream Stars?

Great Guests

Learn how the top digital media personalities broke into the field and monetized their businesses. Hear what motivates and inspires them to do the work they do.

Hot Topics

What’s the future of livestreaming? What emerging social media channels should you be on? We discuss & debate these types of issues each week with guests and viewers. 

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Guests offer great social, digital, marketing and business tips that you can put to use right away.

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Join the discussion by asking guests questions and commenting via chat or jumping into an open seat.

2016 has been a landmark year for me so far, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that being on #LivestreamStars was a highlight. I so appreciate the great work you do.

Christin Kardos

Community Manager, Convince & Convert

Show topics:

  • How to select topics, book guests and manage shows
  • How to be a more effective communicator on Periscope
  • How will Facebook Live impact Periscope
  • How to develop a YouTube content strategy for your business
  • How employees can serve as brand advocates on social
  • What social influencers need to know about the law
  • What will it take for livestreaming to go mainstream?

  • The first steps to take when starting an online business?
  • What if you livestream and only a few people watch?
  • How to use livestreaming for special events
  • Is Blab a viable platform for recording podcasts?
  • The challenges of using social media in higher education
  • How HR can integrate social and livestreaming tools into organizations
  • How relationships built through livestreaming are different than via Twitter

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