Featured Guests

Ross Brand has conducted more than 600 interviews since he founded Livestream Universe in 2015. Thanks to our guests for so many great conversations.

Winnie Sun

Nasdaq TV Host & Financial Advisor

Ja Rule

ICONN Live CEO & Rap Legend

Madeleine Smithberg

Executive Producer of The Daily Show

Tommy John Livestream Universe Stars
Tommy John

Former MLB All-Star Pitcher

Deja Vu BeLive WBLS
Deja Vu

DJ/Host at WBLS in NYC

Jon Tesh

National TV Host & Musician

Rebekah Radice

Top 5 Social Media Blogger

Mario Armstrong
Mario Armstrong

NBC Today Personality & 2x Emmy Winner

Dave Jackson

Hall of Fame Podcaster

geige_vandentop 100 livestreaming digital media predictions
Geige Vandentop

StreamYard CEO

Luria Petrucci

Live Streaming Pros & Hall of Fame Podcaster

Michael Kinney

Freelance Video Editor, YouTuber & Actor

Amy Schmittauer Vlog Like A Boss Livestream Universe
Amy Landio

Author, Vlog Like a Boss

Jon Burk
Jon Burk

Al Roker Entertainment

Rob Greenlee Libsyn
Rob Greenlee

Libsyn VP & Hall of Fame Podcaster

Derral Eves VidSummit Livestream Universe
Derral Eves

VidSummit Founder & YouTuber w/ 600K Subscribers

Joel Pare Sound Devices
Joel Pare

Sound Devices

Michael Doucot


Jay Baer Livestream Universe Stars
Jay Baer

Digital Marketing Superstar, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author

Shelly Saves the Day



Author, Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand

Chef Daniella Malfitano

Disney Host & Author

Sean Cannell Livestream Universe VidSummit
Sean Cannell

YouTube Star w/ 2M+ subscribers

Azania Noah Livestream Universe Stars
Azania Noah

International Singer (The Voice), Entertainer & Philanthropist

Bryan Kramer Livestream Universe Stars
Bryan Kramer

Author & #H2H Digital Marketer

Aleyda Solis

SEO Expert & Global Keynote Speaker

roberto blake livestream universe expert
Roberto Blake

YouTube Star w/ 500K Subscribers

Nick Nimmin

YouTube Star w/ 800K Subscribers

Mari Smith

Facebook Expert

Leslie Nance

Shorty Awards Finalist for Periscoper of the Year

Nancy Ancowitz

Author, Self-Promotion for Introverts®

Kim Doyal

#FtheHustle Newsletter & Co-Author, Content Creators Planner

PJ Taei Livestream Universe Predictions 2021 copy
PJ Taei

Uscreen Founder

Jeffrey Fitzgerald

2x Emmy Winner at JeffinHighDef

Shamir Allibhai

Founder, Simon Says

Jodi Krangle

Audio Branding Expert & Voice Actor

Brenden Mulligan

Founder, Podpage

Chris Curran
Chris Curran

Professional Audio Engineer

Coach Jennie

Speaker & Author of Hilda

Dale Roberts
Dale Roberts

Self-Publishing with Dale

Louise McDonnell

SellOnSocial.Media Academy

Mitch Jackson Livestream Universe 2018
Mitch Jackson

Streaming. Lawyer

Dana Bentz StreamYard Livestream Universe Predictions 2021 copy
Dana Bentz

StreamYard COO

Rachel Moore

Social Media Director, Hubilo

Jan Koch

Author, Virtual Summit Mastery Method

Brent Basham

Founder, Poddit & One Sheet Pro

Dan Currier

People of Video Conference

Jessika Phillips Livestream Universe Predictions
Jessika Phillips

Social Media Week Lima

Chris Krimitsos


Super Joe Pardon MAPCON Midatlantic Podcast Conference
Joe Pardo

Independent Creator Conference

Ai Addyson-Zhang Classroom Without Walls
Ai Addyson-Zhang

Classroom Without Walls

todd bergin todd.live
Todd Bergin


Jim Collison

The Average Guy Podcast Network

Diana Gladney

YouTuber, Video Simplified

Tyler Anderson Livestream Universe
Tyler Anderson

Social Media Day San Diego

Andy Crestodina

Orbit Media

Craig Carpenter

Founder, RelayThat

viveka von rosen
Viveka Von Rosen

LinkedIn Expert & Vengreso Co-Founder

Valerie Morris

Social Media Strategist at Tintero Creative

Owen Video

Video Marketer

Nikki Woods
Nikki Woods

Executive Producer & On-Air Personality, The Tom Joyner Morning Show

Cathy Hackl

VR Expert & Emmy Nominee

Brian Fanzo

Digital Futurist & Keynote Speaker

Andrew Haley Telestream Wirecast
Andrew Haley

YouTube Product Marketing Manager

Chris Strub

First Person to Stream in All 50 States

Andrea Branchini Livestream Universe Stars
Andrea Branchini

Dabbling Chef

Ileane Smith
Ileane Smith

Ms. Ileane Speaks: Your Digital Media Tour Guide

Jim Harold
Jim Harold

Professional Podcaster

Dee Nimmin
Dee Nimmin

Mobile Video Expert & Nimmin Live Co-Host

Brian G Johnson Livestream Universe VidSummit
Brian G. Johnson

YouTuber & Author of Tube Ritual, Part 1

christoph trappe
Christoph Trappe

Author, Going Live: Livestream your podcast to reach more people

Dr Aikyna Finch Livestream Universe
Dr. Aikyna Finch

Social Power Summit

Cassandra Kubinski Livestream Universe Red Carpet
Cassandra Kubinski

Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist

Dee C Marshall Livestream Universe
Dee C. Marshall


Jeff Sieh Manly Pinterest Tips
Jeff Sieh

Manly Pinterest Tips

Mike Allton Agorapulse Blogging Brute
Mike Allton


Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu

Lights, Camera, Live!

Karen Yankovich LinkedIN
Karen Yankovich

LinkedIn Expert

Joel Comm Livestream Universe Stars
Joel Comm

Bad Crypto Podcast

Julia McCoy
Julie McCoy

Express Writers CEO

Margie Analise
Margie Analise

Business Coach

Brandon Birkmeyer

Brand On Brands Podcast

Jennifer Crawford DC Podfest
Jennifer Crawford

DC Podfest

Amir Zonozi Zoomph
Amir Zonozi

President, Zoomph

Kyle Bondo


Reggie Williams Outlaw Masks
Reggie Williams

Co-Founder, Outlaw Masks

bee smith livestream universe testimonial
Bee Smith

Author, Educator, Mental Health Advocate

Dave Kerpen

CEO, Likeable Media & Best-Selling Author

Bandrew Scott Podcastage
Bandrew Scott


Claudia Barbiero LiveU Solo Livestream Universe
Claudia Barbiero

VP Marketing, LiveU

Lee Uehara
Lee Uehara

Asian-American Podcasters Association

Chip Edwards
Chip Edwards

Create My Voice

Rebecca Gunter

Marketing Copywriter

Jeffrey Bradbury
Jeffrey Bradbury


Addy Saucedo Simplecast Podcast Planner
Addy Saucedo


Mike Murphy Livestream Universe Stars
Mike Murphy


Brad Friedman

The Digital Slice Podcast

Korbid Thompson
Korbid Thompson

Sportscaster, King James Radio Network

Hilary Silver Livestream Universe Ask The Expert
HIlary Silver

Master Coach & Therapist

Kristin cruz Livestream Universe Stars
Kristin Cruz

LA Radio Personality

Morgan Schwanke Restream.io
Morgan Schwanke

Head of Business Development, Restream

Peter Stewart BBC Live Streaming Handbook
Peter Stewart

BBC Broadcaster

Cathy Nolan Never Settle Show
Cathy Nolan


phil kluba
Phil Kluba

Live Video Producer at Press It

Tony Daniels

Musician & Voice Actor

Steve Stewart
Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart Podcast Productions

Nicole Sanchez
Nicole Sanchez

Yay or Nay Nicole on YouTube

Professor Nez
Professor Nez

Personal Branding Coach & Host of #NezNation

Patrick VanDusen ViewStub
Patrick VanDuzen

Founder, ViewStub

NIel Guilarte
NIel Guilarte

Host of Cinema Voz & Owner of Wildstyle Media

Carlos Gil
Carlos Gil

Co-Founder, Outlaw Masks

Jackie Miao Livestream Universe Stars
Jackie Miao

Dining Happy

Dan Pisarski LiveU Livestream Universe
Dan Pisarski


Nick Mattingly Switcher Studio Livestream Universe
Nick Mattingly

CEO, Switcher Studio

Dr. Tachi


Mia Voss Livestream Universe Expert
Mia Voss

Luxury Travel Blogger at MiaOnTheGo

Ryan Bell
Ryan Bell

Emmy Winning Marketing Director at Comcast SportsTech

Jeremy Goldman Livestream Universe
Jeremy Goldman

Author, Going Social

Mark S Babbitt Good Comes First
Mark S. Babbitt

Co-Author, Good Comes First

Joie Gharrity Red Carpet Guide 113 Branding
Joie Gharrity

Author, Red Carpet Guide to Visibility and Influence

Kim Reynolds
Kim Reynolds

Social Media Examiner

Tim McDonald Livestream Universe
Tim McDonald

The Business of Speaking

Jaime Cohen
Jaime Cohen

LinkedIn Video Creator & Founder of The Right Words

Judi Fox
Judi Fox

LinkedIn Business Accelerator & Video Creator

Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus
Chris 'Kubby' Kubbernus

CEO, Kubbco

Mike Wilkerson
Mike Wilkerson

President, 2GuysTalking Podcast Network

Gordon Daily BoxCast Livestream Universe
Gordon Daily

CEO, BoxCast

Dave Basulto iographer Livestream Universe Stars
Dave Basulto

Founder, iOgrapher

Scott Sheehan LiveU Livestream Universe
Scott Sheehan


Dan Hugley Focusrite
Dan Hughley


Christine Gritmon

Personal Branding Coach

Jeff Adams Livestream Universe Stars
Jeff Adams

Orlando Radio Personality

Elikqitie Travel Gluten Free Livestream Universe

Author of Traveling Gluten Free & Podcaster

Austin Iuliano
Austin Iuliano

Social Media Strategist & Keynote Speaker

Gordon Firemark
Gordon Firemark

Podcaster & Attorney

Emily Prokop Story Behind
Emily Prokop

Author, Podcaster & Shorty Awards Finalist

Jen Hoverstad
Jen Hoverstad

Marketing Consultant & Attorney

Zachary Babcock

Underdog Empowerment Podcast

Armel Beaudy Kembe Trebble.fm
Armel Beaudry Kembe

Founder, Trebble FM

Heather Dopson Livestream Universe Stars
Heather Dopson


Brian Alvey
Brian Alvey

CEO, Clipisode

Steffen Kaplan

Livestream Producer

Gord Isman


Zef Zan

Vendor Shows Live

Matt B Davis
Matt B. Davis

Obstacle Racing Media

Toni Henderson Mayers
Toni Henderson-Mayers

Wise Courtship Author & Host, SAG-AFTRA Actor

Daniel Batal
Daniel Batal


Tamara Thompson
Tamara Thompson

Broadcast Your Authority

Wagner dos Santos Livestream Universe
Wágner dos Santos

Wàgner, The Agency & Wàgner Live

Glenn Hebert
Glenn "The Geek" Hebert

Horse Radio Network

Aaron Linne
Aaron Linne

Microsoft Senior Project Manager

JIm Fuhs
Jim Fuhs

Dealcasters Live

Caren Glasser
Caren Glasser

Talk Show Host at Caren Glasser Live

Alexander Riesenkampff
Alexander Riesenkampff

Founder, GetVokl

Andrew Kan
Andrew Kan


Bonnie Frank
Bonnie Frank

Business Fabulous Podcast

Vincenzo Landino

CEO, Aftermarq

Brian Wallace
Brian Wallace

Founder, NowSourcing

Rudy J Ellis Switchboard Live Livestream universe stars
Rudy J. Ellis

CEO, Switchboard.Live

steve dotto tech
Steve Dotto

Dotto Tech

Jeremy Vest VidIQ
Jeremy Vest


Avi Cohen LiveU Livestream Universe
Avi Cohen

Co-Founder, LiveU

Anwar Richardson Orangebloods
Anwar Richardson


Mark Rogers Livestream Universe
Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers TV

Alex Khan Livestream Universe
Alex Khan

CEO, Attractive Media

Katya Varbanova Livestream Universe Stars
Katya Varbanova


Rob Balasabas Thinkific
Rob Balasabas


Tamir Buchler Busker Livestream Universe
Tamir Buchler

Founder, Busker

Marty McPadden Testimonial Ross Brand Livestream Universe
Marty McPadden

PodjamTV Productions

Marc Gawith Testimonial Rightside Ross Brand Livestream Universe
Marc Gawith

VP, Switcher Studio

Dan Norton Repurpose Pro
Dan Norton

Repurpose Video

Laura Petersen Copy That Pops
Laura Petersen

Copy That Pops

Krishna De

Live Stream Insiders

Kathy Klotz-Guest

Keeping It Human

daniel newman
Daniel Newman

Founding Partner, Futurum Research

Jed Record
Jed Record

Senior Partner Engineer at Domino Data Lab

Vicki Finch

Direct Sales Expert

Kelli Roberts Publish
Kelli "Publish" Roberts

Print-On-Demand Expert

Reese Lynn Scott Boxing Red Carpet
Reese Lynn Scott

Women’s World of Boxing

Jason Mayden Nike Livestream Universe
Jason Mayden

Former Nike Lead Designer

Rachel Miller Testimonial Ross Brand Livestream Universe
Rachel Miller

Global Influencer Marketing Lead at SAP

Debbie Wong Livestream Universe
Debbie Wong

Author, The Same Sky

Jason Liebman VidSummit Livestream Universe
Jason Liebman

Liebs Media

Chris Barrows

Manager, Social Media at CohnReznick

John Kapos
John Kapos

Perfection Chocolates

Ben Ratner Roker Media Red Carpet
Ben Ratner

Emmy Winning Director & Producer

Monique Johnson Livestream Universe News
Monique Johnson

Live Video Lab

Paul Ramondo Media
Paul Ramondo


Dr Chloe Carmichael Livestream Universe Red Carpet
Dr Chloe Carmichael

Clinical Psychologist

Rocio Segura Root Studios Red Carpet
Rocio Segura

Photographer, Root Studios

Matthew Pollard

Author, The Introvert's Edge

Janine Truitt Dennis
Janine Truitt Dennis

Talent Think Innovations

RJ Redden The Dojo
RJ Redden

Chatbot Strategist

Shy Mukerjee Never Settle Show Red Carpet
Shy Mukerjee

Emmy Winning Producer, Never Settle Show

Andre McDonnell Livestream Universe Red Carpet
Andre McDonnell

Founder, It’s From the Sole

Evie Why Livestream Universe Red Carpet
Evie Why

YouNow Influencer

sue fennessy the8app Livestream Universe
Sue Fennessy

CEO, the8app

Loren Weisman
Loren Weisman

Brand Messaging Strategist

Bridgetti Lim Banda
Bridgetti Lim Banda

BLive Media

Victor Cajiao

Musician, Sunday Sax Jam

Eddie Garrison

Founder, Clover Media

Angus Nelson

Men's Performance Coach

Tracy Matthews
Tracy Matthews

Flourish & Thrive Academy

Steven Greene

mAke the grAde

Matt Hochberg
Matt Hochberg



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