Ross Brand is the King of Livestreaming. If you want to know about livestreaming, he is the guy.
Dave Jackson
Hall of Fame Podcaster

Industry Leaders

Ross Brand is definitely a guy who knows all about livestreaming, can talk to you about why you should be using it, how you should be using it, and you can check him out as a great example of someone using livestreaming too.
Rebekah Radice
Top 5 Social Media Blogger
You have been so consistent in offering a great service to the community. Keep up the great work. As more programming evolves your value is going to continue to skyrocket. Can’t wait to see that happen for you!
Mario Armstrong
Mario Armstrong
NBC Today, 2x Emmy Winner
]As someone who helps brands embrace live streaming and a huge advocate for live video, I’m thankful for what Ross does and proud to be a friend and a fan of his work. Keep up the awesome work!
Brian Fanzo
Brian Fanzo
Keynote Speaker & Host of Press the Damn Button
There is no greater evangelist for livestreaming than Ross Brand. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and community building.
jon burk 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions
Jon Burk
Al Roker Entertainment
If anybody wants to learn how to promote shows, follow Ross everywhere he is, because he’s the master. Ross excels at this above and beyond anyone who has ever produced a show.
Author, Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand
Ross Brand has his finger on the pulse of the global live streaming community. If you want to stay up-to-date with live video platforms and shows, connect with Ross at Livestream Universe.
Mitch Jackson Livestream Universe 2018
Mitch Jackson
Ross Brand is live streaming. Period. I can recommend Ross for any of your live video, podcasting, or broadcasting questions based upon my work with him.
Todd Bergin


We love the content Ross is creating for his shows. He really elevates the live streaming industry.

Joyce Essig, LiveU

Joyce Essig

LiveU PR Mangager

StreamYard’s grown really fast and a big part of that is Ross getting the word out.

geige_vandentop 100 livestreaming digital media predictions

Geige Vandentop

StreamYard CEO

Ross is personable, has a great intuition about what people want to see on Livestream shows and is one of the biggest influences in my success.

Leslie Nance

Shorty Awards Finalist
Ross has taught me so much. Always so thankful for his enthusiasm and spirit -- and KNOWLEDGE -- for helping our livestreaming community.
Steffen Kaplan
livestreaming Producer

Event Organizers

It was a great pleasure to work with Ross as an event organizer. He's a true professional who knows how to deliver.
Jessika Phillips Livestream Universe Predictions
Jessika Phillips
Social Media Week Lima
Students were inspired to apply the actionable steps Ross shared, enabling them to stand out online and get career opportunities, without chasing “likes.”
Nancy Ancowitz
New York University

At the VidCon livestreaming panel, Goldie Chan asks Ai Addyson-Zhang of Classroom without Walls, “Who is a livestreamer that you are a fan of?”

Monetize Livestreaming Now Virtual Summit

The whole thing is so dynamic and value packed that I realized quickly that there were some presentations I couldn’t afford to miss. This summit raises the bar for virtual summits!
Everybody’s talking about how GOOD this was Ross Brand!
Stuart Buchan
Ross Brand did a fantastic job of putting this together. He delivered a masterpiece of a summit.
Jan Koch
Speaker & Virtual Summit Mastery Owner
So honored to be part of this amazing event. BRAVO, Ross Brand! .
Coach Jennie
Speaker & Coach
Ross is a major influencer in the livestreaming / live-broadcasting space on social media, so you can imagine my excitement when he agreed to be my very first guest on #LetsLivestream.
Rachel Moore
Social Media Director, Hubilo

Livestream Stars

Ross is definitely a pioneer in the livestreaming space and for as long as I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him, he is always willing to help others.
Stephanie Liu
Stephanie Liu
Lights, Camera, Live
One of the most well-connected men in live streaming—and probably the most universally liked—Ross Brand goes above and beyond every day to lift up others succeeding in the space.
Chris Strub
First Person to Livestream in All 50 States
Amazing time on the show, Ross! You are as talented a host as you are a live stream Beethoven.
Owen Video
Host, The Business of Video
What you’ve done, Ross, is exactly what you want to do to if you want to become a master livestreamer. Start where you are, have something of value people would love to hear about, don’t make it about yourself, and make it entertaining, and you are going to find that people will come to join you on that journey.
Jeffrey Fitzgerald
2x Emmy Winner at JeffinHighDef
When Ross interviews his guests he does so with skill, respect, and charm. When you sit down to an interview with Ross, you know that he is going to make you feel at ease while seamlessly running the show and entertaining the viewers.
Host of Facebook Live's First Variety Show

Hosts & Guests

His professionalism in asking me to be on the show, prepping me, and interviewing me was second to none. Ross did an excellent job of keeping the conversation moving, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on the show! Would love to come back if the opportunity allows
Jen Hoverstad
Jen Hoverstad
Marketing Consultant & Attorney
Ross, you are an inspiration to people like me because seeing you stream and hearing you talk about it was one of the things that got me into streaming. So, thank you.
Chris Curran
Chris Curran
Professional Audi0 Engineer
Ross personifies the consummate professional. I've been teaching speech and communications for years and marvel at how engaging, fluid, thought provoking, and powerful a communicator he is, especially in front of live audiences. His livestream show is the best in the business and he goes above and beyond for all his guests. I'm honored to call him a colleague and a friend. He continually inspires.
Professor Nez
Professor Nez
Writing & Communication Professor & Personal Brand Coach
I had Ross on my live stream show as a guest. Unfortunately, we had some audio issues. While it is not fun dealing with those issues, I passed the torch to Ross who carried my show like a pro while I fixed my audio. I am an improviser, comic, speaker and storyteller and I am used to dancing! While I never hope to have glitches happen to any guest, I am glad it was with Ross because he is a master live streamer. He handles everything with grace, humor and professionalism.
Kathy Klotz-Guest
Author & Improv Expert
Being on Ross' show was a pleasure and a privilege. He knows his tech so well that everything went super smoothly. And he asked some great questions. I have no doubt you'll enjoy a conversation with him - whether you're on his show or he's on yours!
Jodi Krangle
Voice Actor, Podcaster
Ross is a fantastic and strategic livestreamer. I was a guest on his livestream and the guest experience from scheduling to planning to going live was just top notch. I would highly recommend him.

Christoph Trappe
Content Strategy at Voxpopme
I’ve been delighted to collaborate with Ross Brand over the years in his roles as an event organizer, speaker, and livestreaming show host. A pioneer in the livestreaming movement, he has an incredible knack for bringing together talent and helping them get recognized and paid for their efforts.
Nancy Ancowitz


While we were making StreamYard, we studied Ross very carefully. I watched his streams while we were building StreamYard.
geige_vandentop 100 livestreaming digital media predictions
Geige Vandentop
CEO, StreamYard
Ross, what you’re doing is amazing. You’ve built such a huge community. You have a huge fan base and I’m one of them.
Andrew Haley
YouTube Product Marketing Manager & Former "Wirecast Live" Host
Ross is a legit top-notch guy. He might be the nicest person I've ever met in real life and is super knowledgeable about live streams. Can't recommend him enough as your next guest!
Brent Basham
Co-Founder, Poddit & One Sheet
Ross, you’ve done a great job with Livestream Universe, and we love the content that you’re putting out.
Marc Gawith Testimonial Rightside Ross Brand Livestream Universe
Marc Gawith
VP, Switcher Studio
You can clearly witness Ross' broadcasting savvy as well as his people skills. His broadcasts are well-planned, well-moderated, and very welcoming for broad audiences to engage and participate. I feel that I'm tapping into an expert's realm yet it's highly approachable.
Rachel Moore
Social Media Director, Hubilo
Ross Brand is a great interviewer and his show brings in top notch guests.
Craig Carpenter
Founder, RelayThat

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