Ross, I am sincerely honored that you highlighted our live streaming news in your awesome show. You have been so consistent in offering a great service to the community. Keep up the great work. As more programming evolves your value is going to continue to skyrocket. Can’t wait to see that happen for you!

Mario Armstrong

NBC Today Personality & Emmy Winner

There is no greater evangelist for livestreaming than Ross Brand.

Jon Burk

Al Roker Entertainment

Ross is personable, has a great intuition about what people want to see on Livestream shows and is one of the biggest influences in my success at go2kitchens.com.

Leslie Nance

Shorty Awards Finalist & Periscope Gold VIP

While we were making StreamYard, we studied people like you very carefully. I watched your streams while we were building StreamYard.

Geige Vandentop

CEO, StreamYard

Amazing time on the show, Ross! You are as talented a host as you are a live stream Beethoven.

Owen Hemsath


Been educating myself on live streaming and you have had the best content on what I have heard thus far.

Dr. Joyce Knudsen

The ImageMaker, Inc.® Communication Group

If anybody wants to learn how to promote shows, follow Ross everywhere he is, because he’s the master. Ross excels at this above and beyond anyone who has ever produced a show.

Jennifer “JennyQ” Quinn


Ross, you are an inspiration to people like me because seeing you stream and hearing you talk about it was one of the things that got me into streaming. So, thank you.

Chris Curran

Podcast Engineering School

I highly recommend Ross Brand as a speaker. Ross has added a ton of value to Social Media Week Lima.

Jessika Phillips

Founder, Social Media Week Lima

Ross, what you’re doing is amazing. You’ve built such a huge community. You have a huge fan base and I’m one of them.

Andrew Haley

Host, Wirecast Live

Ross Brand is definitely a guy who knows all about livestreaming, can talk to you about why you should be using it, how you should be using it, and you can check him out as a great example of someone using livestreaming too.

Rebekah Radice

CMO, Post Planner

Ross, you’ve done a great job with Livestream Universe, and we love the content that you’re putting out.

Marc Gawith

VP, Switcher Studio

Ross is a master live streamer. If you get a chance to work with Ross to help your organization’s live streaming efforts or as a speaker, do it. He is the warm, empathetic, smart, human face of how great live streaming can and should be. That is why he connects so well with audiences. He is my favorite live stream ‘Brand.’

Kathy Klotz-Guest

Founder, KeepingItHuman.com

Ross Brand has his finger on the pulse of the global live streaming community. If you want to stay up-to-date with live video platforms and shows, connect with Ross at Livestream Universe and benefit from his daily and weekly updates!

Mitch Jackson

Attorney, Streaming.Lawyer

Thank you for being the wonderful person you are. And always being such a great resource. You are loved.

Nicole Sanchez

Yay or Nay Nicole

One of the most well-connected men in live streaming—and probably the most universally liked—Ross Brand goes above and beyond every day to lift up others succeeding in the space.

Chris Strub


Ross is definitely a pioneer in the livestreaming space and for as long as I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him, he is always willing to help others.

Stephanie Liu

Lights, Camera, Live

As someone who helps brands embrace live streaming and a huge advocate for live video, I’m thankful for what Ross does and proud to be a friend and a fan of his work. Keep up the awesome work!

Brian Fanzo


I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of you and how you give us a platform to share for suicide prevention, for education, for my books. You’ve done that for me and so many people.

Bee Smith

Author & Educator

What you’ve done is exactly what you want to do to if you want to become a master livestreamer. Start where you are, have something of value people would love to hear about, don’t make it about yourself, and make it entertaining, and you are going to find that people will come to join you on that journey.

Jeffrey Fitzgerald

Emmy Award Winner, JeffInHighDef.tv

You have been always a super rockstar in the streets of livestream. I absolutely love you.

Toni Henderson-Mayers

Author, Wise Courtship

Not only does Ross work diligently, daily, to promote and update us on what is going on in the world of live video, but now he is dropping a podcast? Subscribed! You should too.

Vincenzo Landino

Co-Founder, Aftermarq.com

Ross is a major influencer in the livestreaming / live-broadcasting space on social media, so you can imagine my excitement when he agreed to be my very first guest on #LetsLivestream.

Rachel Moore

Host, #LetsLivestream & Founder, Really.Social

I’m continuously astounded by your energy to keep doing this weekly and bring such a diversity of talent and interesting people to the live stream community.

Gord Isman

Video & YouTube Strategist

His professionalism in asking me to be on the show, prepping me, and interviewing me was second to none. Ross did an excellent job of keeping the conversation moving, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on the show! Would love to come back if the opportunity allows.

Jen Hoverstad

Attorney & Host, TheShow.Live

Ross Brand is live streaming. Period. I can recommend Ross for any of your live video, podcasting, or broadcasting questions based upon my work and friendship with him.

Todd Bergin


You are amazing. Even when we started in the very beginning, you were always so gracious and humble, and you always were spotlighting and sharing others. And where others are gone, you are still here. The good guy always prevails.

Dr. Aikyna Finch

Founder, Social Power Summit

Ross is uber likable, relatable, and has a great understanding of what people want and need to hear. Ross leads the way for the Livestream Universe and encourages everyone to reach for the stars! Awesome podcast from a stellar professional!

Melissa Reyes

Host, Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz

Ross has done an incredible job over the past year. His production style has grown and he just keeps getting better and better. Ross is very generous with the community promoting others ahead of himself. I’m really looking forward to what should be a tremendous second year for Livestream Universe.

Marty McPadden

CEO, PodJam TV & Formerly of ESPN

Ross Brand is a fantastic host and his interview series always has social standouts who share candid commentary about their success, the industry and future predictions.

Rachel Miller

Influencer Marketing & Social Strategist

Ross, 2016 has been a landmark year for me so far, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that being on #LivestreamStars was a highlight. I so appreciate the great work you do.

Christin Kardos

Community Manager, Convince & Convert

Ross Brand is a great interviewer and his show brings in top notch guests.

Craig Carpenter

Founder & CEO, RELAY