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Ross' Influencer Outreach and Livestreaming Shows Helped StreamYard grow from a small user base to a $250M Acquisition.

Ross Brand is an award-winning livestreaming strategist who helps:

1. creators & entrepreneurs monetize their talent and expertise
2. brands sell their products and services
3. livestreamers with hosting, promotion, gear, and show development.

Ross grows revenue by connecting brands with customers on social media through compelling content and real-time interactivity. As an on-air personality for industry brands including Streamyard, LiveU, and BeLive, he has a dedicated following among digital influencers who look to him for the latest trends and tech.

“While we were making StreamYard, we studied Ross very carefully,” said StreamYard co-founder & CEO Geige Vandentop. “I watched his streams while we were building StreamYard.”

Ross is the organizer and host of the Monetize Livestreaming Now™ Virtual Summit. It’s the first and only livestreaming conference devoted entirely to the topic of monetization.

He was selected one of “5 Live Video Experts to Follow” by Switcher Studio, the “Number One Twitter Account for Learning Live Stream Marketing” by Amp Live, and a Top 25 Video Marketing Influencer by Onalytica.

“There is no greater evangelist for livestreaming than Ross Brand,” said Jon Burk of Al Roker Entertainment. “I love that he has a community like this.” 

Psychology Today featured Ross’ introvert-friendly approach to social media branding. Nasdaq interviewed him on the future of livestreaming. Forbes shared his insights on podcasting. Ross is a popular guest lecturer on live video and social media topics at New York University.

Dave Jackson

Ross is the King of Livestreaming


Learn Livestreaming from Ross Brand

Ai Addyson-Zhang

I love Ross Brand's Content (at VidCon)
Ross Has Been featured BY

Livestream Brand Evangelist

There’s no greater evangelist for livestreaming than Ross Brand. 

jon burk 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions

Jon Burk

Al Roker Entertainment

StreamYard’s grown really fast and a big part of that is Ross getting the word out.

geige_vandentop 100 livestreaming digital media predictions

Geige Vandentop

StreamYard CEO

If you want to learn how to promote shows, Ross is the master. 


Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand

Ross Brand's Impact on StreamYard's Growth

StreamYard CEO Geige Vandentop, COO Dana Bentz, YouTube Star Nick Nimmin and other power users talk about Ross’ evangelism.

Best Selling Author of 100 Predictions Series

Top of the Amazon Charts!

#1 Best Seller in 6 countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia, Netherlands & Germany)

Top 5,000 of all books sold on

Winner of 23 Book Awards!

Topics Ross Can Help You With






Virtual Summits


Monetization Strategy




Content Strategy


Personal Branding


Live Video Gear



🎟  Monetize Livestreaming Now™ – Virtual summit on Saturday, May 15, 2021.  Featured 19+ leading livestreaming & online business experts. Average watch time of 4.4 hours for 8 hour livestream. 8.6/10 in Hopin’s attendee survey. Sponsors included StreamYard and Uscreen.
🎟  Livestream Universe 5th Anniversary Party & Show – $13K in giveaways from major industry brands such as StreamYard, Uscreen, TubeBuddy, LiveU, Agorapulse, Libsyn, Focusrite, Poddit, Independent Podcast Conference, Outlaw Masks, Stream Sense Media, DIY Publishing Course, Yay or Nay Nicole


🎬  StreamYard – 64 episodes of “StreamYard Connect” (2019-2021)
🎬  BeLive – 46 episodes of “Best of BeLive” (2017-2018)
🎬  LiveU – VidSummit coverage and live interviews (2017-2018)


🎬  Telestream Wirecast & Telestream Screenflow


🎟  Red Carpet on-camera host and live interviewer for Emmy Award-winning Never Settle Show, co-produced by Al Roker Entertainment


🎬  NASDAQ TV – Interviewed on future of livestreaming
✍️  Psychology Today – Featured his introvert-friendly approach to social media branding
✍️  Forbes – Shared his insights on podcasting


🎙 Podfest Global Summit | March 1-5, 2021
🎙 Quietly Influential Summit | March 15-19, 2021
🎙 Monetize Livestreaming Now™ Virtual Summit | May 15, 2021
🎙 Build Your Audience Summit | May 31-June 3, 2021
🎙 Pod Labs | May 10, 2022
🎙 Podfest Expo / Vidfest | May 26-29, 2022 | Orlando, FL


🎓  New York University | NYU
“Leveraging Social Media to Optimize HR Outcomes”
“Building Your Professional Brand on Social Media for HR Pros”
“How to Simply Build Your Career Brand Online”
🎓  Baruch College | CUNY
“Leveraging the Livestream Talk-Show Format”


🎯  Number 1 Livestreaming Expert on Social Media (Klout)
🎯  Number 1 Streaming Video Expert on Social Media (Klout)
🎯  Number 1 Twitter Account (@iRossBrand) for Learning Live Stream Marketing (Amp Live)
🎯  5 Live Video Experts to Follow (Switcher Studio)
🎯  6 Live-Streaming Rock Stars (PR News)
🎯  Top 25 Video Marketing Influencer (Onalytica)
🎯  Top 50 Marketing Technology Influencer (Onalytica)
🎯  75 Rising Micro-Micro Influencers (Medium)


The weekly report for motivated livestreamers looking for the best tips and tools to break through the noise.


What The Experts Say

"Ross Brand is the King of Livestreaming. If you want to know about livestreaming, he is the guy."

Dave Jackson
Hall of Fame Podcaster

“Ross is personable, has a great intuition about what people want to see on Livestream shows and is one of the biggest influences in my success.”

Leslie Nance
Shorty Awards Finalist

"Ross Brand is definitely a guy who knows all about livestreaming, can talk to you about why you should be using it, how you should be using it, and you can check him out as a great example of someone using livestreaming too."

Rebekah Radice
Top 5 Social Media Blogger

geige_vandentop 100 livestreaming digital media predictions
“While we were making StreamYard, we studied Ross very carefully. I watched his streams while we were building StreamYard.”

Geige Vandentop
StreamYard CEO

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