Facebook Live Updates from Streaming Media East 2018 (Update Ep64)

Facebook Live Update SMEast

Ross Brand with your Livestream Universe Update and Flash Briefing for Wednesday, May 9th, 2018.

Facebook revealed three new features at Streaming Media East in New York City yesterday that will benefit Facebook Live users:

The one that stands out for audience growth is live cross-posting. That means your live video can appear on multiple pages at the same time while aggregating the views. This is different from sharing videos. Cross-posted videos are treated as posts published by all the pages where they appear.

Another new Facebook Live feature is called Persistent Stream Keys. Only one permanent stream key is needed to use the Facebook Live API, speeding the process for individuals and teams to go live.

And Facebook is testing a live rewind feature that should popular when released. Viewers joining a live video in progress will have the option of going back and watching what they missed or catching a highlight and then jumping back to the live content.

On the viewing schedule:

AT 12pm ET, it’s the Business of Video Podcast with Owen Video and Nick Nimmin. Guest Salma Jafri shares branding secrets. That’s on the Owen Video X Facebook page.

At 2pm ET today, Mitch Jackson and Joey Vitale host LegalHour Live on the Legal Hour Live Facebook page. They will talk about GDPR and what online business owners need to know about privacy issues.

At 5pm ET, it’s Camera Confidence Live with Molly Mahoney on the BeLive TV Facebook page. Molly will be discussing 7 Mistakes Most Business Owners make with Video Marketing.

Show & event links at our website. For http://LivestreamUniverse.com, I’m Ross Brand. Have a great day!

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