10 Great Livestreaming Memories I Won’t Forget From 2017

10 Great Livestreaming Memories I Won’t Forget From 2017

10 livestreaming memories 2017

2017 was a year that saw talented livestreamers expanding their portfolios to include new forms of content, both within and outside livestreaming, while major players from the “old media” world found live video on social media platforms to be a valuable addition to their outreach efforts as well as an enjoyable way to create and communicate.10 Great #Livestreaming Memories I Won't Forget from 2017 Click To Tweet

Livestreaming on platforms such as Facebook Live may still be in the early adopter phase, but the events below show how far we’ve come and the impact being made.

Here are 10 of my favorite memories from 2017:

Hilary Silver Shines on Steve Harvey

Hilary Silver was magnificent as a relationship expert on the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey daytime tv show helping a married couple work out their issues. The national audience, and the couple she counseled, witnessed the great advice Hilary regularly delivers on her Facebook Live shows and podcasts. Don’t be surprised to see Hilary popping up on more big-time shows given the success of her Steve Harvey appearance and her recurring role on Fox TV News Colorado as a Love, Dating and Relationship expert contributor.

Hilary Silver Steve Harvey

Nick Nimmin Reaches 100K YouTube Subscribers

Did anyone gain more momentum or respect in the world of video than Nick Nimmin did in 2017? it’s not the milestone of 100,000 subscribers we celebrate so much as the way in which Nick reached it through rapid growth, genuinely helpful content and extended Saturday morning livestreams. He also connected with livestreaming audiences as co-host of The Business of Video Podcast with Owen Video, recorded live on Facebook Live.

Nick Nimmin YouTube 100k subscribers

Leslie Nance is a Shorty Awards Finalist and Radio Star

In 2017, the world confirmed what many of us already knew: Leslie Nance of Go2Kitchens.com is a superstar who provides great information to people on a topic with massive interest and major potential for audience growth. She not only was a finalist for Periscoper of the Year at the Shorty Awards, Leslie was offered her own weekly radio show in Colorado, empowering listeners to take control of their health through their kitchens. Long story short, Leslie and her husband/sidekick Robin are a winning combination on KFKA’s Fork It Over Radio.

Leslie Nance Fork it over radio KFKA

The Never Settle Show Changes the Game

At opening night of the first episode of Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show, I called it the Super Bowl of livestreaming. With a pre-show event, in studio audience, in person guests, house band, television style production and Al Roker set to appear, the excitement and anticipation were off the charts for the show’s debut. Mario’s team partnered with Roker Media to deliver livestreaming content to Facebook Live that was like nothing we had seen before on live video created exclusively for social media viewing and engagement.

Mario Armstrong Al Roker Never Settle Show

Jennifer Quinn Writes a Number 1 Amazon Best-Seller

Jennifer Quinn has been at the forefront of live video hosting, interviewing and show creation since 2015. So it makes sense that Jenny Q would write one of the first great books on livestreaming, Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand, that takes newcomers and gives them actionable steps to become polished livestreamers. It shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with her history on Blab and Facebook Live that she turned that book into an Amazon Best-Seller.

Jennifer Quinn Leverage Livestreaming Book

Chris Strub Impresses on Cheddar

On the day of Snapchat’s IPO, Cheddar chose Chris Strub to be a guest to talk about his journey across the US in support of nonprofits as the first person to livestream and “snap” in all 50 states. Chris was fantanstic from start to finish, weaving stories from his book (50 States, 100 Days – The Book) along with analysis about the potential uses of Snapchat for nonprofits and businesses. Later in 2017, Chris appeared on the Never Settle Show to discuss his “Fight for Good Tour.”

Chris Strub Snapchat Cheddar

Cynthia Bazin Inspires on Good Day Sacramento

As her t-shirt reads, “Get up, be awesome, repeat!” Closing in on 40 million Periscope hearts at the end of 2017, Cynthia Bazin practices as a livestreamer what she preaches in her Scopes and as a laser focused mentor and motivational speaker. In 2017, Good Day Sacramento (on the local CBS station) invited her to make regular appearances as the show’s “life coach.” Paired with different hosts and covering a wide range of topics, Cynthia is masterful at being both insightful and concise in her comments and staying “laser focused” on motivating and providing value to the viewer.

Cynthia Bazin Good Day Sacramento

Mitch Jackson Interviews Legendary Attorney F. Lee Bailey

Mitch Jackson has interviewed numerous high-profile guests over the years and his conversation with OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey ranks as one the highlights of 2017. While I may not agree with Bailey’s conclusions — and I find his personal attacks on former courtroom adversaries in poor taste — he’s a great storyteller. Mitch set the stage and directed the conversation, enabling his celebrity guest to deliver a memorable, engaging and entertaining hour of livestreaming.

Mitch Jackson F Lee Bailey

Tommy John Talks Baseball on #LivestreamStars

As a little league pitcher, I attempted to throw sinkers (pitches that tailed downward) because at the time, Tommy John was winning a lot of games for the New York Yankees with that pitch. While I doubt I ever successfully threw the pitch, and likely shouldn’t have even tried at such a young age, it was a huge thrill many years later to have the legendary pitcher as a guest to talk about his playing days for the Yankees and Dodgers (among other teams), including winning 288 games and risking his career for a then unknown surgery that ultimately enabled him to pitch until age 46.

Ross Brand Tommy John Livestream Universe Stars

John Tesh and Deja Vu Laugh It Up on #BestofBeLive

When it comes to interviewing celebrity guests, it’s normal to wonder what kind of energy they will bring to the conversation or whether they will even bother to show up. So I had no idea what to expect when Rachel Moore booked national television personality and musician John Tesh to appear on #BestofBeLive followed by New York City afternoon-drive radio host Deja Vu (WBLS). Both guests did more than show up; they brought their smiles and senses of humor and shared insights on why they enjoy using BeLive for their livestreams. It was one of the most fun shows I’ve ever been a part of.

Best of BeLive Ross Brand Rachel Moore John Tesh Deja Vu

What are you favorite livestreaming memories from 2017? Leave a comment as I’d love to know what’s on your list.

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