91 Predictions for Livestreaming & Digital Media in 2018

Livestreaming & Digital Media:
91 Predictions for 2018

91 Predictions for 2018 livestream universe

Our All-Star Panel Peers into the Future of
Digital Media


91 featured predictions for 2018…plus Bonus Content

Mike Murphy on a shakeup coming in the podcasting industry 

Krishna De on organizations moving from desktop to mobile livestreams 

Professor Nez on LinkedIn’s video strategy (including live?)

Sara D. Moore on technology integrations at affordable prices

J.S. Gilbert says 2022 is when it really gets exciting

Lottie Hearn on why more livestreamers will stand up

Kristy Gillentine on marketing to Gen Z (hint: it’s not like Millennials)

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Making It Easier to Look Like a Pro

If 2015 was all about the rise of livestreaming with new apps such as Meerkat, Periscope and Blab, and 2016 saw Facebook Live take center stage with more social networks adding live video by the end of the year and others fading to oblivion, 2017 may be remembered as the year even novice livestreamers added professional elements to their videos.


Major social platforms aren’t so much the story in 2017 as are the third-party apps and software that enable livestreamers to enhance the viewing experience and production capabilities for live video on those networks. While many of these apps existed prior to 2017, this is the year their use became widespread.

Third-Party Apps

Content creators, who previously depended on either the native platform interface or more complex, CPU-intensive software such as Wirecast, vMix and OBS, now use BeLive to share Facebook comments on the screen, switch shots, bring on guests and host full fledged talk-shows with lower thirds and personalized branding elements (logos, font colors, frames, etc.).


Other livestreamers are opting for the more corporate/meeting style apps such as Blue Jeans or Zoom, which provide hosts with high-quality cloud or local recordings in addition to streaming the broadcasts to Facebook Live. Zoom also streams to YouTube Live.

Enhanced Production

Like BeLive, Blue Jeans and Zoom allow multiple people on screen at the same time for interviews and talk shows.


Ecamm has found a niche with solo desktop livestreamers who want to upgrade their presentation on Facebook Live.  Vidpresso and the revamped Webinarjam are marketing rich feature sets to livestream creators on social platforms.

Of all these desktop platforms, BeLIve has done the most to build community through its Facebook group, ambassadors and it’s weekly lineup of shows.

On Mobile, Switcher Studio provides iOS users the ability to bring in additional cameras, add graphics and logos, share photos and videos and more during Facebook Live and YouTube Live broadcasts.


Facebook and YouTube are working to keep video creators within their ecosystem with new mobile apps such as YouTube Studio and Facebook Creator.

Hardware Encoders

Another option gaining traction among advanced livestreamers and organizations: Hardware encoders such as LiveU Solo and BoxCaster mean you no longer need to rely on a computer or mobile device to stream to social media.

These units and the streaming services their respective companies provide make going live from a camcorder or DSLR easy for the novice livestreamer while maintaining high-quality video throughout your broadcast.

Rebekah Radice Social Media Mastery

LiveU bonds multiple cellular connections with WiFi and LAN to enable remote broadcasting in HD quality from crowded venues and locations with less than ideal bandwidth.

The BoxCaster uses ethernet or WiFi to encode your HD livestream, freeing you up entirely from your computer or leaving you more computing power for switching and production.

Next-Level Programming

In April 2017, Mario Armstrong and Roker Media took television-style production to social media with the Never Settle Show.

The weekly Facebook Live show features an in-studio audience, live band, in-person interviews and a pre-show event. NASDAQ is providing the venue and the production team for the show’s second season.


The model for profitable daily live programming on social media platforms is undoubtably Cheddar. Jon Steinberg and his team livestream from NYSE and studios in New York City, presenting live interviews with CEOs and newsmakers with a strong focus on breaking news and hot topics in finance, tech and social media.

Cheddar’s business model includes native advertising and replay segments available only to paid subscribers.

Super Chats

YouTube Live’s Super Chat helps livestreamers with channels of at least 1,000 subscribers monetize their live broadcasts. Nick Nimmin, Roberto Blake and Owen Video are among the YouTube influencers who offer valuable advice to YouTubers interested in growing their channels.

Those who pay (give tips) through Super Chat go to the front of the line for having their questions answered.


At VidSummit, veteran YouTubers were excited about the possibilities of livestreaming beyond just Super Chat, whether as a faster way to create content, more direct way to engage with fans or a tool for promoting the produced videos.

At the same time, livestreamers such as Coach Jennie are branching out beyond live content to YouTube and the art of video creation for storytelling. Her upcoming series, Diary of a Fat Life Coach, will feature recorded and produced content.

Microcontent and Stories

Nobody makes better use of Instagram’s social video features than Mike Murphy, who excels at creating animated and specialty videos of one minute or less for educational and promotional posts. Mike also documents his content creation successes and challenges using the 10-second videos in Instagram Stories.


Instagram Stories are also being employed effectively for locally-focused businesses and organizations as well as event promotion.

Importance of Diversification 

Providing your content in different formats and on different platforms might be the best way going forward to grow your audience and remain viable as platforms change their algorithms and access to API’s in ways that make it tough for you to reach communities you once could easily access.


For those having success away from the major platforms, it’s especially important to extend your reach across social networks and distribution channels controlled by Facebook, Google, Apple or Amazon.

Anyone who went all-in on Blab to the exclusion of other video channels learned this lesson well in 2016 as Blab faltered and then ultimately disappeared.

A Lesson from the Professor

A great example of content distribution and diversification is Professor Nez, who not only hosts shows and conducts long-form interviews, he redistributes full shows and highlight clips across platforms while mixing in promo videos, spontaneous livestreams and short-form video stories and posts with career, broadcasting and mindset tips.


With Ross & Nez: The Livestream Experience (shameless plug), the Professor is moving into podcasting as well.

Don’t Forget Audio

In his keynote at VidSummit, Gary Vaynerchuck said, “Voice is the next frontier.” He sees opportunities in podcasting as well as in newer mediums such as reports on Alexa.


Brian Fanzo, who rose to industry prominence with his embrace of livestreaming, continues to call his shows, even when recorded live, podcasts. He puts the focus on the audio experience for his listeners on iTunes and other audio directories.

Time to Learn

With interest in livestreaming growing, new products are arriving to help people get started, improve their skills and find the right gear. Jennifer Quinn has a recent Amazon number one best-seller Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand, which provides a soup-to-nuts game-plan for success with live video.

For those needing help in a specific niche, Stephanie Liu has courses on using OBS Studio for live video production while Todd Bergin‘s courses help you choose and assemble an advanced live video and podcasting studio.

Bring on 2018!

What’s next for livestreaming and digital broadcasting?

Will platforms such as Facebook Live start providing the type of production components creators obtain from third-party apps and software?

Will livestreaming to social media work for destination viewing or will viewers primarily opt for video on demand?

Will individual livestreamers and small businesses lose their foothold on Facebook Live due to prohibitive advertising costs and an algorithm increasingly unfavorable to organic reach? Will they seek new livestreaming platforms or take their live content to YouTube? Will they abandon live for recorded videos?

What large-scale productions, inspired by the success of the Never Settle Show and Cheddar, will launch in 2018?

Will LinkedIn add live video? Will Microsoft, who owns both LinkedIn and Skype, integrate the two platforms to support livestreaming on LinkedIn?

Let’s get to the predictions!

play-1073616_960_720Thank You
to our all-star panelists who took the time to provide thoughtful answers. Have a great 2018!

Nick Nimmin


Icon Header Livestream

In 2018 I believe a lot of individuals and companies will transition from making video content to live content.

It’s easier to produce, the tech hurdles are pretty much non existent and live streaming gives the ability to connect with customers and fans in a way that video just isn’t capable of doing..@NickNimmin shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Rebekah Radice


Icon Header Livestream

The popularity of social video grew at a massive rate in 2017 and there’s no sign of that slowing down. Facebook will continue to disrupt the social video space with Facebook “Watch.” Not only does the video streaming service open up advertising opportunities for marketers, but access to a platform designed to capture audience attention where they feel most comfortable. Personalized social video paired with new emotion-based technology will be the new-norm as brands recognize the enormous power for growth and engagement. .@RebekahRadice shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Jon Burk


Icon Header Livestream

Two things: (#1) Destination day/date live viewing will become prominently positioned and marketed more as both a mobile and OTT strategy. This will require from content creators/publishers, (#2) better planning, quality production, and a TV sensibility to attract and retain an audience. Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show is a great example. Also, Blockchain technology will start appearing at the top of everyone’s radar to be taken seriously..@MrJonBurk of @RKRmedia shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Jennifer Quinn


Icon Header LivestreamLivestreaming will continue to grow as more businesses use it to build their brand and customer base. We will see new integrations with artificial intelligence for viewers to engage with broadcasters.

Also, virtual reality will become a more prominent player in mainstream live video, ramping up to take over the livestreaming experience by 2020. .@JennyQ shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Bryan Kramer


Icon Header LivestreamGiven the massive amount of video content needed to attract new eyeballs, the quality expected to retain those visitors has to show since everyone is now a creator, and the creativity required to convert, live streaming videographers and specialists may be uniquely positioned as marketing’s next big solution. .@BryanKramer of @purematter shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Leslie Nance

Leslie Nance Livestream Universe 2018

Icon Header LivestreamIf I had a crystal iphone to gaze into I think I would see that TV is D-E-A-D by the end of 2018. I fully believe quicker than anyone ever imagined that livestreaming is taking over our entertainment.

I am seeing producers and agencies scrambling for new talent. It’s all happening and fast!Leslie Nance of @go2kitchens shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Professor Nez

Professor Nez 2018 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

I predict that the ability to monetize your livestreams will become a whole lot simpler on the big daddy of social media platforms, Facebook. Periscope will follow the same path. They will adopt something more similar to what YouTube invoked with Super Chats. None of this super hearts business, but rather something more direct and less complicated. .@ProfessorNez of @RossandNez shares his #predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Stephanie Liu

Stephanie Liu 2018 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

Live streaming will become more competitive as real time engagement gains momentum in the mainstream. Platforms will be expected to provide Creators with more robust tools such as live captioning and show templates. .@HeyStephanie shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Joel Comm

Joel Comm Livestream Universe 2018

Icon Header Livestream

Snapchat FINALLY goes live (after 2 years of predicting this it’s gotta happen this year!), Twitter doubles down on live video and major media companies get closer to an acquisition, and Facebook rolls out first iteration of live studio on desktop allowing broadcasters to host guests, place lower thirds and titles, screen share and manage post-production. .@JoelComm of @BeLiveTV_ & shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Cynthia Bazin


Icon Header LivestreamLivestreaming in 2018 is going to be bigger than ever. A lot more people are going to understand the power of video, therefore it’s going to be more important than ever to stand out in an extraordinary way.

I also believe there will be new, exciting ways for multiple people to interact face-to-face on video in 2018. I am excited to see what’s to come!.@TheSmartChic shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Mitch Jackson


Icon Header Livestream

In 2018 social media gets serious, especially for those doing business on the digital platforms. The posers and fraudsters will no longer be tolerated (they should never have been in the first place) and the laws, rules, and regulations, designed to protect consumers, will be enforced by state and federal authorities.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will play a more prominent role on the social platforms, and the #MeToo offline movement will expand online to help address similar sexual harassment problems that people experience daily. Basically, in 2018, social grows up!.@MitchJackson shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Chris Freytag


Icon Header Livestream
Live streaming will become a crucial part of growing your community and engaging your audience. Video will become the dominant form of content on social and the #1 way to connect with your readers..@ChrisFreytag shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Owen Video


Icon Header LivestreamI predict the major live stream platforms will introduce pre-roll graphics and other basic editing tools for Creators such as snipping the beginning and the end of the streams.

This will increase the production value of our streams and increase the user experience for viewers which will lead to increased watch times and more platform loyalty..@OwenVideo shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet


Podcasting: Expect a Shake Up to the Status Quo
By Mike Murphy

In 2018, podcasting is going to see significant growth as more businesses and brands (content creators, influencers, celebrities, athletes, musicians, YouTubers) recognize the power of audio content and want-in to build brand awareness and reach their target audience on mobile and smart home devices.

Mike Murphy

Apple Podcasts statistics are going to have a significant impact on podcasters and advertisers. Podcasters and advertisers will gain valuable insights on listener behaviors (“listen-time” or how long they engage) very similar to YouTube watch time and detailed demographics and subscriber info.

Advertisers and podcasters will use iTunes statistics as the primary source of data and the major podcast hosting companies will be affected.

I see new monetization opportunities for independent podcasters in the form of subscriptions or injected ads similar to Google Adsense on YouTube.

Apple Podcasts/iTunes directory will still be the big dogs on the block in 2018, but competition will heat up with Google finally making a move, Spotify, Pandora, Facebook & Amazon & Netflix(?) all positioning themselves as major players in the podcast and audio space.

2018 will be a pivotal year for podcasting and I expect a lot of shakeups and changes to the status quo.

Anh Nguyen


Icon Header Livestream

Companies and organizations are realizing that livestreaming and social video are truly beneficial for sharing their brand’s story. Their investments in livestreaming and video will increase exponentially. The challenge is no longer ‘should we do livestreaming and/or video?’ The challenge will be consistently creating compelling stories and content to capture the viewer’s heart and mind..@AnhTNguyen of #MobileChat shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Michael Lucy


Icon Header Livestream
The proliferation of chatbots and direct message marketing will cross paths with Live Streaming to create unique niche driven opportunities in 2018.Michael Lucy of @3VBizSolutions shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Cathy Nolan


Icon Header LivestreamAs more personal brands and businesses go online, livestreaming through social media channels will be an asset for marketing and sales. Video will be growing and will become a key component for steadfast marketing to boost sales in services / products. Livestreaming will increase and provide more opportunities for companies to know what to create based on consumer engagement as well as receiving immediate feedback..@CathyNolanArt shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Brian Fanzo


Icon Header LivestreamI believe we are going to see a shift from brands doing social video in real-time as a separate project to a more strategic approach leveraging what we’ve learned from so much bad video in 2017, including social video as part of many initiatives inside and outside of marketing teams to provide the content at the RIGHT time not just in real-time. The increasing amount of video content is a good thing for podcasting as the more time people shift to consuming video the more they’ll be looking for unique ways to still learn and consume content and podcasting will be the natural fit listening to them in the car, while traveling or even while multitasking at work.

I believe 2018 will be the year of Omni-Sensory collaboration of content, meaning if you’re creating social video with a strategy is there a way to document that for YouTube while also ripping out the audio and posting portions of the social video as a podcast? Brands that understand the value of real-time documenting, leveraging social video data and creating a strategy for right-time content distribution will win over today’s digital generations by providing content where the community wants it, how they want it and when they want it..@iSocialFanz of #FOMOFanz shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Mia Voss


Icon Header Livestream

Because I’m sure every prediction has been covered exhaustively, I predict that the Tin Can and A String will make a strong comeback. .@MiaVossOnTheGo shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet


Heather Dopson


Icon Header LivestreamPeople increasingly crave transparency and true authenticity. As the capability of livestreaming from multiple platforms grows, consumers expect open, honest communication.

Brands and people who leverage video to tell stories, create open dialog and build communities of like minded people will propel themselves ahead of the competition. Transparency always wins..@HeatherDopson of @GoDaddy shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Ryan Steinolfson


Icon Header Livestream
Live video will be much more integrated with Messenger and chat across all platforms. More action sports will be done on live video. We will start seeing live VR come onto the scene..@RyanSteinolfson shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet



Icon Header Livestream
Video continues to solidify as the medium of choice for businesses and individuals. Quick, accessible live video becomes more mainstream. And our attention spans shorten just a little bit more..@BabbleOnBrooke of #ACapellaBabble shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake Livestream Universe 2018

Icon Header Livestream

In 2018 Creators and Marketers will start taking the potential of YouTube Live much more seriously. While YouTube as a whole might seem saturated, most genres don’t have significant players in live streaming there.

Unlike other platforms there are many ways to monetize YouTube live streams almost immediately and directly..@RobertoBlake shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Madalyn Sklar


Icon Header LivestreamFor most of 2017, I have incorporated livestreaming to produce an “after” Twitter chat as a way to further connect my community. It still feels like the great frontier.

In 2018 I predict we’ll see people incorporate live video into their marketing efforts as they become more comfortable in front of the camera..@MadalynSklar of #TwitterSmarter & #SocialROI shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet


Icon Header LivestreamVideo and audio media will see a demand of deeper analysis and insights within audience engagement. It’s not just views and listens but who is viewing and listening that makes the difference, especially for brands looking to connect with these audiences. Look for bigger focuses of demographic analysis, brand associations, and follower analysis for these creators..@Zonozi of @Zoomph & #FiveFavorites shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Sue B. Zimmerman


Icon Header Livestream

An Instagram trend I’ve noticed over the past year, I believe will continue in 2018, is more people using the two-person live streaming option. This new feature, which lets users invite another person to join in on their live video, is a great way for brands and influencers to create more two-way conversations and have stronger engagement. Using two-person live streaming is a great way to shine the light on others, which helps the light shine on you..@SueBZimmerman shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Marc Gawith

Marc Gawith 2018 LIvestream Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream
I predict in 2018 that in-person events and conferences will transition to 100% virtual through the use of Live Video. This will have less of an impact on budgets and the environment and allow for more flexibility..@MarcAGawith of @AWSreInvent shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Rachel Moore


Icon Header Livestream
Podstreaming (multipurposing livestreams into podcasts, and vice versa) will dominate the marketplace. It’s going to be a VERY good year for Apple, YouTube, and Facebook!@RachelMooreRS of @BeLiveTV_ shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Mike Murphy


Icon Header Livestream

In 2018, I see Apple stepping up their podcast game with iTunes Connect and the much anticipated analytics.

I also think new monetization methods will take shape in the form of subscriptions and some variation of injected ads/commercials making it easier for podcasters to generate revenue.Mike Murphy of @MikeUnplugged shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Coach Jennie


Icon Header LivestreamLivestreaming is still just getting warmed up. I think the early adopters are headed out of the amateur hour and becoming much more professional in our livestreaming productions. I’m also particularly excited to see where YouTube Live is headed in the new year..@CoachJennie of #HildaMustBeStopped shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Leland Best


Icon Header LivestreamWith the way things are looking in the creator arena and the fact that numerous CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks) are popping up weekly, people will start looking for that one site or software to call “Home” that delivers the features best suited for their lifestyle or business model. A new, virtually unknown, high-end live streaming service provider will settle into the space just as Facebook Creator/Producer begins to push out the “little guys” they’ve learned from.

Prices for other available SaaS (Software as a Service) should begin to stabilize as a reasonable “features to cost” ratio finally takes shape during 2018..@LelandBest of @Vidpresso shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

play-1073616_960_720Will Mobile Reign in 2018?
By Krishna De

With the launch of new tools for Facebook and Instagram Live on mobile devices that we have seen in 2017, including the option to have people join you in a live stream and the most recent launch of the Creators App for Facebook, I anticipate that we will see more organisations exploring mobile live streaming versus the popularity of more highly produced shows using pro live stream tools.

Krishna De

I anticipate this will be particularly used for breaking news, events and conferences.

John G. Pretto


Icon Header Livestream

I’m not seeing any major developments in the streaming space for 2018. I see evolutionary growth by the major players: Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Mobile is the focus since everyone carries a TV station in their pockets..@human2 shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Kim Doyal


Icon Header Livestream
More people repurposing quality live streams for content and inclusion of messenger bots with live streaming for solid audience growth..@KimDoyal shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

John Kapos


Icon Header LivestreamIt’s the year of triple C’s: Collaboration, Community and Cooperation. Quality to your community but also having fun. Quality video for 2018 but bringing a smile with it.

It’s not about the big numbers (followers), it’s now about small intimate groups that will help each other and build your brand loyalty. Voice technology will be huge. THE REAL YOU WILL DOMINATE AND SHOW THE WORLD WHO YOU ARE. Somewhere out there the next superstar is about to explode on live streaming..@ChocolateJohnny shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Sara D. Moore


Icon Header LivestreamI predict that businesses and brands will look to create an off-line experience that prompts their followers to create their own live streams and video content to share online. The script will be flipped! And, it will be super effective, as the buy in will become a referral rather than a sales pitch..@saradmoore of @SEAMediaUS shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Daniel Newman


Icon Header Livestream

Live Streaming is no longer the thing of the future, rather it is a thing of the now. In the coming year we will continue to see growth among brands utilizing live to promote product launches, events and create more brand storytelling.

Additionally, as CMOs keep getting smarter they will also want to see more analytics and conversion paths. This is an opportunity for all the companies in this space..@DanielNewmanUV of @FuturumXYZ shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Krishna De


Icon Header Livestream

We will see the increase of live stream niche sites where people can connect to communities interested in the same topic such as health, food or music networks.

I also anticipate that LinkedIn will beta test a roll out of live streaming, having introduced native video uploads on mobile and desktop during the last year..@KrishnaDe shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Nick Rishwain


Icon Header LivestreamLive video will continue to expand and I think we will see more professional productions and greater monetization.

I expect Ross Brand will be tapped by a major news network to host their live video news show (not joking)..@NickJRishwain of #LegalTech Live shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Jed Record


Icon Header Livestream2018 will bring AR-enhanced live streams and camera effects which react to your emotional state as you broadcast. For example: AR tears if you’re sad, moon and stars if you’re sleepy, or party emojis and confetti if you’re excited. Should be fun!.@JedRecord shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Kristy Gillentine


Icon Header LivestreamAugmented Reality is HOT, and I only see it getting hotter in 2018. Look for AR capabilities and integration in more live video apps, an increased AR presence on Facebook and Instagram, continued AR innovations on Snapchat, and AR options on your phone’s standard camera. I predict its ongoing push into the mainstream, making things we didn’t even know were difficult much easier – and things we didn’t know were boring much more exciting..@KrisGillentine of #ChatSnap shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Marty McPadden


Icon Header Livestream

Quality will continue to win: content, presentation and production. Originality and creativity will be rewarded.

Facebook and YouTube will continue to battle for leadership and large media companies will be a more prominent presence on all streaming platforms including their own in 2018..@MartyMcPadden of @PodJamTV shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Monique Johnson


Icon Header LivestreamLive streaming will be the medium to counter any future algorithmic changes that will occur on social media platforms. However, you must be consistent, have a strategy in place, and position your streams as evergreen content..@MoniqueOJohnson shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Todd Bergin


Icon Header LivestreamMore and more, the best way to connect with the people on the most basic levels…to grow an audience of engaged, interested people who are emotionally attached to you and your brand so you can move your business forward is with short form social media content. Think Instagram Stories and Snapchat. If you aren’t doing it, you can bet your ass you are losing out, big time..@ToddBergin shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Vicki Fitch


Icon Header LivestreamI predict that YouTube will emerge as a livestreaming leader by the end of 2018 by creating a more enticing and easily searchable space to draw traffic away from Facebook.

Facebook will continue to create an exciting user space by adding tools that encourage more people to start livestreaming and to stay within the native app instead of using outside services to achieve the polished broadcast they desire including adding more features for broadcasters so they can crush their outside competition. I also worry about my first livestreaming love Periscope & hope Twitter steps up to the plate before it’s too late..@vicki_fitch shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Chris Barrows


Icon Header LivestreamIn podcasting, I believe you will see more hosts bringing their shows live in 2018. While this may not be the entire show for all, it will serve as valuable supplementary marketing content to support their products or show..@CBarrows of @WhyISocial shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

play-1073616_960_720LinkedIn Goes Live Too?
By Professor Nez

I believe that Linkedin will adopt live broadcasting for its members in 2018. They adopted native video in late 2017 and have already seen the major shift in platform behavior and increase in engagement.

Professor Nez

LinkedIn will take that one step further in 2018 and adopt live video. They may start with influencers or All-Star profiles first, and it may be a slow roll out, but it will come.

The new LinkedIn is a serious contender in the social media game and will be more aggressive in 2018 with this adoption of live-streaming.

Sarah Moore


Icon Header LivestreamI think the functionality of Instagram stories is going to make it a game changer for local business (it already is). Anybody in retail or hospitality NEEDS to be using stories every single day to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales..@TheSarahMoore of @ElevenLights shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Wágner dos Santos

Wagner dos Santos 2018 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

The next evolution for live streaming will be new streaming networks like Pluto TV entering the space. Unlike Pluto TV, these new networks will accept content from less established broadcasters allowing them a platform to host their shows while assisting them in their development..@wagnerliveshow shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Janine Truitt


Icon Header LivestreamLivestreaming is the news, a catalyst for movements and a visual microcosm of society. As social apps continue to democratize the process of creating video content, more and more people will start using it to amplify everything from a business to simple gripes about everyday things.

Video won’t have to be fancy, but it will need to be real/authentic and timely for it to grab the masses..@CzarinaofHR shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Christian Karasiewicz_2018_predictions_livestream_universe

Icon Header Livestream2018 will bring augmented reality during livestreaming broadcasts and more elaborate programming options. For example, you’ll be able to apply lower-thirds and visuals to up the level of your broadcast without high production costs. We’ll also begin to see augmented reality in Livestreaming to include the ability to apply branding to physical objects, such as having a logo appear on a t-shirt or coffee mug. Overall, this will help make livestreaming more elaborate and put the focus on being a better storyteller to draw viewers in..@ckroks of @socialchefs shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Andrea Branchini


Icon Header LivestreamI think big brands will continue catching onto the power of live video by not only creating original content, but seeking out influencers who have already built a presence.

It’s also going to become more collaborative as live-streaming platforms build in functionality to instantly bring viewers into our live broadcasts on split screens..@DabblingChef shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet


Icon Header Livestream2018 is the year someone figures out how to get monetization right for the SMB/hobby podcaster/livestreamer.

Like Google dominated in the ad space in the early 2000s, this company will grow to dominate this segment..@JCollison shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

aikyna finch 2018 predictions livestream universe

Icon Header LivestreamLinkedIn will finally get livestreaming, not just video upload. Periscope will let you invite others into your scopes without third party software.

YouTube Live will keep the live comments after the video is posted..@DrADFinch of @ChangingMindsOnline shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Nazim Beltran


Icon Header LivestreamMobile live streaming will increase in value and quality with the arrival of 5G networks permitting content creators to free themselves of the “in-studio” syndrome and think outside of the box with projects like Yusuf Omar’s Hashtag Our Stories. Mobile and AR tools will integrate to make this easier to implement with low cost solutions..@NazimBeltran of @CasaChiesi shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Hilary Silver

Hilary Silver Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamConsumers will demand transparency of brands and business more than ever before so live streaming will become more and more mainstream.

We will see online magazines, news media and consumer brands using live streaming to attract customers, especially to appeal to the millennials..@AskHilarySilver shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Zef Zan


Icon Header LivestreamThe use of live video is just going to continue to grow in 2018. The number of companies that are innovating the live broadcasting / live streaming technology will continue to soar.

Two questions that end users must continue to answer are (#1) “which tool will best serve my live video strategy and marketing goals?” and (#2) “why am I even #GoingLIVE?” As some of us may already know, there are various live video strategies that we can use for business to attract our ideal clients but not all LIVE platforms are created equal.

I reckon that because of the technology there will be two groups of users in this #GoLIVE culture. One is those who will produce their own LIVE broadcasts and continue to optimize the new media for growth; and two is those who just want their LIVE content to be produced by other experts as the learning curve for mastering this technology can be time consuming and all they have time for is showing up and offering value to their audience..@zef_zan shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Chef Dennis Littley


Icon Header LivestreamWe are only seeing the beginning stages of Livestreaming. How we broadcast to our audiences is changing and the equipment and tools we need will continue to evolve until livestreaming is as functional and flawless as main stream television..@AskChefDennis shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet


play-1073616_960_720Technology Integrations Come at Affordable Prices
By Sara D. Moore

Live Streaming is getting more fancy with new technology integrations – and it’s SUPER AFFORDABLE!

Sara D. Moore

This is exciting because more businesses and brands than ever are able to live stream on any platform with more bells and whistles.

With the use of these integrations, the engagement of live streaming will be more effective.

Chris Strub


Icon Header Livestream

Platforms will further invest in ownership of great content, creating long-awaited revenue opportunities for dedicated entrepreneurial broadcasters to reap the benefits of their hard work.

Facebook Watch will expand and move yet closer to the coveted “mainstream.”.@ChrisStrub of @TeamStrub shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Alessandra Colaci


Icon Header Livestream

2018 is the year that more brands and small businesses will finally add more video into their marketing mix. Many people have been sitting on the sidelines seeing if the video and livestreaming trend is a fad. This year it will become too big to ignore.@AlessandraCo of @InfluenceBuzz shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Brad Friedman


Icon Header Livestream

There’s no question 2017 was the year of livestreaming. With the rise of platforms like BeLive.tv, anyone can go live to sell their product or service. People can entertain, educate and more.

I predict 2018 is the year Facebook rolls out a pay-wall allowing users to charge for their video broadcasts, events, etc. I see a model where broadcasters use Facebook and charge for their shows, webinars, in-person events, etc. EventBrite ought to be concerned..@BradFriedman of @FriedmanGrp shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Terry Johnson


Icon Header Livestream

Businesses will discover that micro-content can help them break through the noise online. Smart business owners will use it to build their brand with creative ideas.

They will use Instagram or Facebook Stories to attract the audience they want online..@webgirltj shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Stephen Heywood


Icon Header LivestreamLive video as we know it will be shifting as it’s started to. Shifting to more on demand. Live video will be kept to quality and special occasions rather than consistent weekly shows.

Those shows will continue, but the consumption rate will be more on demand than live..@thetechbuzz shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Lottie Hearn


Icon Header LivestreamMany more #LadiesGoLive will #BeSeeonOnScreen globally in 2018 building our international community. But, workplace wellness — body, mind and soul — will explode and we must stand out. SO #GoLive to biz thrive and do it STANDING to survive. Standing streaming will energize 2018! #StandUpStream.@pressplaypres shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Jason Liebman


Icon Header LivestreamI think we are going to see more tools and services that lower the bar for entry for livestreaming. This year we saw Anchor come out and make podcasting even easier for the masses.

In 2018 I think we will see more third party apps that make livestreaming easier for less-technical people to get into..@JayLiebs of @LiebsMedia shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Ms. Candy Blog


Icon Header Livestream2018 will see ecommerce playing a key role in livestreaming.

It’ll be Home Shopping Television 2.0!.@MsCandyBlog shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Doug Cohen


Icon Header LivestreamIf 2017 was the year platforms rushed to duplicate each other and add video elements, 2018 may be the year that the communities and cultures there start to settle in and differentiate themselves again.

As a result my hope is that Small Businesses will start to understand the opportunity and assert themselves telling their stories in ways that can really build communities around their brand where it makes the most sense..@DougCohen10 of @frameablefaces shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Bee Smith

Bee Smith 2018 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream2018 in LiveStreaming Is The Year Of the Journey. Viewers desire to see both the Rise and the Shine of those they choose to follow..@BeeInspiredTalk shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet


play-1073616_960_7205G Will Transform Livestreaming in 2022
By J.S. Gilbert

My lengthy response last year remains consistent; meaning we are on an interesting path in live broadcasting that should intersect technology, design, AR/ VR, and 5G fast data transmission around 2022.

J S Gilbert

Until then, I don’t think we will really see the killer app(s), live video maturation or live video working as much of a direct income stream. But the impact on all screens, boxes and things that go bump in the night will be significant.

By the end of 2019, we will see 70% of all social media interactions concerning video and 80% of that will be via portable devices.

Note: J.S shares his thoughts on 2018 in his prediction.

Erin Cell


Icon Header LivestreamMy prediction is we will see the emergence of a new stand-alone platform reminiscent of Blab.im and/or the addition of a more “Blab-esqe” experience on Facebook/Instagram, allowing people to have conversations in a live setting with viewers commenting, liking and sharing.

I can see this being particularly useful within Facebook Groups, interview style shows, and entertainment..@ErinCell of @SociallyPowered shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Jonathan Tripp

jonathan tripp livestream universe predictions

Icon Header LivestreamIn the moment content creators will distinguish themselves from other livestreamed video and audio broadcasts through higher production quality and repurposed content.

Competition will flourish as technologies are developed to reach content creators at a low cost entry point..@jonathantripp of @vitmug shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Wendy Fore

wendy fore livestream universe 2018 predictions

Icon Header Livestream

Social Media Marketing strategies will send Big Brands to seek out Online Live Stream Influencers more than ever to help increase their Brand Awareness in 2018!.@cashlifemastery shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Brian Wallace


Icon Header Livestream

It may not be the popular video angle that most people think about first, but expect LinkedIn to be making BIG strides in the year to come. Right now, LinkedIn only allows you to do native video and upload videos.

Things are starting to turn such as geofilters on events and things like high five and what I’m working on are making the space more interesting. I’m hoping that 2018 will be the year of live video for LinkedIn..@NowSourcing shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Jessika Phillips


Icon Header LivestreamIn 2018 more brands will begin embracing LIVE either through hiring within or collaborating with like-minded companies to make it happen.

Great brands will start thinking more like a media company in the way they’re producing content..@jessikaphillips of @NOWMG shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Kathy Klotz-Guest


Icon Header LivestreamThe future of streaming and video content is exciting. Brands are going to get more personal and collaborative by bringing fans and customers into more of the stories they tell.

Breaking the fourth wall between customers and companies isn’t an option for video storytelling and content anymore; it’s a must..@kathyklotzguest shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

play-1073616_960_720Stand Up to Stay Healthy while Livestreaming
By Lottie Hearn


RJ Redden

Icon Header Livestream

2018 is when education and entertainment converge into one. As people consistently choose personalized content, live-streaming will continue to lead the field in social..@QueenNinjaGuru shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Adam Purcell


Icon Header LivestreamIn 2018, just “going live” won’t boost your relevance to the FB algorithm anymore. As more people continue to jump into the “Live” game, your Facebook feed will be flooded with talking heads.

It’ll be important to build even stronger connections with your network and drive them to your livestream, as fewer people will see your live videos organically in their feed..@PurcelliRaptor shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

J.S. Gilbert

Icon Header Livestream
2018 brings us a bit more adoption, a bit more stability, a bit more comfortability and a bit more direct usefulness of video in interactive sales, entertainment, politics, etc..@Gilbertism shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Claudia Santiago


Icon Header Livestream

We will see another major transition where consumers will not be consuming as much livestreaming, may be tuning out or even pay social media platforms to have the ability to choose what they see in their timelines. Producers will be producing much more selectively and perhaps through and with new and strategic partnerships and/or be including VR and AR in their strategies.

Across all platforms and in entertainment industry as a whole we will see new laws and some old laws will be replaced with surprising updated restrictions. Internet addiction specialists will also be growing in numbers and we may see new specialized studies and new fields of work open up for lawyers, entertainment lawyers, psychologists, counsellors, doctors, health/wellness specialists and consultants. This is a real thing folks..@ClaudiaSantiago of shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Brad Parler


Icon Header Livestream

The use of video isn’t going anywhere but up in 2018, which means if you want to stand out in the crowded space you’ll need to up your production value.

Larger brands putting bigger bets on Live Content will be the norm, so if you’re a production house and not offering Live Event production you risk being left in the cold. I also believe that we’ll see deeper advances in H.265, WebRTC, and more networks start using NDI allowing home producers access to virtual video networks..@BradParler shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Jenn Nelson


Icon Header LivestreamIdentifying and adapting to the value of live video as a bigger part of a brand’s digital marketing strategy will separate those that are in reverse (less connected with their customers and missing monetization opportunities) vs those that are behind the wheel, driving 80 MPH, towards the open road of possibilities (connecting with their customers, collecting vital information about their products/services, and seeking monetizing opportunities)..@JennsLive of @vitmug shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Tina K. VaLant


Icon Header Livestream

Livestreaming continues to gather momentum, faster and reaching farther. Connections will be sparked by content, personality and authenticity.

Fan the flame with conscientious strategy, convert viewers into loyal viewers, friends and/or customers. Someone out there awaits YOUR message. #ServeShareShine.@tinavalant shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Marc Marty


Icon Header Livestream
We will see more integration of augmented reality in live videos. Instagram will blow Snapchat out of the water when they integrate augmented reality into Stories..@idgitialcop of @HelpErase shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Patricia A. Murray

Patricia A Murray 2018 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIt seems that the emphasis last year was on the self, to the point of self-indulgence.

I think next year the emphasis will be on the viewers—and not as tribes and followers to serve the ego, but rather audiences to be served..@durhamskywriter shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet


Millennial Marketing Strategies won’t Resonate with Gen Z
By Kristy Gillentine

I predict we’ll see a significant, widespread shift in attention from Millennials to Generation Z.

Kristy Gillentine

This younger audience is remarkably different, with researchers equating them more to the Silent Generation (hardworking, pragmatic, economical, etc.).

It will be interesting to see and learn how marketing and content strategies need to evolve in order to reach Gen Z, build Gen Z-specific communities and successfully include this younger generation in existing communities.

Melissa Reyes


Icon Header LivestreamGroup collaborations will change the face of social media in 2018 all across the board. We will see more group calls in use on podcasts such as Calls with Friends on the Anchor App, #VideoReplyDay and other Twitter chat groups, and Small private Instagram groups.

These informal collabs will foster ROR (return on relationships) like the mastermind groups of previous years in an organic way, mirroring cluster algorithms on YouTube as friends help each other to amplify content and grow their businesses..@mizmeliz of @bubblrmedia shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Jeff Adams


Icon Header Livestream
Live Streamers will look for ways to take their live stream brands to the next level. They will spend more money on cameras and visual sets to stand out from the rest of the pack. People will want the pro look!.@thejeffadams of @belivetv_ shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Sabrina Cadini


Icon Header LivestreamWhile I was writing my list of predictions for 2018, I realized it’s more like a wish list! LOL
1) I think 2018 will be the year where brands will finally incorporate (successfully) live streaming into their marketing strategy. They will hire experienced live streaming content creators (who know how to engage and build trust with viewers in a personal way) to become the brand’s voice / image.
2) Brands should add live video chat (maybe at scheduled times) to handle customer service and support on their websites and social media accounts.
3) I would like to see more live commercials like Snickers’ experiment during Super Bowl LI. Things didn’t work as expected but that’s exactly the beauty of live streaming. Building emotional connection with something more authentic, approachable and interactive can bring brands closer to their customers since they want to be engaged and part of an experience..@SabrinaCadini shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Carlos Gil

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2018, we will see Snapchat roll out live video to compete with the likes of Instagram Stories and Facebook Live. However, Snapchat Live will allow multiple users (4 or more) to hangout similar to the House party app which is wildly popular amongst Snapchat’s core demographic – Millennials and Generation Z. I believe we will also see Snapchat introduce desktop viewing of content as a ploy to grow its user base and attract advertisers..@CarlosGil83 of @GilMediaCo shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Steven Healey


Icon Header Livestream

In 2018 Facebook will be trying harder with the Live Video Producer, Facebook Creator enhancements for show hosts not the least of which are increased visibility and discoverability. I expect Belive.tv to respond effectively.

2018 will see the Rise of the Robots. Chat bots have matured, they can respond to Facebook comments and interact with the audience thereafter. Shout out to Molly Mahoney and RJ Redden for showing us how to use them effectively.

Youtube will play an increasing role in live video chat shows with the debut of Lightstream Producer which enables all to broadcast live with up to 8 people on screen, with tight integration of Youtube assets..@StevenHealey of @BeLiveCourses shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Stacy Lynn Harp, MS


Icon Header LivestreamLivestreaming especially within small communities like churches and ministries will see growth in sponsorship and fellowship as churches begin to realize real people live online and see online community as just as valid as in person..@stacyharp of @biblenewsradio shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Ross Quintana


Icon Header LivestreamFor 2018 my top prediction is multi-user and group livestreaming will emerge to increase engagement. VR livestreaming will create immersive video possibilities. Look for mobile apps or on platform based tools with OBS-like live production management to come out for mobile livestreaming..@ross_quintana shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Cheval John

cheval john 2018 prediction livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamMore small businesses will embrace live video because we are drawing closer to the time when 80% of all internet activity will be video based by 2020, according to Cisco.

So podcasters will have to be a part of the live streaming revolution sooner rather than later..@chevd80 shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Katarina Andersson

katarina andersson 2018 prediction livestream universe

Icon Header Livestream

Livestreaming is here to stay, for sure. In 2018, it will grow and become even more the norm for video content online and key to staying relevant. For smaller businesses, those focusing on strategy, content, production quality, and consistency in live streaming will be the winners.

In Italy, also in the wine industry, I foresee that quality live streaming (with a focus on the audience and community building) will start to become a more accepted and mainstream feature during 2018. The possibilities for monetization of live video in Italy will move forward too. Let’s face it, those who will not yet be live streaming during 2018 will lose out big time..@ricasoli99 of @WinesofItalyLS shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2018 Click To Tweet

Raven Blair Glover


Icon Header Livestream
This spot is being saved for Raven Blair Glover, who was ill at the time of publication. Please join me in wishing the “Talk Show Maven” a speedy recovery. Get well soon, Raven!We wish @TalkShowMaven a speedy recovery! Click To Tweet

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