Broadcast Now Gives Rave Reviews to New Blackmagic Gear

Ross Brand on Broadcast Now

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Logo Livestream UniverseFebruary 7, 2017

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The hosts of Broadcast Now expressed excitement about the capabilities and price points of the new live video products from Blackmagic. On Episode 129, Stephen Heywood, Marty McPadden and Ross Brand also discussed the pros and cons of the new 4k webcam from Logitech and announced the launch of the Pro Broadcasters Facebook group administered by Stephen and Marty.

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Broadcast Now airs live on Tuesdays at 6pm ET  on The Tech Buzz Network, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Daily Motion, Ustream, Roku, Apple TV and other destinations. The audio and video recordings are also available on iTunes.

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About Ross Brand

blab_channel_image.JPGKlout’s number one influencer for livestreaming, Ross Brand made the successful transition from terrestrial radio to livestreaming. Ross founded Livestream Universe to empower other live video creators by showcasing their content through his updates and shows.

A community builder and supporter/mentor for other online broadcasters, his Livestream Update has reimagined the TV guide for the social video era and serves as a fulcrum to lift up others in this emerging medium. An experienced interviewer, Ross considers interviewing the purest form of storytelling.

Ross is a speaker at Summit.Live in LA (March 22-24, 2017) and CreatorCon.Live in Jersey City, NJ (April 29-30, 2017).

Ross is the co-founder of You can find him on Twitter: @iRossBrand. His Instagram username is @RossBrand1.

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