Chris Barrows to Celebrate 50th Podcast on Blab

Chris Barrows to Celebrate 50th Podcast on Blab


Blab is gaining popularity as a platform for recording and simulcasting podcasts. At 9pm ET on Wednesday, November 18, Chris Barrows will broadcast his 50th episode of the Why I Social podcast on Blab.

Chris Barrows

Barrows is turning over the hosting chair to Vincenzo Landino, who will interview Barrows. Landino is host of the BrandBoost podcast.

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Vincenzo Landino

Guest from previous Why I Social episodes include some of the highest profile personalities in the social media world, including Guy Kawasaki, Brian Fanzo, Ted Rubin, Ted Coine, Bryan Kramer, Pam Moore, Amy Schmittauer, Carlos Gil, Dave Kerpen, Rachel Miller, Mark Babbitt and Tim McDonald.


The first 49 episodes are archived at Stitcher and iTunes, where the show’s description reads, “Why I Social brings brings you candid conversations with folks who truly get social media – from average joe to CEO. Each podcast invites you to get to know social media professionals beyond their social media handle.”

Watch Why I Social‘s 50th episode on Blab.


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