Easy Content Creation for Smart Speakers with Trebble.fm (Update Ep101)

Livestream Universe Update & Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing

Ross Brand with your Livestream Universe Update podcast and Alexa Flash Briefing for Thursday, August 2nd, 2018.

Snack-able audio content is growing in popularity on smart devices, but the setup and distribution process can seem daunting for creators. Trebble.fm has a solution to make it easy to record or upload 90 second audio clips that are then available on smart speakers from Amazon and Google Home. The startup is invite only at this point. Learn more about trebble.fm at 7pm ET tonight as founder Armel Beaudry Kembe joins us for #LivestreamDeals.

Also on our Facebook Live show tonight:

Chris Curran from Podcast Engineering School who has a new program starting in September. It’s the only school in existence that teaches the professional audio engineering aspects of podcast production at the highest level. Chris produces podcasts for large companies.

Michelle Levitt from Heil Sound, makers of the Heil PR40 microphones popular among podcasters such as Leo Laporte and Pat Flynn. You can spot PR40s on livestreams by Todd.Live, Kim Doyal, Brad Friedman, Madalyn Sklar and many others. Thanks to Heil for providing the mics and headphone for our live podcasts from Podcast Movement.

And Laura Petersen, best-selling author and podcaster. Her newest book is Permission to Write a Brand Building Book for Podcasters. Her advice is equally applicable for live streamers and content creators of all stripes, solopreneurs, speakers — you get the picture.

Join us at 7pm ET for LivestreamDeals.

BeLive.tv has added four brand ambassadors. Congrats to Jennifer Quinn, Tiffany Lee Bymaster, Kary Oberbrunner and Fallon Zoe on their new roles with BeLive.

On the viewing schedule today:

2pm ET – RJ Redden hosts The Bot Signal on the Black Belt Bots Facebook Page.

3pm ET – it’s Live Positive with Jeff Adams on the BeLive.tv Facebook page. Kaye A Peters joins Jeff to talk about overcoming excuses keeping you from pursuing your dreams.

9pm ET – Jim Collison hosts Home Gadget Geeks. View at theaverageguy.tv/live.

And a reminder to join us for Livestream Deals at 7pm ET on the Livestream Universe Facebook page. RossBrand.Live takes you there!

Show & event links at our website. For LivestreamUniverse.com, I’m Ross Brand. Have a great day!

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Ross Brand is a pioneer in the livestreaming field as both a prolific content creator and thought-leader exploring the different ways to leverage live video to grow your business or brand.

Named the world’s number 1 livestreaming expert to follow on social media by Klout and selected as one of “5 live video experts to follow” by Switcher Studio, Ross made the successful transition from terrestrial radio to live streaming, founding LivestreamUniverse.com to empower other live video creators by showcasing their content through updates and shows.

Ross also runs the LivestreamDeals.com website and creates audio content for podcasts and Alexa Flash Briefings. Find him on Twitter: @iRossBrand. His Instagram username is @RossBrand1.

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