Hot Deals: Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2022 (StreamLeader Report 010)

Hot Deals: Black Friday – Cyber Monday (StreamLeader Report 010)

Let’s get right to the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals! These are all products I highly recommend. Most of these deals run through Monday.

Here are my 2022 picks:

Terrific Tools ⚙️

Shure SM7B Microphone ($40 off):The legendary SM7B is a favorite studio microphone of leading livestreamers and podcasters. It’s also a broadcast industry standard mic used by top radio stations across North America. Shure doesn’t offer discounts on the SM7B very often, so if you’ve been thinking of adding one to your kit, now is a good time!

TubeBuddy (40% off new annual licenses): TubeBuddy is the best tool for growing your YouTube channel by helping you identify growth opportunities while optimizing your videos for success. Get TubeBuddy today!

Ecamm Live (40% off new annual plans): Ecamm Live is an elite-level livestreaming & video production studio built for Mac. Great for creating top-quality video podcasts and multi-camera streams as well. Use code CYBER22 at checkout to get 40% off for the life of your subscription. There’s no better time to add Ecamm Live to your stream team!

DepositPhotos (100 Images for $39):Take a major leap forward in quality and options with this AppSumo deal that’s an annual favorite. Valued at $500, it’s going for $39 through Monday only. While free stock photo websites can sometimes do the trick, there are times when you want a greater variety of choices and the best quality available. Now you have the option of using premium content at an affordable price.

Zoom PodTrak P4 (Save $70): You can’t beat the special $149.99 price tag on this high-performing 4-track mobile podcast recording studio (that doubles as an audio interface for livestreaming). Compact, affordable, and loaded with features, the PodTrak™ P4 makes it easy to capture professional quality audio wherever you’re recording your podcasts. Providing up to 70dB of gain, the P4’s preamps can be used to power the most demanding microphones. Many more great features. Get the PodTrak P4 today!

Focusrite Vocaster Audio Interface (20-23% off):  Another high-performer at an affordable price, the Vocaster One and Vocaster Two are relatively new audio interfaces from Focusrite that have more than enough gain to power professional dynamic mics such as the SM7B and RE20. Smartly fashioned with a feature set that supports both newbie and experienced creators, the Vocaster is USB-poweredand has a lightweight, portable and environmentally-friendly design that makes it a great fit for your home studio. The Vocaster Two adds an additional mic pre-amp and a second headphone amp.

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