Hot Deals: Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2023

Black Friday 2023

My Top Picks for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023

Among the many Black Friday specials, I found some great products that I highly recommend. Some of these deals run through Monday. I will follow up with new emails and blog posts should I come across additional products I love that are available at significant discounts. 

🛒 Samson Q2U Dynamic Microphone USB/XLR (52% off)A great microphone for anyone starting out, looking for a USB option to simply their audio chain or adding a backup/guest XLR mic for expanding your studio and remote productions. I used this microphone for my first three years livestreaming. It has a warmer, more present sound than its competitors and is much quieter than most of the condenser USB mics pushed on creators.

🛒 Shure MV7 Dynamic Microphone USB/XLR (28% off): At nearly $100 off the list price, you can have the best USB dynamic broadcast-style microphone on the market and a great choice for your video and podcast studio. It’s modeled after the legendary SM7B that has become the industry standard for leading podcasters. As a USB mic, you get access to Shure Motive desktop app with a wealth of processing options, including compression and EQ. The MV7 can also be used with a mixer or audio interface through its XLR connection.

🛒 Shure MV7 XLR Dynamic Microphone (28% off)If you’re looking for a professional-quality broadcast studio microphone and don’t want to pay $400 for the Shure SM7B, the MV7 XLR is a great choice at a much more affordable price. This version is XLR-only (not USB connection) so you will need a mixer or audio interface to use it.

🛒Focusrite Vocaster One Audio Interface (50% off):A quality audio interface with great features at an unbeatable price. If you’ve wanted to get an audio interface to be able to use XLR mics, now you can take that next step for $99. The Vocaster has more than enough gain to power even the most gain-hungry microphones such as the Shure SM7B and Electrovoice RE20.

🛒 Focusrite Vocaster Two Audio Interface: Adds a second microphone preamp and headphone amp to the Vocaster One described above. Only $149.

🛒 Ecamm Live (40% off new annual plans): Ecamm Live is an elite-level livestreaming & video production studio built for Mac. Great for creating top-quality video podcasts and multi-camera streams. Use code CYBER23 at checkout to get 40% off for the life of your subscription. It’s the best time of year to add Ecamm Live to your streaming toolkit!

🛒 TubeBuddy (40% off): TubeBuddy is the best tool for growing your YouTube channel by helping you identify growth opportunities while optimizing your videos for success. Get started by downloading the free Chrome browser extension. Use the code ALL40 to save on new accounts and upgrades.

🛒 Elgato Green Screen (25% off)This is the green screen I use. I don’t recall seeing it offered at this type of discount before. Elgato makes high-quality livestreaming and video production gear and this green screen is a standout within that lineup.

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ChatGPT Customized for Podcasters

I had the privilege of talking with Larry Roberts on the StreamLeader Report shortly after he released what might be the first customized version of ChatGPT. Whether you are interested in launching or growing a podcast – or developing your own customized GPT for your area of expertise – Larry provides great insights and a walk-through of the process.

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