How to Use Wirecast Virtual Camera with StreamYard

Ross Brand of Livestream Universe takes you through the steps to bring audio and video produced in Wirecast into your StreamYard livestream. 

UPDATE: While there are now more ways to play longer video clips in your livestream in StreamYard than when this video was recorded. the process shared in this video works for any reason you would use a virtual cam and mic to bring your video and/or audio into StreamYard from Wirecast or another third-party tool for the purposes of supplementing the offerings in StreamYard, such as to use specific transitions in Wirecast or to have total control over the layout of your video.




StreamYard is a live video production tool in your browser. It is the primary software I use almost every time I go live or record a podcast. There are no downloads and you don’t need anything other than a computer with a mic and camera to get going. You can easily bring on guests (from desktop, laptop or mobile), share your screen, switch shots, use a Green Screen, add custom branding with logos, lower thirds and overlays, multistream to up to 5 destinations, get recordings of your broadcasts and share YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Twitch comments on the screen. StreamYard now includes MP4 clips of up to 5 minutes that can be used for an intro, outro or during anywhere else during your broadcast. There is also RTMP livestreaming to additional platforms and integration with LinkedIn Live.

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Wirecast is the award-winning live streaming video production software from Telestream. If you want to improve the quality of your broadcasts, stand out from the crowd, brand your livestreams with your own colors and logos, and have total control of the content you are creating, Wirecast is the best live video production software option. The exceptional scene/shot creation, switching and recording capabilities has enabled me to produce high-quality recorded videos and cut down on post-production time in the process.

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Ross Brand

Ross Brand

Ross is an award-winning livestreaming strategist who helps creators & entrepreneurs monetize their talent and expertise; brands sell their products and services; and livestreamers with hosting, promotion, gear, and show development.


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