LinkedIn Strategy 2024 (Part 1): The One Type of Post You Must Make

It’s the first video in our LinkedIn Strategy 2024 series covering anchor posts. Why are LinkedIn anchor posts the one type of post you must do? LinkedIn power user Dan Roth, founder of the 🎤Creator Mode🎤 LinkedIn group, joins Ross Brand to share his best LinkedIn strategies for 2024.

Dan Roth Unlocks LinkedIn Growth Strategies

Dan Roth is the visionary behind the 🎤Creator Mode🎤 LinkedIn group. In our first of several conversations about LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn strategy, Roth shares his profound understanding of leveraging LinkedIn to its fullest.

With nearly 45,000 followers and a newsletter audience of almost 20,000, Roth’s strategic approach to content creation on LinkedIn has proven successful, offering valuable lessons for anyone looking to enhance their visibility and engagement on the platform.

Dan Roth cover of Ross Brand on Video LinkedIn newsletter

Roth emphasizes the importance of consistency and an intentional approach to audience building. He illustrates how LinkedIn, initially perceived as a purely professional platform, offers immense opportunities for creators willing to adopt a strategic and consistent approach.

Only a tiny minority of the platform’s one billion users post even once per month. As I mentioned in a recent LinkedIn newsletter, my top social media priority for 2024 is to join that 1-2% consistently creating content on LinkedIn.

Don’t Make It So Complicated

Since the typical social media user spends far less time engaging with content on LinkedIn than on, say, Instagram, they often lack familiarity with LinkedIn’s features and community, causing some people to hold back from creating.

“Everything with LinkedIn is strategy,” Roth says. “It’s not complex strategy, but it’s about understanding what your main objectives are, how you’re going to show up and who your audience is.”

Screenshot of Ross Brand and Dan Roth talking LinkedIn strategy on video.

Roth believes what he calls “anchor” content forms the cornerstone of your LinkedIn strategy. Establishing a regular cadence of posts, using the same basic format each time, ensures steady engagement and enhances visibility on the platform.

“What I found is that there are two elements of content creation: There’s the element of consistency that’s going to bring people and allow them to rely on you to get that insight,” says Roth.

This multi-part conversation with Dan Roth is a goldmine for content creators, marketers and professionals seeking to expand their reach and impact on LinkedIn.

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