Livestream Universe 5th Anniversary Party and Show (Brand on Broadcasting)

Livestream Universe 5th anniversary party ross brand

Enjoy the Livestream Universe 5th Anniversary Party and Show. Ross Brand hosts 60 guests offering predictions for 2021. Includes Ross’ biggest, most generous giveaway ever with $13K in prizes from your favorite brands!

Ross’ biggest, most generous giveaway ever celebrating 5 years of Livestream Universe with prizes from StreamYard, TubeBuddy, Uscreen, LiveU, Agorapulse, Focusrite, Libsyn, Poddit, Self-Publishing with Dale, Outlaw Masks, Yay or Nay Nicole, Stream Sense Media, Independent Podcast Conference.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of the Livestream Universe over the past half-decade. Five years ago, I started a business focused on livestreaming having never hosted a live video show myself.

More than 700 broadcasts and 500+ interviews later, I am extremely grateful to all the amazing people I’ve connected with through the power of live video and the opportunities that have resulted from going all in on live streaming.

On-camera guests include people who have left their imprint on our Universe through collaborating on live shows & podcasts and contributing to our annual predictions blog posts. Cheers to the next 5 years!

** A special thanks to Beauty Bubble for sharing her advice and professional expertise in event planning and design that proved invaluable in creating the foundation for a successful event.

Livestream-Universe-5th-anniversary-party-show-ross-brand predictions

00:00:00 Intro
00:06:32 Audio Begins
00:09:50 Caren Glasser, Todd.Live, Professor Nez, Tim McDonald
00:28:01 Angus Nelson, Dan Currier, Nancy Myrland, Wagner dos Santos
00:50:02 Phil Gerbyshak, Joie Gharrity, John Pretto, Sue-Ann Bubacz
01:07:10 Nancy Ancowitz, Brian Schulman, Dale Roberts (Self-Publishing with Dale)
01:15:39 Chris Krimitsos
01:29:46 Jennifer Quinn, Eddie Garrison, Jim Harold
01:33:29 Victor Cajiao
01:38:53 Andrew Kan (TubeBuddy)
01:41:46 Dr. Tachi
01:44:40 Brad Friedman
01:46:57 Barb Tomlin
01:52:25 Brian Wallace
02:02:06 Ani Alexander
02:05:47 Jim Fuhs
02:09:13 Bridgetti Lim Banda
02:12:46 Anita Sonya
02:16:44 Dr. Aikyna Finch
02:19:08 Rachel Moore
02:22:27 Marc Gawith
02:29:05 Jaime Cohen
02:31:55 Gord Isman
02:35:28 Nicole Sanchez (Yay or Nay Nicole)
02:37:05 Dr. Steven Greene
02:45:06 Brent Basham (Poddit)
02:47:57 Terry Johnson
02:50:30 Jon Burk
02:59:50 Rob Greenlee (Libsyn)
03:06:37 Paddy McGill
03:10:41 Dana Bentz (StreamYard)
03:17:42 Bee Smith
03:25:19 Jesse Guthie (Stream Sense Media)
03:27:28 Super Joe Pardo (Indie Pod Con)
03:34:16 Tina VaLant
03:36:23 Scott Sheehan (LiveU)
03:43:52 Margie Analise
03:51:05 Christian Karasiewicz
03:55:24 Reggie Williams (Outlaw Masks)
03:59:13 Chris Curran
04:01:44 Brandon Birkmeyer
04:06:23 Ton Henderson-Mayers
04:09:04 Carlos Gil (Outlaw Masks)
04:13:39 Andrew Haley
04:22:03 Louise McDonnell
04:30:45 Chef Daniella Malfitano
04:36:08 Carlos Phoenix
04:44:33 Wrap Up

Ross Brand is a live streaming professional who has served in many capacities such as Red Carpet host for the Emmy Award-winning Never Settle Show, produced by Al Roker Entertainment, and on-camera host for multiple Facebook Live Video and LinkedIn Live developers and broadcast solutions. Prior to live streaming, Ross worked as an on-air radio host, anchor and reporter.
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