LiveU Powers Live Streaming at VidSummit with Claudia Barbiero (Livestream Deals)


Welcome to the Livestream Deals podcast. Coming up, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talks with LiveU VP of Marketing Claudia Barbiero about the LiveU Solo, which makes it possible to livestream to social media channels from the most bandwidth-challenged environments, and live streaming at #VidSummit2018.

LiveU’s patented cellular bonding technology is powering both the IRL livestreams and the official conference livestreams during VidSummit. Thanks to LIveU for providing Ross with the LiveU Solo for our LIvestream Universe, Livestream Deals and Brand on Broadcasting interviews from VidSummit.

Ross conducted interviews during the conference with video influencers including additional episodes of LivestreamDeals featuring Sean Cannel on his new book YouTube Secrets, Andrew Haley on new features in Wirecast, and Addy Saucedo on podcasting with Simplecast.  All interviews were livestreamed to Facebook Live using the LiveU Solo.

Thanks to Claudia for being a part of our October Facebook Live show, which had a strong focus on VidSummit. Derral Eves, VidSummit founder, also joined us to discuss his IRL livestreams and the official event livestreams at #VidSummit2018. We also talked with DC Podfest co-fouder Jennifer Crawford the upcoming 2018 conference and business coach Vicki Fitch about writing 12 books in 12 months.


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