How to Produce Great Audio for Podcasts and Live Streams with Chris Curran (Livestream Deals)

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Chris Curran talks about how to sound your best on podcasts and live streaming videos.

Welcome to the Livestream Deals podcast. Ross Brand of Livestream Universe talks audio production with professional podcast producer Chris Curran. Chris is an expert on how to create a great listening experience for fans of your podcast. He shares tips on microphone technique, recording environment, energy and flow of a broadcast and more. Chris runs the Podcast Engineering School, where he prepares students for paid work as podcast editors and producers.

Chris Curran is the host of the Podcast Engineering Show. He has an extensive background in the music industry with audio production and engineering credits on albums from many top artists. Curran teaches students the skills to to earn money producing and editing podcasts at the Podcast Engineering School.

Podcast Engineering School is the only school in existence that teaches the professional audio engineering aspects of podcast production. Students learn to engineer and produce podcasts at the highest professional level.

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Chris was a guest on previously, talking about things you can do right now to upgrade the audio quality of your livestreams and podcasts. Listen to our conversation and read more about Chris’ background as a podcast producer and in the music industry in the show notes.

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