Post Show Interviews at Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show, Episode 4

Interviews with Sue Fennessy, Founder of the 8 app &  Emmy Winner Mario Armstrong Following #NeverSettleShow, Episode 4

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microphone-905536_640Ross Brand

play-1073616_960_720Sue Fennessy, CEO of the 8 app; Mario Armstrong, #NeverSettleShow Host

Logo Livestream UniverseApril 26, 2017

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About The Never Settle Show

The Never Settle Show presented by FedEx Office is the first crowd-produced, livestreamed talk show delivered on Facebook Live with a studio audience, in-studio guests, TV-quality production and all the interactivity and viewer participation of livestreaming content. Hosted by Emmy winner and NBC Today Show personality Mario Armstrong, the #NeverSettleShow airs live Wednesdays at 7pm ET on the Entrepreneur Magazine Facebook page.

About The Post Show Interviews

Following Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show, Ross Brand of Livestream Universe interviewed Sue Fennessy, who explained what motivated her to create the 8 app, how it helps content creators monetize their social media presence and the development of her team and user base.

Mario Armstrong talked about the progress of the #NeverSettleShow over the first four episodes, shared his excitement that Eduardo Guerra came all the way from Mexico to celebrate his birthday at the show and praised Livestream Universe founder Ross Brand for his work hosting interviews on the Red Carpet and promoting the show on social media.

About Ross Brand

blab_channel_image.JPGRoss Brand applies his background as a radio host to conduct interviews and lead livestream conversations that inform and entertain. He is the founder and editor of Livestream Universe, covering the latest and greatest in livestreaming and online broadcasting.

Ross hosts #LivestreamStars, Mondays at 7pm ET at RossBrand.LIVE. The show features talented broadcasters delivering high-quality content across livestream platforms. He also hosts #LivestreamSports, #LivestreamNews and #AskTheExpert monthly. He produces and presents The Daily Livestream Update weekday mornings on Facebook and iTunes. The updates contain show recommendations and news from the livestreaming industry.

Ross is the co-founder of You can find Ross on Twitter: @iRossBrand. His Instagram username is @RossBrand1.

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