Ross Brand to Share Tips on Marketing Your Live Video Content Mondays on

Ross Brand to Share Tips on Marketing Your Live Video Content Mondays on

Ross Brand on Weekly has added Ross Brand of Livestream Universe as a regular contributor to the livestream platform’s flagship weekly show. Ross will be offering insights on marketing live video shows to grow your audience and build a community of people who attend your live braodcasts. Weekly is hosted by Jeff Adams on Mondays at 3pm ET on the Facebook page.. The show features guest interviews and Steven Healey shares tips on livestreaming.

Ross began livestreaming in November 2015 and within a year was ranked the world’s top ranked livestreaming expert to follow by Klout and named MarTech Top 50 Influencer by Onalytica. He hosts #LIvestreamStars weekly along with monthly shows and regular updates.

Ross uses to host and produce #LivestreamStars. “I love the engagement you get with,” Ross said. “The ability to have the Facebook comments appear in the same browser window and highlight comments by viewers enables a more interactive broadcast than we’ve ever had before. The community loves and I’m proud to be a part of their weekly show.” extends the native features of Facebook Live, enabling face-to-face interviews and the ability to change shots, post viewers comments and put lower thirds on the screen. The app is currently free to use while in Beta.

Update: announced that it is rolling out a new “talk show” platform which will make it possible for hosts to bring on “callers” in addition to a guest. With this update, broadcasters can have up to 3 people on screen at one time and more waiting to enter the live broadcast in the “lobby.”

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