Skype for Content Creators: Easy Guest Integration with Wirecast | Aaron Linne

Skype for Content Creators: Easy Guest Integration with Wirecast — Skype’s new platform for content creators enables you to bring guest interviews from into Wirecast, OBS, vMix, Xsplit, OvrStream, Newtek Tricaster, ProPresenter and Ecamm using Newtek’s NDI technology. The Skype call appears as a source in Wirecast or any of the other supported video production software programs.

Skype for Content Creators | Aaron Linne

On Brand on Broadcasting, Microsoft Senior Product Manager Aaron Linne joined Ross Brand of Livestream Universe to talk about the different uses for Skype for Content Creators including live streaming guests and recording podcast audio interviews and video segments.

Any NDI® enabled hardware or software can now receive incoming Skype calls.

Once you open the NDI-enabled software, and search for a NDI input you will see the Skype ID of the incoming caller represented as a feed. This process will differ depending on your software package of choice.

From a one-on-one audio call up to a four-person group video— now all incoming calls are available for you to build your own content by integrating Skype calls.

Skype for Content Creators is free and available in the downloaded version of Skype. Switch on NDI in your Skype settings prior to making the Skype call.

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Aaron Linne is the CEO at Lineage Media and Solutions and Senior Project Manager at Microsoft for Skype for Content Creators and Skype TX. Read more about Aaron on his LinkedIn profile below:

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