How To Add Scrolling Text (StreamYard Connect Ep13)

Host: Ross Brand

Show: StreamYard Connect 

Date: December 11, 2019

StreamYard Connect Ep13

  • New StreamYard features including scrolling text
  • Video editing in Canva
  • 2020 Predictions from Geige Vandentop, Jessika Phillips, Ileane Smith, Rob Greenlee, Andy Crestodina and Joe Pardo

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Ross Brand 00:00

Hey gang, welcome back to StreamYard Connect. This is season two, episode 13. Great to have you with us. We are back live on StreamYard Connect. Thanks so much for joining us.

We are going to several destinations this time. We’re still going through my LinkedIn Profile. So if you’re watching on LinkedIn, welcome. Good to see you. It’s going to be one of our destinations. We’re also going to go to the LinkedIn StreamYard page. but we are now on Facebook Live, which means we have a link to share ahead of time, making it easy to find the broadcast. And also, we know that Facebook Live is a platform where a lot of StreamYard users do go live. So we’ll be able to use the platform there and. talk to you about what’s going on with Facebook live as well as all the other platforms where people are live streaming.

We are also live for the first time on Twitch, on the StreamYard channel, first broadcast ever on the StreamYard Twitch channel, and we are live as well on the Periscope and Twitter account, @iRossBrand. So if you’re watching us over there, welcome, great to have you with us as well. And thanks so much for joining.

I see some people are already watching. We have Bonnie and Terry watching on Facebook. Beauty Bubble is on Twitch and thanks to everybody else who’s joining us. We don’t get the LinkedIn comments yet into the interface here within StreamYard, because LinkedIn doesn’t make those available. I will definitely check in with Linkedin and check the comments there. We want to, definitely stay in touch with our LinkedIn audience as well as the other platforms.

And one of the great things about stream yard is not only can you share a comment on the screen, like this one from Alex Gordon, but it also tells you what platform, not only pulls in their, avatar, but it tells you what platform they are watching on. So Alex Gordon, thank you for joining us over on Facebook.

A lot going on with StreamYard. Let’s get right to it. And then we’ll take a look around at things going on  across the live streaming industry and also do our user spotlight at the end in which we’re going to focus on some of the predictions that StreamYard users made for 2020 for live streaming and content creation.

As we move forward, we’ll start, as we always do, with the three pillars of StreamYard. That’s ease of use, stability and professional-looking streams. You can see Geige Vandentop on the left and Dan Briggs on the right. Those are the cofounders of StreamYard. There’s actually several new features that we will get to and we will talk about the destinations where you can live stream if you are using StreamYard. You can go to Facebook, you can go to LinkedIn Live if you have access for your personal profile or if you have access for your business page. If you don’t have access yet, you can go ahead and apply through LinkedIn, but you can also let StreamYard know that you’d like that access and that you’ve applied. StreamYard has the ability to nominate you so you can message the Facebook page to let the StreamYard team know.

We also can go to a YouTube Live. We’re not doing it on this broadcast, but it’s a great option. The guys who run the Town Hall — Geige and Dan — also go to YouTube Live among their many different destinations for the Town Hall.

You can go to Periscope, which of course gets you on Twitter and in that Twitter timeline.

And now you see another destination added since the last time we talked, and that is Twitch, and we are going to Twitch. StreamYard does have a channel on Twitch. And you can watch us on Twitch. Do you have your own account on Twitch? You can follow the StreamYard account on Twitch and get notifications when StreamYard goes live.

Do you have your own account on Twitch? You can follow the stream yard account on Twitch while the stream yard channel and get notifications when stream yard goes live. There’s also an option to use our RTMP. And that’s basically getting a stream key from the destination and adding it to StreamYard.

So lots of different ways to go live. But we’re excited that the new feature of Twitch, which, gage and Dan announced when. They came out of beta, they ended their beta and did their official launch just about a month ago within the last month.

And one of them, several new features that they had for that launch was something that’s been asked for for quite a while by users. And that is the ability to live stream to Twitch. And why is this important? Well, I want to revisit something that we talked about. A couple of weeks ago, and that is the growth of non-gaming programming on Twitch.

Now, Twitch has, I think approximately three quarters of all live streams are done on Twitch. Yeah. And while gaming is the overwhelming majority . Non-gaming content is growing on Twitch, and you’ll see a lot of that in the just chatting category, which is often gamers just chatting, not playing a game, but just having a chat with their followers.

There’s also a podcast category, and that’s where if you’re using stream yard to connect with the native integration that stream yard now has with Twitch. That’s the category that you’ll be in, and it’s the category that makes most sense for non-gaming content that people are doing on stream yard. And I think over time you may start to get some traction on Twitch.

I can’t guarantee right now. That you’re going to grow quickly on Twitch, but the opportunity is there based on how fast just chatting is, is going. And if you like to do long form live streams, Twitch can be a place where you can build a devoted audience over time. It’s a longterm move. But it’s one that’s worth exploring given the growth of just chatting.

And we are taking that first step today, going to Twitch as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Periscope, slash, Twitter. And if you’re confused about all these different destinations and where we’re going in which you count, there is a graphic here. I’ll post it on social. As well. Basically, we are using the stream yard Facebook page.

We’re using SQream yards, LinkedIn account, and we’re using the Twitch channel as well as, my LinkedIn live and my Periscope Twitter. So. New updates we have scrolling text has been added and I want to thank beauty bubble TV who put together this really cool graphic and demonstrated one of the ways that you can use scrolling text and it’s easy to add a with your live streaming, with stream yard and it’s available on all the plans, including the free plan.

And you just go into your banners and you click to edit a banner or create a new banner and it will give you a little box that will let you check scrolling text. So if we were to say, put a banner up that it was just a regular banner that just showed some text that wasn’t scrolling, for instance, this has stream yards, LinkedIn, account, or we can.

Maybe we can hide that. I can go in and edit it and click scroll, and now click save and now show. And now I have scrolling texts instead. So it’s a nice way to add a call to action and you can switch from one. To another. So it’s a nice way to add a call to action, such as we have here without actually having to say it, but still giving people the opportunity to find what you’d like them to find or to see what you’d like them to see or to subscribe to what you’d like them to subscribe to.

So there’s a lot of different ways the scrolling text feature can be used. Of course, I’m using it right now as a call to action. But think about the content you create if you’re creating financial content. Beauty bubble here is basically using it as a stock ticker in a sense, what you would see going across one of the financial news channels, you could use it if you’re doing sports content, the update scores during your show, you could do it.

To provide how to find more information about your guests may be a link to their website or a link to their book or theirs, their one of their social channels where they engage with their audience. you could put a special offer out. You could, maybe just have a reminder go by every so often of what your next segment’s going to be.

There’s so many different ways to use this. I. For myself, I wouldn’t keep it turned on all the time, but using it sparingly but in a targeted way, I think is very effective. But if you are doing something like financial content or sports content and breaking news content. Being able to have the updated information and share it along the ticker without necessarily interrupting the content that you’re in the middle of is a very valuable, very valuable.

A resource to have. And again, I think it’s great for calls to action like I’m doing right now. So that is one of the cool new features. The other one is you can now shift the location of the people when you have more than two people on your show. And basically what this means is if you go to show. comments or you go to show a banner across the screen.

If you had people along the bottom, if you have three or four more people on the banner would sometimes cover their faces or the comments would. Now there’s an option that you can switch on and basically it will lift everybody up so that the banner or the comment won’t cut them off. So it’s a cool new feature.

You can see. Dan is showing it in the first image where his hands are up. You see two different versions of him. One, where he, where he’s both both basically the same video feed, but one where the banner is covering him and one where you would see what it looked like if the banner is not covering him.

And then you see the difference where it raises up and you see both of the boxes that Dan is in. So a very simple but very effective update. from stream yard. And again, congratulations the stream yard in coming out of beta. I’m Ross ran, this is stream yard connect. We’re here with you Wednesdays, 2:00 PM Eastern.

Not every Wednesday, but a few Wednesdays a month. We’ll be doing the show at least until the end of may. So we’re excited for season two. And a lot to get to, and I just want to check in on the chat and see what’s going on. A beauty bubble says, noticed to have the color matches your classic banner and fits nicely in the display of the live frame.

Yes. very effective. Terry Johnson makes a the great point that, okay. The scrolling text is great for people who come late to the stream. So it’s also a way that you can recap or really let people know what you’re talking about without necessarily having to repeat yourself. And Kim Doyle, great to see you.

She says she tested the scroll yesterday and Le loved it. Coach Jenny says, the shift up is everything, and Vangelos asks, is there a way to add a second camera to the presenter? Well, you would need another device, but if you have another device, you can basically send yourself a guest link and add a camera and come in that way, and you can add up to fi.

You can add up to people from. Other people can join you from their computers or mobile phones as well as a coach. Jenny mentioned you can add up to five more people on camera with you and you can have up to 10 altogether within the studio and rotate some in and out as well. So thank you all for joining us.

Stream yard connect. I’m Ross brand. Let’s get to some of the news that is going on right now and there is a lot to talk about and one of the interesting things is our friends at Canva are getting into the video editing business and they have some new features, one of which is a video video editing tool that makes it easy for.

Beginners to edit video. I haven’t tried it myself. If anybody’s tried it, let me know in the comments. Let me know what you think of it. Let me know if you think it really is something that’s easy for beginners and they’re providing templates.

Always, always hydrate. They’re providing templates, access to a stock library with videos and music and easy to use animation tools. Also, they’re launching Canva for education. I think it’s been out for a little while in Australia where the founder is from. and now this is going to come to the U S and across the world.

And Google. A Canva for education will integrate with Google apps. So if you have Google apps, you can use a Canva for education. Also with Google classroom. Get the people while they are young, get them into your echo system. And speaking of keeping people in your ecosystem, Canva is adding its own integration with amps.

So now you can, I believe there’s up to about 30. For the launch, but you can add Dropbox, you can add Google drive, you can add photo mush, Instagram, and others and have direct integration between your accounts to speed. The process of either developing with Canva or. As a Canva customer creating layouts and designs, and I, I think this is a pretty fitting quote in terms of where canvas going.

It’s as Canva has positioned itself as the non-designers design tool, making it easy to create something beautiful with little to no design experience. The launch of the video editing tool and Canva for education strengthens that stance, not only creating more users for the platform itself. But fostering an environment for the maturation of new designers to join the ecosystem as a whole.

And that’s from tech crunch. Jordan crook, is the author of that article. What’s interesting is Canva has had now 2 billion. Creations done with Canva. 1 billion, a full half of those came in 2019. So Canva is hot and it’s growing. And I’m excited to test out the video editing feature and to hear how others are using that and experiencing it.

 I want to check in, to LinkedIn. And see what’s happening on linked in.

See if I can find the broadcast on LinkedIn. And here we are, and I see that, Anita Sonja is here and who else is watching? We have Brian, Kelly, Brian and Anita. Great to see you both. Thanks so much for joining us. And it looks like there’s 13 people watching over on. LinkedIn live on my account so far, and let’s see who is over at the stream yard account on LinkedIn live.

Again, the LinkedIn comments don’t come into the dashboard, so, just want to take a moment to recognize that we have people watching. Lauren is over on the stream yard page. Thanks so much. For joining us and we have view people watching over there as well. So a nice turnout over on LinkedIn in, but we are also on, Facebook.

We are on Twitter, slash Periscope and we are on Twitch as well. And let’s get back to some more news. I think this is a funny story and I think it’s really typical of the times that we live in and how things have changed. And. How much more, I hate to use the word transparency, but there really is in some ways and an interesting thing happened recently.

A baseball player was live streaming a video game on Twitch. When he found out that one of his teammates was traded and he reacted, in the moment with the kind of reaction that you would expect if, you had a highly regarded teammate who was traded and you weren’t so happy with the return and wa, it wasn’t that.

Wasn’t that off color, what he said, but I’m not going to say it here on the broadcast, but, he let his feelings known. Typically players would find out a teammate got traded maybe from a phone call, maybe from a media report on the radio, something like that. And they’d have plenty of time to compose themselves and prepare the answer.

That would probably support the company line when they go live. or when they are talking to a reporter, when they’re being quoted by a newspaper or TV or radio. but in this case, when people are live streaming and news breaks, you often get the true reaction. And, so Blake Snell from the res. A picture with the, a razor or a play off team this year.

Let it be known. He wasn’t happy that, Tommy fam, their best offensive player was traded and was not happy with the players they got back in return. And it also shows how many people are streaming on Twitch. It’s another, another thing about Twitch, if we haven’t talked about it enough, you have professional athletes in their spare time going live.

On Twitch. I saw an article in the globe and mail about, distracted driving. The author or the headline is author doesn’t always write the headline. Ask the question about whether live streaming counts as distracted driving. The author included? Yes. And I want to read what he said because, I’ve talked about it some and I, hopefully the messages gotten across the people, maybe some are sick of hearing me say it.

I don’t say it that often. I’m not running around shouting it from the mountaintops, but I do feel pretty strongly that as the author says, live streaming while driving could end your life or someone else’s experts say, chances are. It could get you a ticket for distracted driving. Even if you’re following the law, taking videos while driving affects your attention off the road.

Even if you’re looking at the road is the more you’re concentrating on something else, the more your focus gets narrowed. And of course, trying to do a show and drive, trying to do a broadcast and drive, even if you’re not looking at the camera, is quite different than say, listening to the radio or having a casual conversation with the passenger in.

The car. I don’t believe it’s safe. I won’t have anybody on my show who’s calling me in from, from a car while they’re, while they’re driving or promote anything that’s being done driving while streaming. However. A lot of people have come back with the response, well, I’m safe, or I have it set up in a way that’s safe, or I’m confident that, you know, I’m a skilled driver and I’ve done X, Y, Z, and you know, it’s not a problem for me.

I never look at it. It’s not, not any different than something else. What I’ll say is, okay, I’m not even gonna argue that point. Okay? But one of the things that’s so great about live streaming. Is the ability to connect two people and to build your brand in real time. And I think there are fewer things for a lot of people in the public.

Not for everybody, but for a good number of people out there that’ll hurt your brand more than to be streaming and driving. Cause a lot of people know people who’ve been injured. They know people who have been hurt through these things, or they just don’t feel that it’s being responsible. With your own brand.

And so if you want to do business with somebody, they have to feel, they can trust you with their brand and they can trust your decision making with their business. And it seems reckless to a lot of people. I think it gives the live streaming. Industry, livestreaming professionals, a bad, a bad look when people are streaming and driving.

And of course the worst is what’s happened with some accidents. So not to bring the show down, but I thought it was something that I should cover at least one time were an ex episode 13 we’ll be doing a minimum of a getting to number 24 so at least one time in, in that. 24 episode run. I thought I should bring that up, so I hope you don’t mind.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for bearing with me and thanks to everybody in the stream yard community who isn’t streaming and driving. This is stream yard connect. It’s great to have you with us. I’m going to check back, into the chat real quick. And see what is going on over there. thank you, Bonnie.

She says, no driving while streaming, and we appreciate that a coach Jenny says, it’s also not fun to watch someone’s live stream while they are driving. I just cringe waiting to see if you’re going to crash into somebody. and, yeah. So thank you so much for your support on that issue. And as you probably know, many of you were actually a part of it.

We did. predictions for 20, 20 and livestream universes, annual predictions, blog post. It’s the fifth annual, addition. And this time we had 160 live streamers, broadcasters, video creators, content creators, executives, entrepreneurs. Contributing their predictions, including our very own gauge van and top, our CEO and fearless leader who said savvy creators will turn each live stream into a podcast.

And clip out compelling segments to upload as static videos. And that really sums it all up, doesn’t it? I mean, the great thing about live streaming is not only do you get to engage with a live audience, but you get great and, and really credible content that can be repurposed as a, as a podcast, and also makes for great clips on social media.

It’s great for taking segments out and uploading his YouTube videos and so many other different ways to distribute podcasts. And I think live streams. I think the distinctions between all these types of content, particularly when content so often being done live, those, those barriers, those lines are decreasing.

And. Let me just say that we are going to do a post show in just a couple minutes, so stay right where you are. We’ll do the post show on all the channels that we are live on, but one tell you that stream yard has some other shows as well. There’s a stream yard town hall, which takes place every Sunday night, 9:00 PM Eastern, and you can find that on Facebook.

On YouTube, on Periscope, Twitter and unlinked and Rob Bella Savvis does a weekly show stream yard live at least once a week. He goes live with a guest, the stream yard user and talks to them in the stream yard community group on Facebook. If you’re not a member of that group. Join it. It’s a great group.

It’s a great place to be a part of this great stream yard community and to get your questions answered, to learn from other users, to find guests for shows, to become a guest on somebody else’s show. Maybe find a collaborator, a cohost, a the stream yard. Community group on Facebook. That is where Rob goes live once a week with a stream yard user and then join us next week, 2:00 PM Eastern four stream yard connect on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Twitch, and on Periscope and Twitter.

And that wraps up. Episode 13 of stream yard connect. Thank you for joining us for the debut episode of season two. Stay right there. We’ll be right back with some post shell.

And we’re back live on the post show. thank you so much for being a part of it. We’ve got more predictions. We can talk about lots of different things going on. also would love to see your questions. If you have any questions related to live streaming, podcasting, content creation, how do you stream yard, what to do with stream yard?

What kind of. Production you’re doing that you might have questions with. It’s, it’s all good. Coach Jenny says, yay, post show. Yeah, bring him back the post show. That was a one thing that we can take away. One of the good things that we take away from Blab and, I think it’s great for shows using stream yard or.

Pretty much any kind of live stream show. It’s, it’s fun to do a post show and we’re doing it across the different platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and Periscope, slash, Twitter. And Hey, Tina Valant good to see you. Thanks so much for joining us. Beth Granger is here. it says he’s honored to be in the predictions and let’s get back and take a look at some of the other.

Predictions. And, if you’re just joining us, one of the cool features that stream yard added is the scrolling text features. So we will, and that for a few minutes and you can see how to do that. It’s very easy. You just go to your banners, click edit on one of the banners, or click create new banner, put the text than you want.

And then check the box that says add a scrolling text. So you know, you could add this, you can take, you could uncheck that box and you could save it and then display it as well as a banner, as a regular banner. Or you can go back in. Very, very easy to use, but very effective for calls to action for updates, for recapping, for.

Telling people what’s coming up next on the show for promoting a guest, for giving more information about a subject you’re talking about. It’s a terrific, terrific new feature. I’m, I’m loving it. So let’s get back to the predictions. Jessica Phillips, a lot of, you know, her, from social media week, Lima and from now marketing group and her different shows that she hosts, including, her training Tuesdays with magnet marketers.

And Jessica said, brands will see a dramatic rise of dark social conversations with more people moving into private conversation channels. meaning that, that people may be using video or other ways to communicate. Not so much on public social media, but one-on-one in small group or private group chats is where, she sees a lot of.

Social media and social engagement, digital media going. And Jessica is very big on relationship marketing and certainly using tools like video and even live video for small group gatherings, meetings, and product pitches, all sorts of different things. The Andy Crestodina. Who wrote the book, on content marketing.

He, he is brilliant from, Orbitz, heres orbit media in Chicago. one, one of my top people I look to when I want to know something about some aspect of content marketing. And he talked a lot about how video in an email, video in, in, in a message, in a conversation, in a meeting is replacing email. As the GoTo way, four people to have a big ask, have a big meeting, have a big pitch, have a, have that critical conversation around their business.

And so we’ve, we’ve often thought about video is something you create and then publish publicly, but we’re seeing a lot more use of video. Both in the business world to communicate something that previously would have been communicated through text. Through, yeah, in an in person meeting or through a PowerPoint presentation.

Now being communicated through video and also we’re seeing even within social media, a lot more people. Responding, talking to one another with a quick video response, whether it’s in a messenger like Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. I believe you can do, you can do video messages in LinkedIn. I’m not positive.

I don’t remember whether I had done one. but certainly within Facebook and Instagram you can do that. And then a lot of people even respond at respond to a tweet with a quick video message publicly or again. They may embed something in an email that is a, one of the threads. I think you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re worth following.

in 20, 20 now, Eileen Smith is somebody who is always on top of what’s going on in tech and new developments. And she says, live video platforms will find new ways to measure engagement and influence beyond metrics like hearts and likes. Emphasis will shift forward. Ah, we’ll shift toward interactive features like poles, stickers, and tips.

Yeah. And this kind of goes along with, what Dan pisarski from live. You also said, and several other people, in their predictions. but I think I lean really got to the heart of it, and I think what’s. What’s not mentioned in this quote, because I’m not able to pull the whole prediction, and I’m pretty sure she mentioned it in her prediction is this is the Twitch model.

This is the Amazon Twitch model, and because that twitches, so, so much of what’s goes on in live streaming, 75% of live streams take place on Twitch. You’re seeing YouTube. Because some of you tubers have headed over and brought their big audiences to Twitch, seeing YouTube, and probably eventually you’re going to see all the platforms.

Follow the lead of Twitch, and that’s something to watch, but a lot of different predictors focused on interactivity being a huge part of, livestreaming in 2020, not just doing interviews, but engaging with your audience and finding different ways beyond . Reading comments to bring people in. And of course, you have to decide if those things are right for your show in the type of content you’re creating.

sometimes I go live when I’m not doing a more formal formatted show like I am now, and I do nothing but engage with the chat, or I just, you know, I. I just add live the entire thing and you know, bring in people when it’s appropriate and not. And then there’s other times where you’re doing a more structured show and perhaps some of those methods are appropriate and sometimes they may not be.

So, just because an option is available, just because there is a feature that’s being offered. Don’t feel that you have to use it in every circumstance. Use it where it enhances the experience for your viewers. rather than detracts. mr John de Stefanos with us, one matters with us. Terry Johnson says so many different ways to have a conversation online.

So many different choices. Beth Granger, a LinkedIn expert for sure, says you can do a video in InMail, uploaded, not live. So that’s only in InMail. Hmm. Latoya Glen is with us. She says. Wonderful, great to see you. Thanks so much for joining us, Lynn. Thank you for joining us. Charlotte Pearce. Thanks everybody.

This is a terrific to have you all with us here on the debut of the second season of stream yard connect and now we are in. The post show, and let’s get to some more predictions. I’ve got at least one more I wanted to share today and, well there’s 160, so we’re not gonna use a month right away. Rob Greenlee, works for Libsyn and is in the podcasting hall of fame.

He’s, I’ve been doing the new media show for quite a while. He’s now doing that show using stream yard. Okay. And he talked about ad revenue growing for podcasting based on enabling dynamic ad insertion into the archives, back catalog of podcasts. So not only advertising in an upcoming episode, but finding ways for, the back catalog, past episodes that people are still listening to, finding ways to monetize those through dynamic ad insertion.

And. It’s pretty much assumed. And, and this, this prediction was in I think was a, Chris may have been Joe Pardot, I’m not Palm lib and super Joe Pardot who mentioned that he expects that ad revenue will cross the $1 billion Mark for podcasting in 2020. And I saw that in an article that I just read as well.

And you seeing a lot of cross pollinate, a lot of live streamers who are, very serious about their podcast and creating podcast content and a lot of podcasters who are deciding to record their podcast live or use live streaming to promote their podcasts. And the interesting story, I came across it was.

Pulitzer’s new audio reporting category, and that category is expected to bring, candidates from podcasts. I, I’m just gonna take a look at this article that’s in business insider real quick, and it says, the Pulitzer board announced the new experimental category for nonfiction storytelling in audio journalism called audio reporting.


And it’s meant to, it’s meant to wreck. Excuse me. This is what happens when you’re not in the studio where I get easily hit the cough button. so the Pulitzer board announced the new experimental category. Let’s take it from the top for nonfiction storytelling in audio journalism called audio reporting.

And a Pulitzer administrator said, the decision is meant to recognize that quote, the Renaissance of audio journalism in recent years has given rise to an extraordinary array of nonfiction storytelling. In the past couple of years, podcasts have boomed. Ad revenue alone is expected to surpass 1 billion by the end of this year.

Hey, there’s that stat again, and much of that growth has been driven by nonfiction. Podcasters shows like serial from this American life and the daily from New York times have helped push the medium to new Heights in the U S there are around 90 million monthly active listeners. The podcast shows double that for, of just four years ago.

So it’s up. Four times from four years ago for Edison. Edison does research on podcasts and in the past year alone, pies net pot. Easy for me to say. In the past year alone, podcast listenership Rose by 40% in the U K and 36% of people surveyed across 38 countries said they listened to a podcast at least once a month for Reuters Institute for the study of journalism.

As a result, audio content is proliferating and they’re now more than 750,000 podcast shows on Apple alone up from 550,000 just over a year ago in June, 2018 per podcast insights. Curious how many of those are still regularly releasing episodes? And by regularly I’m not being tremendously stringent.

Like once every, a couple of months would be still be an active podcast and in my view, but I’d be curious how many of those perhaps have gone a year without, releasing a podcast. Of those global respondents in the Reuters digital news report, 15% specified that they listened to a news podcast. While that number may seem on the lower end, it’s worth noting that pure news podcasts are a relatively newer phenomenon.

The majority have appeared in only the past 18 months per Reuters, likely as a result of the success of shows like NPRs slate of news, podcasts, or the deli. And so anyway, Pulitzer’s recognizing that podcasting is becoming a legitimate form of journalism. In fact, with less reporting and more commenting going on, on both the electronic media and the print media, podcasting has an opportunity to fill that void.

And podcasters become journalists who not only. Explain, analyze, comment on what’s going on in the news, but in fact, cover and break news as we’ve seen increasingly happened with bloggers over the past. 15 to 20 years. So I think that’s an interesting story. I think that’s something to keep an eye on with podcasting and how the mainstream of American journalism, the mainstream of American media, the mainstream of international media, Hollywood, all these different traditional media.

Enterprises or organizations or industries are starting to take podcasting very seriously, and I think that’s exciting. And that’s how I look at a coach. Jenny says, that sounds so strangely sinister. Hmm. Oh, probably when I mentioned the, the dark social, beauty bubble has a definition. Look, let’s take a look at that.

she says it is explained via Google search, dark social media, dark social or dark traffic or social shares that do not contain any digital referral information about the source. The idea is generally used by a web analytics as well as an online advertising. You know, I’m not. Positive. A beauty bubble that that’s what Jessica was referring to.

I think she was referring to conversations that aren’t being published in a public feed, but that are being held. In other words, the source is know who, who each other are. You know? They know each of the people involved in the conversation. It’s the decision to have it. In a private group, in a private messenger group, in a zoom call, in a video that I send directly to you instead of one that I publish in my timeline, something like that.

That is my. Understanding, I would have to talk to Jessica, to find out more about that. She also goes into a lot more, goes into it a lot more in depth in her prediction, and there’s a sidebar article from her as well. so. Take a look at it in, in context to understand more. Coach Jenny says, that’s sad.

So strangely sinister. Yes. I just showed that two seconds ago. There’s what I wanted to show. She says, congratulations on 160 predictions this year. Thank you so much. Terry Johnson says interactivity. It will be a big thing for online messages and conversations. And I saw a comment about using. stream yard where, where did that go?

Somebody who is excited to use stream yard for their show and I’m not seeing it. Huh? Well, how about that? All right, well hopefully you’re still excited about using stream yard for your show. I will find it and I will comment on it and, tell you that I’m excited about you using stream yard for your show as well.

And. I’m just taking one more stroll back through a Fernando asked, does anyone, has anyone tested a is set up on stream yard? I have not tested, Mevo I use, I’ve always used the webcam. you could also come in with a cam quarter DSLR, but you’d need to use a capture card. So that you would plug, you would plug it in as a webcam, essentially.

Basically, the capture card transmits the video to your computer, by USB, whereas it receives the video from the cam quarter DSLR. By HDMR. So it’s a, it’s a device that’s in between the camcorder or the DSLR and the computer in order to bring the video in, in a format that the computer can recognize.

that’s probably the best way that I, I understand that Pamela Stone is the one who said that she wants to have a, a show with stream yard. And, good luck with that. We, we love that you’re joining the stream yard community. We love the whole stream yard community and thank you all so much for being here and look forward to seeing you next week.

Next Wednesday, 2:00 PM Eastern Facebook live, LinkedIn live, Twitch, and. Periscope slash Twitter. Terry Johnson has some insight on dark social she’s had, in terms of the prediction. Dark social means that online conversations will go underground and unless you are part of the conversation or community.

You won’t know about. Thank you, Terry. That’s what I was trying to say. and you hit it right, the nail right on the head. And thank you, coach Jenny.

Thank you to everybody for joining us across all the different platforms. Really appreciate you guys and we will talk to you next week. Have a great day, everybody.


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