160 Predictions for Live Streaming and Digital Media in 2020

Live Streaming & Digital Media:
160 Predictions for 2020

LIvestream Universe 2020 predictions collage

Our 5th Annual All-Star Panel Peers into the Future of Digital Media


160 Featured Predictions for 2020

plus bonus content:

Jessika Phillips on marketing with quick communication channels

Jon Burk on serving content in a brand-centric ecosystem

Mike Allton on video production and distribution in 2020

Chetachi Egwu, Ph.D. on podcasts becoming tv series

Vicki Fitch on why you can’t afford to ignore TikTok

Jules Hannaford on the unique appeal of podcasting 

Mitch Jackson on real-time moments driving the consumer journey

Viveka von Rosen on the keys to success with LinkedIn Live

Nikki Woods on building deeper connections through interactivity

Nicole Sanchez on the benefits of live video for companies

Sabrina Cadini presents her Third Annual Wish List for Live Streamers


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A Whole New Content Landscape

When our first edition of the Livestream Universe predictions was published as 2015 turned to 2016, non-gaming live streaming primarily referred to one-to-many broadcasts on Periscope, and multi-person talk shows and extended casual chats on Blab. Niche creators within the live video universe also focused on solo content for Meerkat, which was losing the one-to-many race as Twitter purchased Periscope just prior to launching in 2015, while others stuck with dated-looking and somewhat confusing, but remarkably stable Google Plus Hangouts-On-Air, particularly for corporate broadcasts and podcast recordings, over the rush of early adopters joining the discovery-rich, audience-friendly, and intuitive, but unreliable Blab.

cher jones livestream universe predictions

Heading into 2016, the industry was buzzing about the launch of Facebook Live and what it would mean for the other live video platforms, especially as Blab failed to successfully address stability issues, Meerkat was fading and Periscope was a minor player compared to the power of Facebook, with many broadcasters forced to rethink strategies that tied show branding and distribution to a single channel, as opposed to building an audience that would follow the creator to wherever they chose to broadcast.

dan pisarski liveu livestream universe 2020

Of course, once people saw the power and reach of live streaming on a major social network, the idea of returning to closed environments had less appeal. While those leaving Blab may have used other platforms to host their shows and bring on guests, the audience interaction on those platforms became secondary to the ability to send that stream to Facebook Live, which opened the possibility of reaching a vast network of friends and family on personal profiles and potential customers on business pages.

By 2017, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all had added native live streaming capabilities, and in 2019 LinkedIn embarked on a Beta program for LinkedIn Live, requiring broadcasters to use third-party apps to connect to the premier business social network.

jessika phillips now marketin group livestream universe 2020

Streaming to leading social media websites became the top priority for most broadcasters, though brands have recently started rethinking that strategy as our predictions and sidebar articles indicate.

And while our focus is primarily on non-gaming live streaming, Twitch, backed by Amazon, is hugely popular with gamers and rapidly growing in use by non-gamers (75% of all live streaming happens on Twitch). What works on Twitch for audience growth, interaction and monetization will likely influence how all types of live content is created, and what features are added, on other platforms.

Creator on Center Stage

2019 was the year the creator took center stage. With technical expertise no longer required to host professional looking live-streams, the talent, personality, knowledge and creativity of the host became the competitive differentiator in the content marketplace.

Those supporting the host, either on camera or behind the scenes, were valued as much, or more, for their roles in content development and delivery than sought out only for straight video production chops.

MIchael Kinney livestream universe 2020

By far the biggest development enabling the focus on content has been the rapid rise of StreamYard, a live streaming studio in your browser that is both easy to use and delivers a professional-looking video to the viewer. (Full disclosure: I host a show sponsored by StreamYard. I was an enthusiastic StreamYard user prior to that arrangement.)

While Blab made it easy to host talk shows with multiple video feeds on screen simultaneously and BeLive showed us professional elements — such as shot switching, varied layouts, lower thirds, borders and sharing social comments on screen —  could be available to the creators at all levels of technical experience, StreamYard developed a webRTC product that finally brings a level of stability that enables even enterprise streamers like Gallup and network television stars such as former NBC Dateline journalist Chris Hansen to make it their choice for live video production. Add up to 5 guests on a show and there is no decline in audio or video quality.

Brian Fanzo isocialfanz LIvestream univers predictions 2020

Telestream also lowered the barrier to entry for live streamers who want additional control of their camera and complete freedom when branding their broadcasts, offering Wirecast One this year to provide an entry-level and affordable option for new users that contains many of the same professional features of it’s award-winning Studio and Pro versions.

Skype for Content Creators, using NDI technology from NewTek, has simplified  the process of bringing on guests when producing live shows with Wirecast, OBS or Ecamm Live.

Access and Ubiquity

Throughout 2019, viewers on social media craved content that provides access and a sense of exclusivity — behind-the-scenes mobile livestreams from speakers and entertainers getting ready to take the stage, tours of bustling urban centers, historic landmark visits and walks through conference expos, post-game video from the winning locker room, and Stories from creators sharing moments from their daily lives or dropping bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and inspiration.

carlos gil the end of marketing livestream universe 2020

Creators also realize they can greatly expand their reach by distributing their content across the many platforms where their audiences — established or desired — spend their time. More creators are multi-platform live streaming to reach viewers on the most popular social channels simultaneously. Switchboard Live and Restream have been popular multistreaming providers, while StreamYard successfully added a native restreaming capability to its offerings.

rebecca gunter livestream universe 2020

Repurposing has become as important — perhaps more important — to branding and reaching audiences than the live broadcast itself. From stripping the audio for distribution as a podcast across numerous directories — Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts being the essential starting points — to cutting up clips for different formats and lengths of time for uploading to YouTube, IGTV, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and writing blog posts with embedded media and show transcriptions, the post-broadcast workflow is no longer a nice-to-have option. There are a variety of services, apps and businesses to help speed the process, and outsourcing post-production is becoming more common.

Audio Advancements

On the live audio production side, the RODECaster Pro was the talk of 2019 as it has made a simplified radio sound-board experience fun and available to the consumer with multi-track recording, 4 XLR microphone preamps, USB interface for live streaming, and buttons on-board for sound effects, audio clips and built-in processing options.

Lee Uehara Asian American Podcasters Association 2020

While Rode deserves much praise for developing the RODECaster Pro, the leader in this class remains Sound Devices’ MixPre series, which released a second generation of mixers/recorders/audio interfaces that, like the first generation MixPre line, offers sound quality not otherwise found at price points within the reach of solo creators. The MixPre’s durability, versatility and affordability astonish new users, who have made it the hub of their home studios and take it on video shoots, mobile podcast recordings and remote livestreams.

Both devices have the ability to function as recorders and audio interfaces simultaneously.

Podcasting Proliferates

As podcasting awareness and consumption continues to become more mainstream, major developments are shaking up the podcasting industry, starting with the purchase of Anchor and Gimlet Media by Spotify, which is pouring tens of millions of dollars into the medium as it’s best road to growing its user base. Spotify is second only to Apple Podcasts as the preferred app for podcast listening.

Ben Ratner Startalk livestreeam universe 2020

New standards for measuring consumption, along with corporations, big media and Hollywood moving into the space, will likely lead more brands to invest in podcast advertising. Dynamic ad insertion will become more common.

We are already seeing considerable growth in companies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations developing podcasts geared toward communicating with internal stakeholders, in addition to the content created for marketing to customers and contributors.

Taking Back the Audience

As organic reach is hard to come by on many of the major social platforms, brands are taking back their audiences by creating environments for direct-to-consumer content distribution and social engagement on their own websites, OTT channels and apps. Media companies are going the OTT “plus” route adding their own apps with exclusive live or recorded content for subscribers: ESPN has ESPN+; Disney has Disney+; Food Network has Food Network Kitchen.

Intro Bandrew Scott Podcastage livestream universe 2020

How will solo and small business creators find a way to follow this model for themselves? Perhaps it means re-focusing on driving traffic to their own websites to watch their videos and listen to their podcasts, rather than making social media platforms and multi-creator apps the preferred destinations for content consumption.

Five-Star Contributors

A lot has changed from topics discussed in the inaugural article (37 Predictions for 2016) to this year’s fifth annual edition (160 Predictions for 2020), but six people have been consistent in contributing their insights to this project all five years. A special thanks to Brian Fanzo, Jennifer Quinn, Mitch Jackson, Coach Jennie, Janine N. Truitt and Sue B. Zimmerman for jumping on board in the early days of Livestream Universe and coming through with predictions each and every year.

If 160 predictions aren’t enough or you are curious about what people had to say in other years, here are links to the previous 4 editions:

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Bring on 2020!

What’s next for live streaming and digital broadcasting?

Will TV and radio integrate live chats to make their broadcasts as interactive as livestreams and social video premieres?

How will businesses take advantage of the opportunities provided by LinkedIn Live?

Will we continue to see the growth of internally-focused podcasts and livestreams from organizations?

Will big media, corporations and the entertainment industry squeeze out the independent podcaster?

What role should smart speakers play in content creators’ distribution plans?

How can independent creators monetize content on their own properties?

Will live streaming be used more often in private groups and behind paywalls?

Do I really need to pay attention to what’s happening on TikTok?

What will we be talking about heading into 2021?

Let’s get to the predictions!

play-1073616_960_720Thank You
to our all-star panelists who took the time to provide thoughtful answers. Have a great 2020!

Jon Burk

jon burk al roker entertainment livestream unvierse predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

Brands realize that tethering Millennials and Gen Z (the oldest of which are now 24) means taking a stand on social issues that affect them. Whether it’s LGBTQ issues, the environment, gun measures, sustainability, animal welfare or equality, ignoring social causes may not be the best direction for a brand or startup. It is also paramount that the brands communicate this support in a way that is gently and creatively built upon first-person storytelling with a minimum of branding and shared within social channels where it makes sense. Being aggressively overt with this messaging can also backfire.

Winnie Sun

winnie sun livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

Live-streaming predictions:
Live-streaming will start to incorporate more seamless audience interaction.
Live-streaming will incorporate more audience-viewership insights for content creators.
Live-streaming will bring a tool more brands will use to reach their consumership directly. .@WinnieSun shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #WinnieSun #AskWinnie #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Geige Vandentop

geige vandentop streamyard livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamFor many, live streaming will become the genesis of all other content. Savvy creators will turn each live stream into a podcast and clip out compelling segments to upload as static videos. Geige Vandentop of @streamyardapp shares his predictions for #livestreaming in 2020. #StreamYard #theYard #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Jessika Phillips

Jessika Phillips NOW Marketing Group Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

I believe in 2020 brands are going to see a huge shift with online marketing and it will start with the dramatic rise of Dark Social conversations. Meaning more people are moving into private conversation channels. This is going to cause brands that haven’t already been focusing on Relationship Marketing techniques (to build/host their community conversations and create brand advocates) to either spend more on their pay to play model or dive into what is working (ie relationship marketing- focusing on belonging vs buying).

→ More 2020 insights from Jessika Phillips: Online Marketing in 2020: Speed, Personality & Heart .@jessikaphillips of @NOWMG & #SMWL20 shares her predictions for #RelationshipMarketing in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Mario Armstrong

mario armstrong nbc today livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

My podcasting prediction: More brands will increase their ad spend on more contextually relevant podcasts in specific niches. Many publishers and some brands will try to bring some podcasting in house.

For online video, I think we will see more individuals trying to figure out how to do branded integrations in their video especially for Youtubers who can’t rely on their ad placements for revenue. .@marioarmstrong of the @neversettleshow shares his predictions for #podcasting and #VideoMarketing in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Judi Fox

judi fox linkedin video livestream universe 2020 prediction

Icon Header Livestream

Predicting in 2020 LinkedIn will release video playlist functionality. LinkedIn knows it is powerful for brands and companies to easily highlight past videos and content on the platform. LinkedIn is showing signs of adding video playlists by already adding a video content button to company pages during 4th quarter 2019. The video content on LinkedIn will be more accessible and evergreen when LinkedIn rolls out this function. .@Judi_Fox aka #FoxRocks shares her predictions for #Livestreaming & #LinkedInVideo in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Matt Gielen

Matt Gielen Little Monster Media Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

In 2020 the YouTube platform will change radically. Not so much from an audience or algorithmic perspective; but far more so from a business and platform perspective causing radical shifts in the industry. But all forests must burn from time to time and huge new growth is possible from the ashes. .@MattGielen of @lilmonstermc shares his predictions for #YouTube in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Salma Jafri

salma jafri media livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

The more interactive you can make your live videos, the better it will be for your brand, your audience and for the algorithm. Focus on building in an interactive element every 2-5 minutes into your stream. .@salmajafri shares her predictions for #livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

joel pare sound devices livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamIn regards to audio technology, I believe 2020 will be a year filled with 32-bit float point recording implementation by manufacturers as sound enthusiasts become aware of this incredible change in recording capability. Joel Pare of @SoundDevices shares his predictions for #audio in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive #SoundDevices Click To Tweet

Michelle Levitt

michelle miller levitt heil sound livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

I think 2020 will see the decline of influencers and the rise of experts across all media types.


Michelle Levitt of @heilsound shares her predictions for #DigitalMedia in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Dan Pisarski

Dan Pisarski LiveU livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

Mixer, YouTube and Facebook will begin to compete head-to-head with Twitch for dominance in the live streaming space. All 4 platforms will continue to branch out from video game streaming to broader types of live content.

Next, we start to see the “Twitch model” replicated elsewhere in the streaming, broadcast and entertainment world. For example. Chat as a “first class citizen” experience and even just some of the “Twitchisms” such as referring to users by their platform handle and referring to all of the people joining in chat in just an inclusive, community way like “hey chat.”

Third trend: As Amazon got larger and larger, all ecommerce experiences became defined by them as the yardstick (do you have reviews?, do you have user questions?, do you have a “customers also bought” section?) Twitch as the early live trendsetter will see many of its mainstays adopted as a similar yardstick. .@danpisarski of @LiveU shares his predictions for #livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Jennifer Crawford

jennifer crawford sparent dc podfest livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamBrands will feel increasing pressure to have a broad spectrum of content for accessibility and broader reach—that includes audio (Podcast & smart speaker), livestream, video, and written content. Because of this, content creators are going to need to outsource more than ever to virtual teams to ensure that the promotion and management of that content is engaging and consistent. .@jenrunsbusiness of @dcpodfest & @SparentCo shares her predictions for #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

John Seibel

john seibel wdtn livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

I might be in the minority with this opinion, yet I think there is a generational gap in the appetite for and the frequency of non-traditional video sources. I’m 49, and I think my generation needs to better understand the viewing habits of the generation after us. While my generation was brought up on traditional TV-delivered content, our kids are not. They are the “YouTuber” generation. They prefer to consume video much differently. Here’s the tough admission. We in the news business need to embrace this with more kid-friendly content, which includes the type of story/video we stream as well as the vehicle we use to distribute it, i.e., streaming bits on Facebook/YouTube and the like. To be honest, while I like engaging with viewers on Facebook Live, I tire of it quickly because it seems to easily get in the way of normal workflow, and it’s easy to find an excuse to just not do it. Myself and dinosaurs like me need to better understand and embrace the ever changing viewing habits of today’s consumer. .@wdtnjohn of @WDTN shares his predictions for #livestreaming and #socialvideo in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Viveka von Rosen

viveka von rosen linkedIn vengreso livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

Easy to use, intuitive live-streaming platforms will definitely get an edge on the bulkier error ridden platforms of the past. Time to get crackin’!

→ More 2020 insights from Viveka von Rosen: LinkedIn Live: Keys to Success .@linkedinexpert shares her predictions for #LinkedIn & #LinkedInVideo in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Paul Richards

paulr richards streamgeeks livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

2020 will be the year that businesses finally join the fun and start live streaming fireside chats, thought leadership sessions, and live meetings. LinkedIn will come out of BETA and professional video productions and presentation on social media will be a staple in business marketing. Paul Richards of @PTZOptics & @StreamGeeks shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

play-1073616_960_720Online Marketing in 2020: Speed, Personality & Heart
By Jessika Phillips

We will see companies re-focus on their home bases like their websites to build better experiences like having automated processes online.

Jessika Phillips Livestream Universe Predictions

They will focus on quick communication channels with chat, growing video, SEO, collaborations will be huge and I feel brands will try to find a new kind of “influencer” to build a deeper connection with their audience (either via a team member they have on staff, a collaboration partner or simply someone that has a great story).

I also see brands focusing on building a brand story that has more heart and personality added in. In short, I feel we will be taking a lot of online business marketing back to the basics of business- being #unfiltered – simply showing up to be real, build relationships, focus on community and cut out the games.

Jessika Phillips is the president of NOW Marketing Group and founder of Social Media Week Lima.

Dan Hughley

dan hughley focusrite livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

Specifically in podcasting, with the emergence of more and more products and services designed and built specifically for the medium, I believe we’re going to see a sound quality revolution. Content creators’ ears will become more trained to the difference between good and bad quality audio and they will strive to improve the sound of their shows. Podcasters will realize that there is no more need for the workarounds of yesterday and the removal of those barriers will set them free to produce high-resolution content. .@danhughley of @WeAreFocusrite shares his predictions for #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Cynthia Bazin

Cynthia Bazin SmartChic Livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

In 2020, I believe that there is going to be an evolution of social media in which big brands make their outreach even more personal to their customers. With so much competition in the marketplace, there will be a drive to make customers be able to interact more with the brand leaders, making them feel that they are an important influencer. I believe this could happen through the evolution of interactive video platforms. Cynthia Bazin of @TheSmartChic shares her predictions for #SocialMediaMarketing in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Nick Nimmin

nick nimmin tuber tools livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamIt’s been amazing to see the explosion in online media over the last few years but the awesome part is that it keeps expanding. The buzz this year shifted from Facebook to YouTube and LinkedIn. Podcasts are also becoming a valuable asset for content creators and marketers. In 2020 I see no signs of it slowing down because technology to create any type of content is getting easier and content creation is becoming so “normal” that the fears people once had are being replaced by feeling of necessity if they want to continue to bring attention to their business. .@nicknimmin shares his predictions for #digitalmedia & #YouTube in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Jessica Kupferman

jessica kupferman she podcasts livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

More women. Women listeners, women producers, women editors, women’s content. Women are watching media and participating in social change – and slowly but surely, becoming more confident in their purpose and their medium. They are no longer content to hide and they are ready to be SEEN and HEARD! .@jesskupferman of @shepodcasts & @rebelbasemedia shares her predictions for #digitalmedia in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive #ShePodcasts Click To Tweet

Dave Jackson

dave jackson school of podcasting livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

Luminary will continue to get more investment money, but not achieve 5% of the market

You will see numerous Patreon competitors come onboard.

Apple will up their podcast game to try to hold on to their market share.

Podcast growth among Americans will grow by 8%, setting a new record for yearly growth.

Pandora will eventually open the flood gates and let all podcasters in.

More hardware will be designed specifically for podcasters.

.@davejackson of @libsyn shares his predictions for #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Julia McCoy

julia mccoy express writers livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamAs of last year, Hubspot did a study and found that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands and businesses they support. What’s more, it’s been predicted that by 2021, video will account for 70% of all mobile traffic. It only makes sense that more and more businesses will include video in their marketing strategies. I think that the growth of video as part of a robust content marketing strategy will continue to increase, with a focus on YouTube — the good old evergreen platform we’re all used to will continue to rise in popularity for video creators seeking traffic and growth. Just like content, a video is only as good as its strategy and distribution channels, so don’t forget to plan in your critical overarching strategies behind creating a video, as you research video trends and platforms. .@juliaemccoy of @ExpWriters & @Content_Hackers shares her predictions for #VideoMarketing in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Rudy J. Ellis

Rudy J Ellis Switchboard Live 2020 LIvestream Universe Predictions

Icon Header LivestreamLive streaming will become much more frequent on Youtube, Twitter, & Facebook. More unconventional categories of live video will become more mainstream, such as mukbangs, ASMR, watching people work, and more. Influencers will use live video to enhance their growth on social media, instead of putting out pre-recorded content. .@rudyjellis of @switchboardlive shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Danielle Daily

danielle daily suddenly single show livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

The number of Alexa skills will double in 2020 as podcasters and other content marketers start to use daily short-form skills as a way to market their long-form content. .@DanielleDailyTV shares her predictions for #livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Andrew Kan

Andrew Kan TubeBuddy LIvestream Universe Predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

YouTube Prediction: With more and more people watching, creators will have more and more potential to reach new audiences. This means focusing down on who you want to help with your videos will mean more now than ever! .@AndrewKanFilm of @TubeBuddy shares his predictions for #YouTube in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

louise mcdonnell facebook marketing livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamWith 200 million daily active users on Instagram and 500 million on Facebook, its time to embrace Instagram and Facebook Stories! Stories are a separate news feed from the traditional news feed where decent organic reach is still possible. Stories are discoverable by people outside your network or by your followers so use them wisely to connect with viewers at a deeper level. Use video to tell your brand story, bring people on a journey with you and remember to embrace features like “Ask me a question” and “run a poll”. .@Louisemcdsocial shares her predictions for #FacebookMarketing and video in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Andy Crestodina

andy crestodina orbit media livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

1-to-1 video messages are replacing high stakes emails. For the big sales follow up, PR pitch or outreach request, video is winning over text-based email messages, and services like Loom are making it easy. .@Crestodina of @Orbiteers shares his predictions for #VideoMarketing in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

mubashar iqbal pod hunt livestream universe predictions 2020 2

Icon Header LivestreamDespite the continued mainstreaming of podcasting, for the majority of creators the future is still niche, don’t forget your core audience. .@MubasharIqbal of @podhuntapp shares his predictions for #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Joie Gharrity

Joie Gharrity 113 Branding Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

Live video will become the ultimate sales tool for consumer goods and services much like the Home Shopping Network that pioneered the concept of a televised sales pitch for consumer goods and services in 1985. .@JoieGharrity shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo isocialfanz Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

2020 will be the year of hyper-personalized content, not within a niche topic but for a niche audience on each platform. Content success will be driven not by topics rather how well you adapt your content to each platform. For example, when launching a podcast in 2020 you must have a video + social stories + smart speaker + TikTok strategy that compliments each podcast episode while embracing the on-demand consumer behaviors unique to each platform. Press The Damn Button, tell your story and share your content where you audience is, in the format that your audience wants, while embracing the fact that today’s consumers don’t have a short attention span rather they have no time for crappy content. .@iSocialFanz of #FOMOFanz shares his predictions for #DigitalMedia in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Jaime Legagneur

jaime legagneur livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

Podcasting is going to become more mainstream with more podcasters entering the space purely as content creators. People are getting into podcasting now less because they geek out about podcasting itself, and more because it’s a great platform for their content and exposure. So, rather than having a drive and desire to learn the technical details or conceptual ideas behind the craft of podcasting, they are turning toward the geeky podcasters (like myself lol) for help. The geeky “Generation 1” podcasters are the ones who have lead the way to grow the industry and are now building businesses that support the space and the entry of the “Generation 2” podcasters. The “Generation 2” podcasters coming into the space more recently are more concerned purely with the content creation piece of the process and are leaning on the “Generation 1” podcasters for the technical and show development expertise. I predict, we are going to see a continued trend toward the space attracting and supporting podcasters who want to be solely focused on the content–the second generation. Jaime Legagneur of @FlintStoneMedia & @FLPodcastNet shares her predictions for #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Nick Mattingly

Nick Mattingly Switcher Studio Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2020 live video will start to be monetized by the leading social platforms (think pre-roll ads) and e-commerce will become fully integrated into the viewer video experience. .@Nick_Mattingly of @switcherstudio shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive #madewithswitcher Click To Tweet

jennifer quinn jennyq live livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header Livestream

The technological trifecta has finally come together to make 2020 the year of 360° Livestreaming!

1. The 5G revolution required to usher in mass adoption of Virtual Reality

2. Broader adoption of Virtual Reality in business, education, and training

3. Affordable 360° Livestream cameras that fit in the budget of almost any broadcaster

Our audiences will want – no, demand – to have a fully immersive 360° experience with us. They will grow tired of watching talking heads and opt instead for content that is interactive and experiential.

.@JennyQ shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Ben Ratner

ben ratner StarTalk livestream universe predictions 2020 EM

Icon Header Livestream

2020 is going to be the year of the podcast. Dynamic ad insertion will allow podcasts of any size to monetize via programmatic sales. The IAB standardizing podcast measurement will bring in bigger brands. Enhanced analytics will allow for better qualitative and quantitative feedback. .@BenMakesTV of @StarTalkRadio shares his predictions for #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Sue B. Zimmerman

sue b zimmerman instagram expert livestream universe predictions

Icon Header Livestream

I predict that there will be more features available for Instagram Live. I think soon we will be able to tap into someone tuning in and go directly to their account so it’s easy to check them out. .@suebzimmerman shares her predictions for #InstagramLive in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

play-1073616_960_720Serving Content in a Brand-Centric Ecosystem
By Jon Burk

Brands are developing homegrown content for audiences that are loyal to them and not necessarily their representation on social media platforms.

Jon Burk Al Roker Entertainment

These brand-centric ecosystems build content to serve and super serve their customers while also capturing customer data.

The Netflix “Episodes” social network (currently in beta) is a good example – we also like the video content being developed by Mailchimp and others.

My guess is this serves two purposes – younger generations are more brand-friendly and less reliable when it comes to changing social media consumption, and secondly, the brand can own their voice and the audience data, making marketing much more highly targeted and efficient.

Jon Burk is director of digital strategy and branded content at Al Roker Entertainment.

Brian Ring

brian ring digital llc livestream universe predictions 2020

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Another wave of interactive, two-screen & play-along startups is on the rise. Key catalysts include increased mobile engagement, legalized betting, legalized influencer marketing in the NCAA, and the continued rise of Twitch, chat & eSports. While none of these new-fangled, gamified attempts at second-screen will work as well as their backers hope, they’ll gain more real-world traction than they have in the past. .@BrianLRing shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

AJ Feuerman

aj feuerman communications livestream universe predictions 2020

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As consumers become more and more accustomed to technological conveniences, I think we are going to see more bluetooth and smart device connectivity. The streaming wars aren’t even close to ending — we haven’t seen HBO Max or Peacock live yet. Disney+ has only just begun. And the podcasting industry is also going to continue growing; but don’t forget more media means more problems. .@ajfeuerman shares her predictions for #livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Rob Greenlee

rob greenlee libsyn livestream universe predictions 2020

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Podcast Content and Talent will more and more make the jump to radio-like listening experiences. Ad Revenue gets growth based on enabling dynamic ad insertion into podcasting archives back catalog. Fictional podcast content becomes a fast and hot growing genre. Global podcasting listener reach grows faster outside of USA. Major listening platforms continue to fragment the market into a more evenly distributed market share of listening. .@RobGreenlee of @Libsyn shares his predictions for #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Ileane Smith

ileane smith livestream universe predictions 2020

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Live video platforms will strive to find new ways to measure true engagement and influence beyond metrics like hearts and likes. Emphasis will shift more toward interactive features like polls, stickers, and tips. Think: Super Chats, Super Hearts or Twitch bits.

For example, when you are live streaming on Twitch, audience members can “gift” perks to one another. I expect this concept of audience members gifting points and perks to each other to be adopted by YouTube, Facebook and the other platforms in the near future and for many years to come. .@ileane shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Brian G. Johnson

Brian G Johnson TV Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

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Live stream is the fastest and easiest way to connect with viewers, allowing you to get your message in front of millions and millions of people. .@BrianGJohnsonTV shares his predictions for #Livestreaming and #YouTube in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Amy Woods

Amy Woods Content 10x Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

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More people will start to realize the true value of focusing on high quality, long-form content and focusing on one medium e.g. video, podcast, blog…THEN repurposing it across platforms and into bite-sized, snack-able formats. Amy Woods of @Content10x shares her predictions for #DigitalMedia in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer H2H Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamSpeed and accessibility for live video is no longer an issue, and will continue to get even better in 2020. However, we will be required to raise the bar on the quality of the content we produce. It’s no longer a quantity game. .@BryanKramer shares his predictions for #DigitalMarketing in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive #H2H Click To Tweet

Stephanie Liu

Stephanie Liu Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

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Virtual summits focusing on niche audiences will be on the rise with continuous live streams powering the shows.


.@HeyStephanie shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Chris Curran

chris curran podcast engineering school prediction 2020

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In general, due to increased “podcast audio quality awareness,” more podcast guests will make efforts to avoid sounding terrible. This will result in better listening experiences for all listeners, and will also save podcast producers like me A LOT of headaches and gnashing of teeth when producing episodes. .@PodcastEngineer shares his predictions for #audioengineering and #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Chetachi Egwu, Ph.D.

Dr Tachi Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

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The content streaming wars are in full swing, with several large media companies creating OTT streaming networks. My predictions for this are twofold: 1) A “Streampocalypse”, where the overabundance of a-la-carte choices makes people long for/revert to the days of highly curated cable, and 2) the relative lack of opportunities for livestreamers in this space gives rise to a system of independent livestream networks.

More 2020 insights from Chetachi Egwu, Ph.D.: Is Your Podcast TV-Series Worthy? .@Tachiada of #MediaScope shares her predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Liron Segev

Liron Segev vidIQ Livestream Universe Predictions 2020

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On YouTube, new formats of shows will begin to appear such as the move to video podcast. Livestreaming will continue to evolve with more audience participation by way of votes/polls that drive the livestream. I expect to see more audio related services, such as directories, podcast editors and podcast promoters, as podcasts, mixed with voice assistants, continue to become even more mainstream. .@Liron_Segev of #@vidIQ shares his predictions for #Livestreaming, #podcasting and YouTube in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Madalyn Sklar

madalyn sklar twitter livestream universe predictions 2020

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One of the easiest, quickest and most engaging ways to connect with your audience on social media, especially Twitter, is with custom GIFs. They are incredibly easy to create with your smartphone and Giphy app. I think we’ll see more people and brands incorporating this into their digital marketing strategy in 2020. .@MadalynSklar of #TwitterSmarter & #SocialROI shares her predictions for #DigitalMedia in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

play-1073616_960_720Video Production in 2020: Think Quality and Distribution
By Mike Allton

The past few years have seen an explosion of live video utilization. With more and more people and platforms embracing the medium, it’s now easier than ever for brands to broadcast their message to their audience.

Mike Allton Agorapulse Blogging Brute

But with that proliferation comes the fact that more is not necessarily better. Brands who have been streaming regularly are seeing decreases in reach and viewership, rather than the opposite.


It’s not the algorithm’s fault, as so many are quick to blame. Rather, it’s a reflection of increasing tastes and decreasing tolerances on the part of audiences.

In other words, people now expect and demand better. If you want to shoot a quick live video from your phone, that’s OK, particularly if you’re just getting started. But if you want to build an audience and sustain that growth over time, how are you going to differentiate yourself from every other iPhone owner?

The two trends that I see coming out of this new phase of Content Shock, as coined by Mark Schaefer, are:

1. Higher Production Value – brands can and should spend more time and use better tools (i.e. Ecamm Live, BeLive, Streamyard) to create sharp, professional-looking broadcasts.

2. Developed Repurposing – brands are and will do more to reap long term benefits from original broadcasts by doing more polished repurposing.

What do I mean by that? While it’s easy to upload a Facebook Live Video to YouTube once the broadcast ends, it takes time and resources to turn that video into a blog post or a podcast or highly edited clips for other networks.
Yet the value that is being seen from these steps is unquestionable. And more and more tools and services are surfacing to assist businesses.

Mike Allton is brand evangelist at AgoraPulse and blogger, author and speaker at Blogging Brute.


Lee Uehara

lee uehara asian american podcasters association livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamMy prediction is that a higher standard of audio quality will be demanded. There is no reason why in this day and age of technology that poor audio should be accepted or used. For podcasters, a dedicated dynamic cardioid microphone of good quality is under $100. There is no excuse for bad audio – even for video! .@LeeUehara of @aapodcasters and @houseoflife_nyc shares her predictions for #Livestreaming & #podcasting in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Ryan A. Bell

ryan a bell nasa livestream universe predictions 2020

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We’re going to see more experiential in live. With new moderation and editing tools from constantly innovating platforms I look forward to a year of media teams competing to bring us partnerships. Think of NASA and SpaceX ‘raiding’ (sending each others audience on Twitch) or NatGeo bringing a forest/jungle of screens with on-air subject matter experts and photographers to VidCon. It will be a year of technology enabling connection based video. .@ryan_a_bell of @NASAJPL shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Alex Khan

Alex Khan Attractive Media livestream universe predictions 2020

Icon Header LivestreamI believe 2020 will be the year of social selling. Facebook recently introduced facebook pay and the next step will enable us to shop products and services inside a live video stream without leaving facebook and Instagram. You will be able to do it yourself on your own profiles or work with influencers who will get paid a commission. .@1AlexKhan shares his predictions for #Livestreaming in 2020. #2020Predictions #160Predictions #RossBrandLive Click To Tweet

Emily Prokop

Emily Prokop predictions 2020 livestream universe

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I have started seeing marketing influencers using “Hey! I’m going Live right now!” as a subject of their emails.

I’m wondering if this can be used as a way to encourage people to 1.) Open their email to click the link to watch (and possibly see other offers in the email), and 2.) Bring people out of the inbox and interacting in real time with the live videos to increase live-streaming’s popularity.

Regardless, I have a feeling with the lower barrier to entry live str