How to Launch a Podcast: Jim Collison on #LivestreamStars Ep31

Ross Brand

Jim Collison

July 25, 2016

About Jim Collison

Jim Collison is a podcaster, tech enthusiast and co-host of the weekly livestream show, Ask the Podcast Coach. The voice behind The Average Guy Network, Jim hosts the weekly Home Gadget Geeks Podcast, which focuses on helping people with consumer technology.

Jim was named a Microsoft MVP in April 2011 and is a regular co-host on the Home Server Show and Surface Geeks Podcast. Both are a part of The Geeks Network.

Ross Brand Jim Collison Livestream Universe Stars
In his current role for Gallup, Jim oversees a team of software developers in Omaha, Nebraska as well as partner with Gallup’s Talent Resources team to recruit and retain world-class system and database administrators and software developers who support Gallup’s clients and the company’s internal systems. He oversees both the college and high school internship programs year around.

Jim also is the producer of Gallup’s Webcasts/Podcasts and acts as community manager for the Gallup Strengths Center.

Jim Collison Quote

Prior to joining Gallup, Jim served as the director of Enterprise Information Management for Omnium Worldwide. While there, he deployed a new business intelligence platform for the company. Jim was a also a long-time employee of Commercial Federal Bank, which became part of Bank of the West in 2005. While with the bank, he helped build an enterprise data warehouse and supported the marketing group.

Jim grew up in San Jose, California, was enlisted in the US Army from 1986 to 1992, and moved to Nebraska when discharged. He received his bachelor’s degree from Grace University in 1997. Jim currently serves on the Gallup Federal Credit Union Board as President.

Find Jim on Twitter: @JCollison. His podcasts are housed at

About Ross Brand

blab_channel_image.JPGRoss Brand applies his background as a radio host to conduct interviews and lead livestream conversations that inform and entertain. He is the founder and editor of Livestream Universe, covering the latest and greatest in livestreaming and online broadcasting.

Ross hosts #LivestreamStars, Mondays at 7pm ET at The show features talented broadcasters delivering high-quality content across livestream platforms. He also hosts #LivestreamSports, #LivestreamNews and #AskTheExpert monthly. He produces and presents the Daily Livestream Update weekday mornings on FacebookThe updates contain show recommendations and news from the livestreaming industry.

Ross is the co-founder of You can find Ross on Twitter: @iRossBrand. His Instagram username is @RossBrand1.

Show Topics

  • How Gallup uses Podcasts/Webcasts
  • Why Jim conducts his interviews on Google Plus Hangouts
  • Essential steps to launching a new podcast
  • Where to host your podcast
  • How to create the RSS feed for your podcast
  • What channels to use for distributing your podcast
  • How many shows to record before publishing your first broadcast
  • How to monetize your podcast
  • Bringing the conversational style of post-shows into the recorded podcast
  • Jim’s chemistry with Dave Jackson as co-hosts of “Ask the Podcast Coach”

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