How to Take Better Social Media Photos (StreamYard Connect Ep57)

Host: Ross Brand

Guest: Steffen Kaplan, Social Media & Visual Strategist; Dr Tachi, MediaScope

Date: December 16, 2020

StreamYard Connect Ep57

Learn how to take better social media photos with social media & visual strategist, Steffen Kaplan. Steffen shares tips on how to take better photos to enhance your branding on social media.on Episode 57 of StreamYard Connect with Ross Brand.

MediaScope host Dr Tachi discusses Periscope shutting down and Twitter moving its live streaming to the main platform


00:00:00 Intro music
00:04:03 GUEST Dr. Tachi onTwitter shutting down Periscope
00:05:20 Dr Tachi on how she knew this was coming
00:05:51 Why Twitter is closing Periscope
00:06:27 How Ross Brand uses Periscope
00:07:06 Expect a change in how people live stream on Twitter?
00:08:11 Lessons from the demise of Periscope
00:08:48 Remember Vine?
00:09:10 Twitter purchases video chat app Squad
00:09:31 VP Ilya Brown on why Twitter purchased Squad
00:10:24 Is Twitter is focused on a younger demographic?
00:10:52 Who uses Twitter and how?
00:11:17 Who’s not using Twitter and why?
00:11:46 Monitoring issues on Twitter
00:12:41 Should we still live stream to Periscope?
00:14:25 Twitter and Periscope: Integrated, but not the same
00:15:03 What to do if you’ve been focused on Periscope?
00:15:25 Don’t be vulnerable when social platforms pivot
00:16:13 How to find Dr. Tachi hosting MediaScope
00:18:15 GUEST Steffen Kaplan on photography for social media
00:19:46 How to find Steffen Kaplan hosting SpinItSocial Hour?
00:21:06 How is Steffen’s show doing on LinkedIn Live?
00:21:38 Steffen’s career highlights
00:22:14 How Steffen started in photography
00:23:00 Advantages of editing photos for New York Times Wire Services
00:23:57 Steffen documents the NYPD; Steffen’s mom was one of NYPD’s first female police officers
00:24:57 Steffen’s half-page feature in the New York Times
00:26:16 Law & Order SVU uses Steffen’s photos
00:27:07 How to recognize Steffen’s photos when watching Law & Order SVU
00:28:09 Steffen’s SpinItSocial Hour open (clip)
00:29:42 The thing most people do wrong with smartphone photography
00:31:08 Adobe Spark Post
00:32:09 Danger of taking too many photos
00:32:25 How Steffen posts on social
00:33:05 How to build a good photo layout on Twitter
00:33:58 Canva Pro
00:36:35 Angles in photography
00:37:05 HDR, resolution & storage
00:38:02 Why use HDR?
00:38:17 Snapseed for smartphone photo editing
00:38:35 Learn your phone’s editing features
00:39:42 How to improve your photography
00:40:41 Covering The Pulitzer Prizes
00:40:59 Photos vs video: How to decide?
00:42:22 Mantras for photography
00:48:22 Product photography
00:50:10 Food photography
00:51:38 How to take good selfies
00:55:04 DSLR vs Mirrorless cameras
00:56:24 Why take 2 cameras with you
01:01:12 Tips for video editing on your phone
01:02:57 Smartphone video editing apps


Steffen Kaplan is a social media and visual strategist and consultant, live stream producer, and Adjunct Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. He’s a former New York Times supervising photo editor for 15 years, and a lifelong freelance photojournalist published around the world. His work is in the permanent collections of two New York City museums and his photos are in the opening title sequence of Law & Order SVU for 20 years running. For the past 4 years, Steffen has provided live social media and visual coverage for the Pulitzer Prizes, worked with major organizations including AARP, the Jackson Charitable Foundation, and to convey their mission, build their community, and grow their audience. He’s a social media coach for professors and executives. Steffen hosts the “Spin It Social Hour: Where Photographers Share Their Work and Their Journeys,” produced using StreamYard.

📌 Steffen’s YouTube Channel:
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He was selected one of 5 Live Video Experts to Follow by Switcher Studio, the Number One Twitter Account for Learning Live Stream Marketing by Amp Live and a Top 25 Video Marketing Influencer by Onalytica.

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