Jennifer Quinn Wins Queen of Blab!

Jennifer Quinn Wins Queen of Blab!

Jennifer Quinn Queen of Blab Livestream Universe
Jennifer Quinn, host of The Daily Q Show and the first guest on #LivestreamStars, was selected “Queen of Blab” at the 2015 Best of Blab Award Show.

Quinn and Vincenzo Landino hosted the award show, which has already received 777 views from live and replay viewers in less than 3 hours.

Jennifer Quinn Queen of BlabThe Daily Q Show airs lives Mondays through Fridays at 3:15pm ET on Blab. It features interviews with “people who demonstrate excellence in their fields on a huge variety of topics,” according to the show’s recently-launched website.

Quinn is affectionately referred to as “The Oprah of Blab” by her fans and admirers.

Joel Comm, a new media marketing strategist and New York Times best-selling author, heaped praise on Quinn after appearing on her show. “Her style is professional yet easy-going; poignant, yet light-hearted,” he said.

“Sitting down to an interview with JennyQ is like meeting up with an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. Time and space mean nothing and you slide into an easy conversation, picking up right where you left off,” Comm said.

Ricki Prime (below, bottom right) received the “King of Blab” award. Prime is a webcaster, DJ and entrepreneur. He hosts “Hit It or Quit It” on Blab, which airs live from New Zealand on Mondays at 1:20am ET.

King of Blab

Visitors to the Best of Blab website could vote for nominees. The voting and award show were organized by John Pretto of Though some Team Blab members appeared on the show, the awards were not affiliated with

Blab Beta is a livestreaming platform that launched in April 2015.

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