LinkedIn Live Strategy 2024: Secrets to 1,000+ Views Per Livestream

As our enlightening series on LinkedIn strategies continues, we turn our focus to maximizing the potential of LinkedIn Live. In this latest dialogue, Dan Roth, founder of the 🎤Creator Mode🎤 LinkedIn group, returns to share his expertise on transforming LinkedIn Live from a mere broadcasting tool into a powerful engagement and growth engine.

The Art of LinkedIn Live

In our third installment, Roth peels back the curtain on his high-level strategies for LinkedIn Live success. Unlike the conventional approach, Roth advocates for large-scale events, leveraging the platform’s capabilities to transcend the typical viewer counts that many live streams struggle to surpass.

“Most LinkedIn Lives get less than 10 people,” Roth reveals, setting the stage for a strategy designed to deliver 1,000+ viewers per event. “You’re talking about a completely different level of engagement and possibilities.”

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Strategic Gems for LinkedIn Live Success

Roth normally doesn’t share his game plan for free, but in the video interview that accompanies this newsletter, he provides a step-by-step explanation of the elements highlighted below:

  • Building Your Foundation: Roth highlights the importance of establishing a solid follower base as the bedrock for successful LinkedIn Live events, recommending a strategic approach to audience growth before putting all your eggs in the event basket.


  • Event Mastery: Ditching the regularity of weekly podcasts for the allure of large-scale events, Roth advocates for a meticulous planning process designed to maximize reach and viewer engagement, offering a tantalizing glimpse into his event-oriented strategy.


  • Smart Invitation Tactics: Utilizing LinkedIn’s capacity for mass invitation sends, Roth unveils a technique to significantly broaden event exposure with the potential for a vast increase in live attendance through strategic invites.


  • Global Reach, Local Touch: Roth discusses tailoring content replay strategies to cater to a global audience to enhance accessibility and engagement across various time zones without diluting the essence of the live experience.

Ross Brand and Dan Roth discussing LinkedIn Live strategy.

Beyond the Live Stream

Roth’s strategy doesn’t stop with the live event. The aftermath involves repurposing content for various platforms, enhancing visibility and ensuring the content’s longevity.

This holistic approach not only amplifies the immediate impact of a live session but also reinforces your brand’s presence on LinkedIn and beyond.

Insights to Act On

This conversation with Roth challenges the status quo, encouraging a shift from passive streaming to LinkedIn Live to proactive, strategic event planning that promises a broader reach, deeper engagement and even the prospect of monetization.


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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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