Creators, Stop doing the wrong things: Framework for Outsourcing

Ross Brand shares a framework for outsourcing to help you determine what to outsource or offload using AI Tools and what you must do yourself. Too many creators are burning themselves out doing the wrong things. Stop! There is a better way!

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A Time-Saving Framework for Determining What to Offload

With the introduction of so many AI tools promising to speed our time-to-market for content creation, digital creators are confronted with the novel challenge of what to offload. Too often, we are winging it when deciding what to hand off to AI and what, if our budget permits, to consider outsourcing to virtual assistants and editors.

If these choices aren’t made strategically, you can end up producing content that is not only inferior to your previous output but also incorporating activities that complicate your life and add to your workload and stress.

Outsourcing Strategy

What you need is a simple framework for deciding what to offload and what to keep for yourself. For that, I reach back to my graduate business strategy course at NYU and share how we approached outsourcing strategy.

The framework I learned is a simple test I use every time I need to decide whether to do something myself:

A) Is this my competitive advantage?

B) Is this something that if completed at an industry-standard level, won’t impact my bottom line?

If the answer to the first question is yes, never outsource that task. If the answer to the second question is a confident yes, offload that task whenever possible.

Let me explain how and why this makes sense.

Your Competitive Advantage

First, let’s look at the concept in the context of our modern economy. People are the competitive advantage at most companies. The tools we use in our knowledge economy are completely democratized as we all have the same phones and computers.
The difference in performance comes from the talent that a business can assemble, develop, deploy and incentivize. The team with the best players comes in first place. Essentially every company is an HR company whether they think of themselves that way or not.

Ross Brand speaking at Podfest

As a livestreamer, podcaster or video creator, you are your competitive advantage. How you host your show, the personality and passion you bring to your content, the relationship with your audience and the value they gain from your content. Nobody else can host a show or create a piece of content the way you do. That’s what attracts an audience and keeps them coming back.

What to Offload

The rest of what we do — the podcast show notes, the social posts, the video titles and descriptions, the repurposed video clips and audiograms — may be important (even essential) elements of your offerings but rarely determine who watches or listens to your content.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when implementing this outsourcing framework presented in this four-minute video:

  • Focus on Your Competitive Advantage: At the heart of my message is the irreplaceable value of your personal touch — your voice, personality and the genuine connection you establish with your audience. This unique blend of qualities sets you apart in a sea of content creators.
  • Strategic Outsourcing: Lighten your creative load by delegating the technical and time-consuming tasks that don’t enhance your distinct appeal. Use AI tools and outsourcing services for editing, show notes creation and social media posting, allowing you to focus on your core strengths.
  • Leverage Technology for Efficiency: Tools like OpusClip for video editing and ChatGPT for routine tasks can transform the content creation process. These technologies offer significant time savings and efficiency, empowering you to devote more energy to creative endeavors that highlight your unique perspective.
  • Enhance Audience Engagement: By focusing on the content that truly resonates with your followers, you create a more impactful and memorable experience that can significantly boost engagement rates.
  • Maximize Content Reach with Minimal Effort: Minimize manual effort by effectively using AI tools and outsourcing. You can quickly produce a variety of content formats from a single piece of work, such as short video clips, tweets and blog posts, thus expanding your reach without additional strain on your resources.

By concentrating on what makes you special and judiciously offloading via support from humans and/or technology, you can amplify your voice and deepen your connection with your audience like never before while avoiding burnout.


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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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