LinkedIn Strategy 2024 (Part 2): How You Are Killing Your Reach

In our journey to master LinkedIn, each conversation with Dan Roth of the 🎤Creator Mode🎤 LinkedIn group peels back another layer of the platform’s vast potential. Our second installment in our ongoing series delves deeper into actionable strategies that promise to revolutionize your LinkedIn presence.

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Engagement Strategies

In our first episode of this series, Roth shared his strategic approach to content creation and the importance of consistency in audience building. His insights into the power of LinkedIn for professional growth and visibility set the stage for a deeper exploration of how to implement these strategies in practice.

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In part two, Roth unpacks the intricacies of creating compelling anchor posts, optimizing content formats, and strategically timing your posts for maximum impact. The conversation pivots around fostering engagement that sustains itself —engagement that fuels LinkedIn’s algorithm, propelling your content to wider audiences.

“The goal is really to create that engagement where you don’t even necessarily need to be involved,” Roth says. “You’re creating discussion in the comment section of your posts. And this is really what keeps the algorithm going and fluid.”

Key Strategies for LinkedIn Success

  • Anchor Posts: Discover why consistency in your weekly posts can be your beacon on LinkedIn, guiding your audience back to you time and again.

  • Content Formats: Learn why starting with text posts can significantly benefit your reach and why shifting formats without strategy can jeopardize your visibility.

  • Engagement Rhythms: Understand the delicate balance between posting enough to stay relevant and avoiding overwhelming your audience, ensuring your content remains a welcomed presence in their feeds.

LinkedIn Strategies Part 2 with Dan Roth video screenshot

From Theory to Practice

When it comes to your anchor posts, changing formats abruptly can produce negative results. Roth says, “When I was going through beta testing of my material, one of the things I noticed was if I was doing a text post every week, and then I said, ‘Oh, I have a great idea, I’m going to add a video to it.’ Or I’m going to add a picture to it. I may have been generating 100,000 views every week. But the second I changed the format of it, I got like 1,000 views, it’s that drastic a difference.”

Our conversation about LinkedIn strategy with Dan Roth continues in the next installment with a focus on LinkedIn Live.

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