88 Predictions for Livestreaming & Online Broadcasting in 2017

Livestreaming & Online Broadcasting:
88 Predictions for 2017

2017 Predictions Cover Livestream Universe

Our All-Star Panel Peers into the Future of Online Broadcasting


88 featured predictions for 2017…plus Bonus Content

Tim McDonald on new opportunities for brands with mobile 

Marty McPadden on what qualifies as ‘high quality’ live content

Michael Delgado on getting started with 360 and AR

Claudia Santiago on the downside of livestreaming

J S Gilbert looks ahead to 5G & 2022 (on video)

Lottie Hearn on what you shouldn’t change in 2017 (on video)


Some Predictions Have Already Come True

Two major social platforms — Instagram and Twitter — added livestreaming after some of our panelists submitted their 2017 predictions and before the publication of this blog post. Their predictions appear as entered.

Joel Comm, Krishna De and Leland Best deserve congratulations for seeing where Twitter was headed before #GoLive was rolled out.

2017 Predictions Joel Comm Krishna De Leland Best Livestream Universe

The addition of live video by two of the most prominent social networks reinforces the notion that the majority of the content created online in the coming years will be in video form.

Major Changes

It also represents how much has changed in the past year. At the end of 2015, the conversation was about Meerkat, Blab and Periscope as well as whether Facebook Live will be challenger to the aforementioned platforms.

2017 Predictions Bonus Content

Two of the three — Meerkat and Blab — live on only in our memories, but don’t blame the ascendancy  of Facebook Live, now the dominant force in live video, for their demise. Twitter cutting off Meerkat’s integration forced Meerkat to abandon its original product. Blab’s failings had little to do with Facebook Live.

Improved Production Quality

Live Video in 2015 was all about real, raw and now. Press the button and start talking. In 2016, more livestreamers became interested in improving the production qualilty of their livestreams and we started seeing more shows containing some of the elements of a professional television broadcast.

Midori Verity Quote Livestream Universe

Periscope Producer now enables the use of third party software to broadcast professional-style live shows. Third-party apps and platforms also make it possible to conduct interviews and have two-way conversations that are streamed to Facebook Live, with BeLive.tv leading the way through the addition of lower-third graphics, shot changes and the display of comments right on the screen.

Prediction Time for 2017

What will be the big developments in 2017?

Which platforms will rise and which will fall?

What will traditional broadcasting learn from livestreaming and what elements of old-school broadcasting will livestreamers add to their videos?

Cathy Hackl Quote Livestream Universe

And what role will drones, 360 video, AR and VR and podcasting play in 2017?

Let’s get to the predictions!

play-1073616_960_720Thank You
to our all-star panelists who took the time to provide thoughtful answers. Have a great 2017!

Rebekah Radice

Rebekah Radice 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

Live streaming has created a monumental shift in how we communicate. It took conversations from static to live, one-dimensional to multi-faceted. 

I predict two things. Companies that (1) haven’t established relationships with their social media audience (invested in their community – optimized the experience) and (2) don’t extend that conversation through live streaming video (created an interactive and open communication channel) will lose massive momentum in 2017.

Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamSocial, with the main attraction of live video this last year, will finally settle into itself and we will begin to see more business use cases. Video content will also continue to target based on deeper video analytics enabling a much higher level of personalization.

Our definition of entertainment will share air time with more online channels. And the dichotomy of all these areas will share the spotlight with the newest up at bat….virtual reality. VR will steadily step into our lives and will quickly grow as a brand new marketing channel.

Leslie Nance
Leslie Nance 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream My prediction for 2017 is that a food blogger somewhere will come up with Smell-o-Vision and food delivery live via 3D printing. Seriously, I predict major bands will be partnering with live broadcasting talent to personalize their stories. I also believe that there will be emerging options for monetization in these partnerships.

I think we will be seeing more of live commercial spots in broadcast. Think Lucy, Vita Vita Vegimen. We will come full circle in the way we are exposed to brands and their messages.

Ryan Anderson Bell

Ryan A Bell 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

2017 will be a year of technologies combining. If tech isn’t working with other tech, it’s going to die.

Joel Comm

Joel Comm 2017 Predictions Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

Snapchat will enter the live video space and Spectacles will be the front row seat for what your favorite content creators are doing. VR and 360 will move from pioneer to early adopter phase and headsets/goggles will be the must-have tech gift for Christmas 2017.

Twitter will get acquired by a media company once the stock price has fallen to $10/share and Periscope will become Twitter Live.

Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream
Live video will be embraced even further by brands in 2017 and will become a bigger player as more people go live on social media (enter Instagram and possible live shows via Spectacles).

Social VR (virtual reality) will start to become more widely known and augmented/mixed reality will become increasingly important as the year unfolds. Whether on your mobile, your desktop or your VR headset, video will reign supreme.

Mitch Jackson

Mitch Jackson 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamVideo, livestreaming, and mobile will continue to dominate the interest of digital savvy business owners and consumers. At the same time, the significance of specific platforms will be overridden by audience and community priorities.

Twitter isn’t going anywhere, and Facebook will continue to grow with Facebook Live and Messenger setting the bar for all others to follow. And as exciting as all of the above is, VR and AR will be the real story as these technologies continue to develop and eventually change the world.

Amy Schmittauer
Amy Schmittauer 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream
As 2017 will again be the year of video, livestreaming will become more of the norm and less of an experiment. But most importantly, the brands who use livestreaming well will offer another experience to complement their main strategy.

Take advantage of a live audience by pointing them to the evergreen content you’re building your archives with, such as your YouTube channel videos. Take advantage of the many faces of video and what they’re best used for so you can be an unforgettable brand.

Carlos Gil 

Carlos Gil 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2017, Instagram and Snapchat will go back and forth while competing for market share amongst Generation Z, Millennials, and everyone else.

With the recent emergence of Instagram Live, it’s only a matter of time before we see Snapchat roll out live stream functionality and the first-ever live stream wearable device being Spectacles 2.0.

Kimberly Reynolds

Kimberly Reynolds 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamSocial video is going to continue to mature at an unprecedented pace. The level of sophistication available to the average livestreamer will rival that of professional broadcasters. AR and VR will continue to evolve–with AR morphing more seemlessly into every day life.

Virtual reality will continue to grow in popularity with gamers but Augmented Reality will become increasingly useful for information synthesis. Savvy marketers will become well acquainted with the technologies that are rapidly becoming mainstream.

Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo 2017 Predictions Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamSocial Video value will continue to increase in 2017 as the platforms add features and more brands create consistent content. AR/VR will drive new brands to social video as no brand will be able to jump to AR/VR without first having a social video strategy.

The key change in 2017 will be the data needs of social video creators which will put pressure on the social video apps to allow analytics tools access to data to report on key metrics such as repeat viewership, length of engaged view and linking viewers to site, social & sales CRM systems.

Mia Voss

Mia Voss 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

Livestreaming is and will continue to be more mainstream than ever. The question now is not if people will livestream but when and how. We all have our own broadcast tower.

2017 will bring even more unique broadcasts with something for everyone. But, to quote Bruce Springsteen from way back in the day, it will also be a case of “57 channels and nothing on” with the potential for a huge glut of boring and moronic livestreams (let’s face it, we all think we are very interesting).

Mark Babbitt

Mark Babbitt 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

My prediction – or perhaps rather my hope – for use of livestreaming in 2017 is that we, as consumers, will begin to filter out the self-promoters and spammers.

We will gravitate away from those who feel they need to be on camera even though they have nothing to say. We will embrace those who add value and share insights that help us grow.

Heather Dopson

Heather Dopson GoDaddy 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamWhile livestreaming, especially Facebook Live, is a hot topic right now there remains to be a critical mass of people & brands doing it really well. What I’d love to see happen in 2017 is a reduction in the noise being thrown at us (primarily by marketers) and more focus on using livestream capabilities to interact and truly build relationships within communities.

While the onset of social media platforms has made “connecting” with people all over the globe easier, people are starving for true connections. I challenge those who are currently using live video (and those thinking about it) to be thoughtful about the way they create content. Let’s all bring meaningful conversations into 2017.

Marc Gawith

Marc Gawith 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive Video for me had been a game changer this year.  Live video has allowed me to become part of a community and find a group of raving fans for our company.


Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer Quinn 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLivestreaming in 2017 will not see many changes. It will continue to become utilized more by people from all walks of life. The biggest differentiator will be the quality of production of livestreams and more advertisers getting on board with sponsoring livestream content.

The challenge is going to be for livestreamers to figure out new ways of being creative and getting eyeballs on their content.

Vincenzo Landino

Vincenzo Landino 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream
In 2017, we’ll see brands that haven’t embraced interactive live and non-live video losing out to those that understand the community they build is more important than the products or services they promote.

Branded, programmatic and/or episodic video content will rule the space. The marketers and agencies that can deliver this type of content will win out wth larger brands.

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamYou will see more brands than ever focusing on leveraging a YouTube strategy.

You will here the phrase “customer experience” and “value” more than you have in previous years.

play-1073616_960_720New Opportunities for Brands and Organizations
By Tim McDonald

More platforms are going to move toward allowing us to use our mobile devices to have actual conversations. That gives brands an opportunity to actually bring their fans and customers into the conversation.

Tim McDonald Livestream Universe

This is a huge opportunity we’ve never had before to give those people a sense of belonging in your community.

And it’s so simple for a brand or organization to do this — just get on, do a broadcast and invite some of these people to join you. We can pre-vet to make sure the people we’re getting are not going to make us look bad.

The community becomes part of what the brand or organization is doing and helps them get more people following them and increases awareness.

Amir Zonozi

Amir Zonozi 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamRelevance will play a bigger role in every exchange with customers. Organizations will begin to focus on unifying social media identities across platforms to CRMs.

This investment in customer centricity will provide a 360-degree view of the customer and their needs, dynamically, to be shared across the entire organization in every exchange.

Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue B Zimmerman 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamI predict that people will be using Instagram Stories as a broadcasting channel to share real, raw, authentic content that builds trust and community.

There are so many creative ways that you can create a story that is unique to your business & brand. It’s how you can stand out from everyone else who does what you do.

Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamWe are going to see more platforms allow us to start broadcasting with our phones and have real-time conversations instead of it being a single-person broadcasting out from the phone situation like most of the mobile platforms are now.

Yes, you can talk with people and interact via the chat, but you don’t get to have conversations.

Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive video will become a primary tool for customer service. I predict apps will be developed to triage and task live video comments into CRMs for follow-up.

Also, streaming video apps like Netflix will begin to feature high-traffic livestreams, making user-created content the new “reality TV.”

play-1073616_960_720What Qualifies as High Quality Live Video
By Marty McPadden

High quality content will include compelling live shows aimed at a niche audience to either enhance another production (e.g. a behind the scenes look backstage during an awards shows) or topical content that may not appeal to a wide audience of millions, but still an enthusiastic and committed niche audience of hundreds or thousands.

Marty McPadden Testimonial Ross Brand Livestream Universe

Also, the trend toward cloud based video production and distribution will continue to make it easy to get started which is the biggest roadblock for most people. But don’t stop there.

The demand for high quality in all phases (production, presentation and content) will continue to increase as the volume of content choices increase.

My advice for content creators is to aim for the highest quality possible. This will be the differentiator to help you stand out and hopefully resonate with your audience.

Michael Delgado

Michael Delgado 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

It’s funny to see how fast live streaming technology has gained adoption in the last year. It’s almost like having live streaming functionality in a social network is an expectation now. I mean, we can instantly go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope … and probably Snapchat fairly soon.

That said, it’s amazing how many brands are still resisting live video. Look, if your brand wants to succeed on social channels in 2017, you need to have a live streaming strategy in place to serve your target audiences. Stop resisting, start streaming.

Kristy Gillentine

Kristy Gillentine 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamI anticipate Snapchat integrating live video, clickable links and targeted ads in 2017, and I hope to see more in terms of 360- and 115-degree content there in the next year.

I’m also excited to see what comes next in terms of camera hardware from Snap Inc. and how their competition will respond. The lines between all social media platforms have been blurring, and they’ll continue to blur until the roles of each within our lives are less and less clearly defined.

John Kapos

John Kapos 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive video in 2017 will see a massive explosion. Live video will be the real reality TV, no script, raw and real, the fakers won’t make, and being authentic will rule. Because you can’t hide when it’s live. Your mates (viewers) want to see the real you. So here is your chance to tell your story. Go and tell it.

Zef Zan

Zef Zan 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamThe use of live videos to connect with targeted audiences will continue to gain momentum in 2017, yes, they’re here to stay and will impact the way we do business. There will be more live broadcasters who will be creating content and many more new live platforms will be launched. Yes, many will be overwhelmed and if you’re not already leveraging live videos in your marketing efforts, you will have to play catch up with those who do.

My recommendation is start by figuring out your purpose for utilizing live videos in your business first. Then get ready to learn and manage logistics that will help you achieve live video success. This new media wave will come like a Tsunami in 2017, so take the time to learn how it will benefit you and your business … yesterday!

Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamThe live part is what matters. The stream can appear anywhere. Watch for tools that make it very easy to syndicate your streams across many platforms.

I’m thinking of Wirecast and Mevo when I say this. YouTube and Facebook are channels, but these tools make it easy to find your audience where ever they are!

Krishna De

Krishna De 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamWhile we have seen lots of innovation with live video platforms for desktop in 2016, in the year ahead I anticipate that we will see increasingly more niche mobile live stream platforms including integrating VR, 360 live video and accessories such as drones.

And established mobile live video tools will continue to evolve. I anticipate the consolidation of Periscope with Twitter Live video which at the moment run as completely separate business units offering different features, driven partly through the need to reduce overheads at Twitter Inc.

Aaron Kilby

Aaron Kilby 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2016 it was sad to see the smaller Livestreaming companies like Meerkat and Blab come and go so quickly, but glad they have paved the way for other great services like Periscope and Facebook Live.

I feel that in 2017 more small companies like Huzza and Firetalk will keep popping up but unfortunately if they don’t have a plan for growth, the large companies Like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will take note of what they do well and incorporate it into their own Livestreaming platforms. I feel that Facebook Live will have the largest growth out of all of them since it is the most mainstream service currently used.

Ileane Smith

Ileane Smith 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive video will continue to dominate the social media and content marketing landscape as more platforms and services join the fray. Live stream evangelists will need to make decisions about how we can best serve our audience using live video.

There will also be a plethora of physical devices introduced to the market as we start to see a mainstream movement toward capturing experiences “in the moment” and the benefits of live video.

Marty McPadden

Marty McPadden 2017 prediction livestream universe

Icon Header LivestreamFor 2017, I see two trends continuing: plenty of mediocre amateur live streams adding to an increasing level of video noise and the increasing availability to high quality video live streams (both production and content.)

Most live streams produced by most people will have limited appeal, mostly family and friends. The exception will be those times someone is streaming either a breaking news where mobile video is the only option or celebrities talking directly with fans.

Jen Hoverstad

Jen Hoverstad 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2017, your mom will live stream! With the announcements of Instagram and LinkedIn going live, we’ll see a new wave of main stream social media users finding their preferred live streaming platforms.

In turn, these platforms will improve at a faster rate in tech performance as competition for market share substantially increases.

Chris Barrows

Chris Barrows 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamWhile live-streaming and podcasting continue to rise in total number of shows produced, the most important change will be the continued increase in quality of audio overall.

More live-streamers will find ways to create audio content from their end product and have a demand for the best possible sound. Broadcast-quality content will be much more common in 2017.

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

I’m not the first or only one to predict that use of livestreaming will grow exponentially — both by brands and individual users. Twitter has staked their claim in the livestreaming game with #GoLive, which may help quell the rumors of their demise.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Facebook Live expands their offerings, possibly enabling multiple people on one stream together? 2017 is going to be exciting that’s for sure!

play-1073616_960_720Getting Started with 360 Video and AR
By Michael Degado

In 2017, brands need to begin thinking about ways to tell stories with 360 video as production costs drop. 360 video is an easy first step for brands to create immersive experiences for their communities.

Michael Delgado Livestream Universe

Start testing 360 video now, so you’re ready when you have the ability to live stream in 360. It’s coming sooner than you think. Brands also ought to think about how augmented reality can serve their target audiences.

Unfortunately, the cost to create AR experiences in Snapchat is too high for most brands. That said, I’m guessing costs might come down as Facebook/Instagram and Google Tango become more competitive players in AR, which might drive down costs and make it easier for brands to create AR experiences within their platforms.

2017 will be an exciting time for AR, VR and 360 video. We all have a lot to learn.

Stacy Lynn Harp, MS

Stacy Lynn Harp MS 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream2017 will see more non-profit organizations and churches starting to utilize livestreaming as they realize that social media is a two way conversation and that people will connect with their organization as PEOPLE and not simply a product or service.

Livestreaming will gain more popularity also because it’s free and easy for any organization to utilize with very little training.

Wagner dos Santos

Wagner dos Santos 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream
In 2017, expect to see more of your friends and family members using Facebook Live to share their experiences with you in the moment.

Also, there will be a rise in independent live streaming shows and networks. As digital broadcasting tools become more accessible, we will see these shows popping up on Facebook, Periscope, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and other platforms.

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamDespite all the buzz, brands and individuals have barely begun their VR/AR journey. I don’t predict AR or VR to be dominant in marketing in 2017. However, I will be eagerly watching the brands and individuals that do experiment to see their results.

Social video will continue to evolve and expiring content and captured attention media will become very important communication channels for all businesses over the next 12 months.

Janine Truitt

Janine Truitt 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLivestreaming will continue to best traditional news delivery. The lack of impartiality in reporting and expediency in the delivery of the news continues to provide opportunities for livestream broadcasters willing to tackle both breaking news and newsworthy stories from a grassroots perspective.

Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamAs more and more content continues to be created, brands are under more pressure than ever before to not just create content, but create content that builds loyalty, community and of course interest in their brands. Social Video, either live or recorded, is a powerful medium for creating rich, highly engaging content that people can easily consume in a mobile first world.

Brands that are embracing this trend will emerge stronger in 2017 than those that continue to stick to old hat digital practices, only leveraging traditional content marketing like blogging and whitepapers.

Christin Kardos

Christin Kardos 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamWhere 2016 was the year of discovery for live streaming, I think 2017 will be the year of honing. Marketers and consumers alike realized this year that they could press “Go Live” and reach out to their communities. Now, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are putting much more emphasis on live video and as a result, people’s feeds are becoming saturated.

Marketers and businesses will see people be much more choosy about what they take the time to watch. Success will come from delivering quality content in shorter or more consistent form that leads people to subscribe rather than opt out.

Ted Rubin 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamThis is way more than just a another content fad, but rather it’s online video crossing a crucial threshold… You want to know really why I think it’s gonna be huge?

Not because I’m using it or Millennials and GenZ are using it… it’s because it’s making video social. Because they’re not just streaming what’s happening live. They’re allowing you to engage with those streams… you are now able to be a part of the conversation.

Margie Analise

Margie Analise 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive streaming will continue to grow in popularity. The keys to building brand loyalty will be (1) delivering greater value and (2) engaging consistently on a more personal level.

Brands who use their engagement to LISTEN to what their audience wants and provide it for them will be the ones to rise to the top this year.

Jed Record 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream2017 is not the year of VR, but the year of the drone. You will watch more video in 2017 shot from a drone than you will watch in 360 or VR.

Aikyna Finch 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamMy prediction for livestreaming in 2017 is that Instagram Live will have replays, Pinterest will join the livestream game and one of the major players will come out with two-way livestreaming so we can have real conversation and engagement with our viewers in real time.

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2017, we’re going to see a lot more live streaming purely because it’s become available on every platform.

It’s going to become noisy but quality and consistency (as with anything) will win out. Creativity and talent will be the variables.

Nazim Beltran

Nazim Beltran 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamI foresee that the traditional media that is TV will seriously start incorporating live streaming and social video into their palette of tools to engage with viewers. Companies such as Facebook and YouTube will compete in this space and we will see very interesting developments regarding engagement based marketing.

Smaller players will start dropping out of the picture due to lack of valuable content and viewers on their proprietary platforms.

Hilary Silver

Hilary Silver 2017 prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLivestreaming is going to be a requirement for businesses as savvy customers will demand access to the people behind the storefront. Imperfection is more interesting than polished so more and more people will pick up their phones and start livestreaming — and that means anyone can become a well-known someone.

There is something about being live that makes us all a little bit more candid — and that is where the connection happens. If we were excited in 2016 about being ‘real’, it will only get more real in 2017 with people feeling more courageous to share even more truth!

Bree Kelley

Bree Kelley 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamWe will see live-streaming continue to grow in 2017. It has nowhere near reached it’s peak. I see it expanding outside of the marketing world, and being embraced by brands and the average person in your newsfeed.

Owen Video

Owen Video 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive stream video will be a decisively competitive business tool. Business owners who learn how to stream live and repurpose onto other platforms will win big next year.

Coach Jennie

Coach Jennie 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream2017 will be the year that livestreamers will seem a lot less weird (err, cool?) because everyone else will hop on this bandwagon. I predict that Facebook Live will continue its rapid evolution and domination. And I’ll end up testing another dozen or so yet-to-be platforms just to make sure I’m streaming on the best possible ones.

Chris Strub

Chris Strub 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2017, one-to-many video will gradually give way to many-to-many video. Facebook will bury the “little guys” like Huzza and Firetalk by finally adopting cleaner, more functional ways to spur face-to-face dialogue between live users.

The proliferation of cameo-like features will inspire a true Renaissance for innovative industry leaders who can successfully interweave their audience’s voices into their content.

Midori Verity

Midori Verity 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

I predict livestreaming shows will become more visually advanced, implementing virtual sets, various camera angles, and designing sophisticated shows.

The general public viewership will grow astronomically as they seek shows that are interactive, informative, and entertaining.

Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive streaming is on the verge of a breakthrough for mass adaptation by small business owners in 2017. Smart business owners will start to see the value of live video as the tool to use to rise above the noise in social media.

We’ll still use traditional media to reach our audience, but live video will be the key to grabbing the attention of your target market and growing your business.

Stephen Heywood

Stephen Heywood 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamQuality will win over quantity. I think more and more people will look for quality over quantity. There will be a great separation. What was acceptable before, won’t be anymore.


Lottie Hearn

Lottie Hearn 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamTechnology will keep changing super-fast in 2017, but the way we like, trust and believe in presenters online won’t because that’s human Emotional Connection interaction!

So you better bring the Best You with a smile to make an impact on screen, via video and livestream in 2017, and #StayPlayful with YOUR #ConfidenceOnCamera.

Ross Quintana

Ross Quintana 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamAs livestreaming grows exponentially in 2017, the top four trends will be traditional media will move to more social and livestreamed content. New monetization with buy now buttons and link integration for livestreams will create a livestream marketplace.

Livestream analytics will not just analyze content but also viewers to optimize internal and external audience distribution. In video, keyword search will become a new way to search videos.

Ms. Candy Blog

Ms Candy Blog 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamSnapchat will go the way of Meerkat, with Instagram Stories dominating the social video space.

Vincent Orleck

Vincent Orleck 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamEven though 2016 technically saw live video go mainstream with Facebook giving all users the ability to go live anywhere at anytime, I think 2017 will be the year we look back on as the true start of the Live Stream Era.

This will be the year that all kinds of media outlets and individuals, big and small, stop EXPERIMENTING and start PROGRAMMING more and more content specifically for their live audiences online. Alongside this will come better discovery tools and functionality as well.

Bee Smith

Bee Smith 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream2017 in livestreaming will be the Year of Truth and Social Proof in brand identity and awareness. VR and other Enhancements heighten the level of engagement necessary to create lasting authentic relationships. The real companies will stream to success!


play-1073616_960_720Internet & Livestreaming Addiction is No Joke
By Claudia Santiago

We will see counselors and doctors who specialize in internet addiction and livestreaming anxiety. This is no joke.

You’d be surprised how many people are suffering internet addiction and the health care sector is seeing dramatic rises in people needing help as a result.

Claudia Santiago Livestream Universe

I believe we’ll see those with internet and livestreaming and health and wellness expertise build entrepreneurial businesses to bring health and balance to entrepreneurs and even teens and families.

The Internet is highly addictive as it satisfies instant gratification and stimulates the limbic system in the brain, just like other addictions, creating blockages of blood flow to frontal cortex (which is the reasoning and non-impulsive decision-making part of the brain).

There is a rise in people suffering anxiety, depression and addictive tendencies because of this.

Katya Varbanova

Katya Varbanova 2017 Predictions Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream
Snapchat Spectacles will work with Periscope, Periscope will integrate with niche, and Busker will get more traction.

In 2017, Snapchat Spectacles will become way more versatile than just being Snapchat glasses. I think Periscope will get synced with Snapchat Spectacles and we will be able to live stream wherever we go!

Jonathan Tripp

Jonathan Tripp 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIn the coming year, forward thinking brands will focus on deepening customer engagement through the mobile-first experience that emphasizes real-life, short form stories. This customized content must also be accompanied by a viewer-demand for customized delivery.

It is expected that growing influence of live-streaming content will continue to push back television, cable, as well as other traditional broadcast mediums, resulting in additional viewing options in social media platforms.

Wendy Fore

Wendy Fore 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

You will see more leaders in the industry focusing on Livestreaming on one or two channels, delivering frequent,  short but concise training to their audiences to build closer relationships with that audience!

Lauren Teague

Lauren Teague 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2017, content producers will think beyond live video as real-time content, and instead use live video as long-time content. To do so, they will have to commit to narrative storytelling that hooks the audience, keeps them engaged through the length of the video, and is cohesive enough to stand alone in Search results.

Instagram will become the platform of choice for those just starting out in live video, due to its familiarity, established audience and simple vertical video formats.

Jim Collison

Jim Collison 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamThe bigger players get bigger and ad money flows that way. Smaller players drop in numbers.


RJ Redden

RJ Redden 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

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I predict that in 2017, livestreaming will become more organic to both the producer and the viewer. In other words, there won’t be as many hoops to jump through to produce or participate in a livestream.

2016 saw so many momentous changes, and in my opinion 2017 will see livestreaming mature and grow more popular with the masses.

Carlos Phoenix

Carlos Phoenix 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamMy prediction for 2017 is 360 video for most social media livestreaming platforms and a major reduction on cost for the equipment to accomplish this.

There will be a collaboration with Facebook and YouTube with major labels to bring concerts in 360 to us as sponsored events. We will see betas of some augmented reality livestreaming attempts.

J.S. Gilbert

JS Gilbert 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe
Icon Header LivestreamWe need to get better at using the tools we have available and there will always be a newer and shinier tool. In a few years, G5 high-speed wireless service will open the door to incredible things. Be open to learning and embracing things and don’t look at any of this as a “get rich” program.

Ani Alexander

Ani Alexander 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

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These days it is much harder to differentiate. Good content is not enough, a standard interview based podcast is not enough…live streaming your thoughts or talking to someone is not enough either.

The audience is becoming demanding. They want more. They want more YOU. And how you give that to them is something you have to figure out.

Frank Salas 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamSnapchat pivots to a more personal communication tool and doesn’t try to compete with Facebook. We saw evidence with Shazam being added recently — Snapchat wants us to use their app everyday. Ads will be played before live streams similar to YouTube on both IG live and FB Live & now Twitter live (Much like the NFL on Twitter on Thursday Nights — I’m getting geo-targeted ads depending on where I am in the world).

Brands and Corporations will focus on Social Media very heavily in 2017 . As evidenced during Black Friday commercials — companies were promoting their social channels all throughout their promos. Facebook spent millions to tell us how to “go live” during thanksgiving.

Patricia A. Murray

Patricia A Murray 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamThe mad scramble will continue in 2017, as adventurers continue to test new platforms while cobbling together ways to simulcast on as many platforms as possible. It will be interesting to see how many of the “big boys,” media included—who dipped their toes in and walked away when they didn’t get huge numbers—come back and try again.

Todd Bergin

Todd Bergin 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamFor live video in 2017, I believe we will see increased competition between Facebook/Instagram and Snapchat in their efforts to retain users broadcasting live and/or in the moment video, which will mean more and more features being added practically daily, including the rise of circular video so broadcasters no longer have to choose between portrait mode and landscape mode.

Melissa Reyes

Melissa Reyes 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLivestream will become more accepted in mainstream social media by the general public. Facebook Live will be the way to go, especially once multiple screens can be linked remotely for online interviews, meetings, chats, and presentations.

As You Tube videos and podcasts have become a primary source for entertainment, education, and business, Livestream will surpass our expectations.

Jeff Adams

Jeff Adams 2017 Predictions Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive Streaming in 2017 will be a revolutionary break-out year. Heavy-hitter networks will be jumping in and launching new programs through live streaming. Going to be exciting year.

Vicki Fitch

Vicki Fitch 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamIn 2017 the Livestreaming community will continue to grow exponentially adding in VR and augmented reality aspects to games, live podcasts and events. Brands will connect with early adopters who are able to deliver value to their communities, and marketers will develop a secondary niche that will give them instant credibility when they master the platforms using it, to build a business and a brand.

I also believe that although live video is here to stay and there is a huge increase in people using produced environments, there is going to be a swing back to just click and go live with no frills, just entertainment or rock-solid content.

Austin Iuliano

Austin Iuliano 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamBy the end of 2017 you will see the first VR/AR social media. Podcasts are going to explode even further and new technologies will unlock new innovations we can’t even imagine yet. Musical.ly will have a surge in popularity too.

MoniQue Hoffman

MoniQue Hoffman 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream2017 will be the year of information. More people will look to reputable content creators to keep them up-to-date on current events and important details, on live streams or podcasts.

Paul Ramondo

Paul Ramondo 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamThe lines separating our digital and “real” lives will continue to blur as disruptive tech (like Snap Inc’s “Spectacles”) becomes ubiquitous.


Stephanie LiuStephanie Liu 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

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Looking into 2017, live-streaming will flourish with brands jumping on the bandwagon in order to get in front of young millennials who typically ignore traditional and online ads.

Collaborations between brands and influencers will evolve into partner-hosted streams in an effort to increase the know, like and trust factor with newer audiences.

Steven HealeySteven Healey 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamI am looking forward to video advances in 2017. The live video platforms that we use today (Belive.tv and Smiletime come to mind) will further stabilize and improve. Broadcasting to Facebook Live and Youtube Live will lead the way and new platforms will give us more choice.

These are exciting times to be involved in live video chat and I foresee a rebuilding of online community surrounded by video.

Claudia Santiago

Claudia Santiago 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamWe will see a continuation of platforms being bought out by others as we have been seeing in 2016. We currently have traditional media, social media, livestreaming, and virtual and augmented reality. It will be interesting to see how they begin to ‘date each other’ and what/who will end up married! I think traditional television will be stepping up to the plate with partnerships with livestreaming platforms and companies.

The entertainment industry may also start to take much more of an interest in livestreaming at their live events. In this industry, traditionally live events are where you are always make the most money.I believe they will discover and implement livestreaming strategies to increase sales significantly. Companies that create products and platforms for livestreaming will find themselves developing new products to support this.

Nick Rishwain

Nick Rishwain 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamBeing kind and decent towards others will continue being the key to building your live video following. I predict some people will forget that personal relationships are of primary importance and others will find success by focusing on relationships.

Jenn Nelson

Jenn Nelson 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamGrowth, growth, and more growth for live video. The time of “early adopter” is over, and 2017 will see the rise of great live video content creators (both as individuals and businesses).

Those brands that learn the value of live video now and balance genuine engagement (on and off camera) and great content will gain the most loyal followers and customers.

Leland Best

Leland Best 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamThe live stream took many twists and turns during 2016, so in 2017 we should see which services reach the top and which settle to the bottom. Outside the current race to be the best integration to the FB Live API, the real value of live streaming outside FB will take shape. WebRTC will begin to stabilize. Streamers will broadcast live to their own sites. Things to watch for? FB Live Studio, Twitter Live, big growth in Smiletime and Appear.in (yes, that’s right), YouTube Live with new community features. A few more new names with rise and fall same as in 2016 (What ever happened to GoLIVEWith?).

The fad of expiring video content (SnapChat/Instagram stories, etc.) will begin to fade, live video will be overrun with adverts, causing more people to pay for premium content from reliable streamers. Focus will turn to replays. Sites relying on TokBox integration will suffer a huge loss of user base due to cost factors.

Timm McVaigh

Timm McVaigh 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamLive streaming will move more from niche discovery tool to a platform we trust as genuine media in 2017.


Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

We live in frighteningly interesting times. VR/AR/mixed reality is bringing the promises of what most folks have been dreaming about for decades now to the main stage. We’re finally bringing social, livestreaming, and AR/VR together. Most platforms are starting to unlock the potential of how all of these great things come together.

What’s next is integrating storytelling into this new frontier. We’ll have the need for multi-dimensional rich media and storytelling through infographics, video, and making it all more human. 2017 won’t replace tech for humans — yet.

Sandra Centorino

Sandra Centorino 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header LivestreamI believe that in 2017 we will be live streaming from Snapchat and also buying products live in real time! Like Amazon comes to life!


Christian Karasiewicz

Christian Karasiewicz 2017 Prediction Livestream Universe

Icon Header Livestream

For 2017, we will see live streaming go mainstream. Most businesses spent 2016 trying to see the value that live streaming affords them to reach and engage with their customers. This year, they will be “all-in,” with Facebook Live and Instagram Live video being the dominant players.

In the meantime, business owners and marketers should begin to assemble a toolkit to use with their live videos and begin practicing. This way they can be ahead of the live streaming game in 2017.


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  1. Ross – thank you for inviting me to contribute to this round up of thoughts about live video in 2017 – and before you even get your article published we already see changes happening that means part of my prediction for live video in 2017 has come to pass! I look forward to joining you on your show in 2017. In the meantime have a great break over the Holidays.

  2. I find myself returning to this article every now and again to confirm some of the predictions I read the first time around. Very cool to see who had some insight and how many predictions were spot on!

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