Preventing Cancer Through Livestreaming: Leslie Nance on #LivestreamStars Ep48

Ross Brand

Leslie Nance

December 19, 2017

About Leslie Nance

On #LivestreamStars with Ross Brand, Leslie Nance of discussed how her livestreams teach people to make their bodies inhospitable to cancer through their kitchens, living an anticancer lifestyle and how her cancer diagnosis ultimately led her to find her purpose in life. She also talked about how she started livestreaming and announced that she will be speaking at Summit.Live in Los Angeles in February 2017.

Leslie Nance Real Food Livestream Universe Stars
Leslie Nance is the owner and founder of and the host of “Lunch with Leslie,” weekdays at 2pm ET on Periscope. She is a 4-year cancer survivor who has spent 80% of her time navigating the “healthy” lifestyle waters.

Leslie helps people make their bodies inhospitable to cancer through their kitchens. She is a Periscope Gold VIP livestreamer and will be a featured speaker and panelist at Summit.Live. Her solo talk is entitled, “Preventing Cancer Through Livestreaming.”

On her website, Leslie writes, “My mission is to empower YOU to take 100% control of your health. I want you to have that spectacular life you are looking for! I want to teach you that adopting a healthy lifestyle is not black and white, its somewhere in the colorful middle! I believe moderation is key to a long healthy life! I am going to teach those principals here at”

Leslie has a professional background is marketing with an emphasis on customer relationship management.

UPDATE: Leslie has been nominated for the Shorty Awards in the Periscoper of the Year category. Vote for Leslie for “Periscoper of the Year!” The top 6 finalists are invited to New York City for the awards ceremony.

UPDATE: Leslie finished in the top 6 in the voting for Perisoper of the Year and will be attending the Shorty Awards ceremony in NYC.

Below is Leslie’s bio from her Shorty Awards’ nomination:

“Founder of, Leslie Nance inspires personal health empowerment through one’s kitchen. Receiving a cancer diagnosis years ago, Leslie embarked upon a wellness journey in a trademark “lightbulb moment” to prove to herself and others that cancer does not control your destiny.

Livestream Universe Leslie Nance 88 Predictions
“She coaches and connects with fans however she can, using social media feeds, the health and food blog, YouTube videos, and @Go2Kitchens Persicope “virtual hangout kitchens” and #LunchWithLeslie interactive live streams. Leslie’s actionable and accessible approaches to health have earned her thousands of followers and millions of hearts on Periscope, which honored her with #Gold VIP status through its new creator incentive program in 2016.”

Find Leslie on Twitter: @go2kitchens.

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Show Topics

  • Leslie talks about living an anticancer lifetyle
  • Defining real food
  • What it means to be the CEO of your health care
  • Beware of certain foods labeled organic
  • How Leslie turned her cancer diagnosis into her life’s mission
  • Leslie announces she will be speaking at Summit Live
  • A milestone day in Leslie’s recovery from cancer

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