Livestreaming in 2022: 7th Annual Predictions Preview with Chris Stone

The 7th Annual Livestream Universe Predictions features 100 top creators and entrepreneurs contributing livestreaming and digital media insights for 2022. Chris Stone of Cast Ahead and Dealcasters Live previews the predictions.


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With a 25+ year history in the music industry with Sony, driven and passionate entrepreneur Chris Stone founded the Podcast and Live Streaming Consultancy Cast Ahead after the success of his own co-hosted podcasts changed his life. At Cast Ahead, Chris thrives on enabling driven entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders and enterprises to express their stories and elevate their reach while extending their efficiency in that process.


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Ross Brand is the author of the international #1 Best Seller & multiple book award winner, “100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions: Top Content Creators Help You Succeed in an Era of Rapid Change.” He is the organizer and host of the Monetize Livestreaming Now™ Virtual Summit. It’s the first and only livestreaming conference devoted entirely to the topic of monetization.
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hey gang ross brandt for live stream universe we're getting close to the 100 predictions blog post coming out it's our 7th annual and while this isn't really a bonus video or an early access video because it's already been posted and out in the public but i wanted to share it with you guys in case you hadn't seen it chris stone uh is one of the people in the 100 predictions in fact it's his first year

he's somebody i admire a lot in what he's done as a leader and pioneer on amazon live hosting deal casters with jim fuse who's been a member of the predictions for years chris put together a wonderful video in which he highlights some of the people who are going to be doing predictions this year people he admires people he knows colleagues friends and i just wanted to share the

video with you i think you'll enjoy it as well here it is what's up everybody it's chris stone i'm with cast ahead at and i'm also uh the co-host of dealcasters live on amazon live and i just wanted to jump in and tell you i am extremely excited and honored to be a part of something that the legendary ross brand is doing once again and that is the top 100 predictions

that are happening for now 2022 and so uh the great thing about this is it's a free thing for you to just kind of jump in there and be able to get the content the link is down here it's not just me it's 99 other greater content creators than me uh to be honest i mean there's people like eric hundley here who's the uh the host of the unstructured podcast chris gramitzos the uh the head of uh

podfest multimedia expo and vid fest there is uh dr i addison zhang classroom without walls i mean she's being interviewed by katie kurick for crying out loud and uh alicia way i can't wait to hear what this gentleman has to predict which will likely come true for 2022 is a fantastic content creator youtuber jody krangel voice actor probably on a gazillion commercials you really didn't even know it was her she

uh we've had her on multiple shows she's a fantastic content creator in her own right and uh wait can't wait to hear what she's got to say super janaed ahmed home studio mastery this guy's gonna have some predictions that are probably gonna blow some minds as always man even though he's a lipscomb alum i love my man kevin colby he is a tremendous human being but even better youtube content

creator and someone who could teach a lot of people a lot of things and i bet his predictions for 2022 are going to be amazing kirk nugent you likely know this gentleman here fantastic teacher content creator has got a gazillion things going on and you know again this will be a just a tremendous thing you've got the the streaming lawyer the metaverse lawyer mitch jackson who i'm a huge fan of and

uh he'll probably every prediction he probably will come up with will have something to do with uh the metaverse i'm sure but uh you know the good professor nez this guy's a fantastic linkedin expert keynote speaker content creator in his own right speaking of keynote speaker there's few that are better than phil gerbersheck as well as a fantastic podcaster and

content creator of course you know this gentleman doing marketing the marine corps way mr jim fuse my co-host on deal casters i kind of know what his prediction is and you don't want to miss that one either jessica phillips who heads up now marketing group at social media marketing week in lima that i was thrilled to attend her predictions i'm sure are going to be amazing can't wait to and of course hall

of fame podcaster dave jackson as well just this is just an amazing uh i mean that's just a handful of the over 100 people that are doing predictions here and last year ross put it all into a book and we uh we did we did a couple of shows related to it and it's just a it's just a really great thing to pull together 100 content creators in addition to ross brand so hit that link down there sign up for

this you'll get all of that content and i hope this helps you you

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