100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions for 2022

7th annual livestream universe predictions


Our 7th Annual All-Star Panel Peers into the Digital Future

100 Featured Creators & Entrepreneurs on Livestreaming, Podcasting, Virtual Events, Web 3.0, e-Commerce, Social Audio, YouTube Strategy, Video Marketing, Social Media, Education Technology and Online Business in 2022


Jessika Phillips on 22 core focus areas for your business

Mitch Jackson on business integration of Web 3.0, the metaverse, NFTs, crypto and blockchain

Kirk Nugent on your audience as the new currency

Jodi Krangle on the importance of audio in your social media strategy

Dale L. Roberts on self-publishing opportunities for creators

Jon Burk on traditional American television vs streaming platforms

Rose Horowitz on leveraging Twitter’s growing feature & monetization options

Brian Shulman on how to connect virtual and in-person audiences

Mark S. Babbitt on livestreaming to build company culture


Jeffrey Fitzgerald on livestreaming constructive community conversations

Bee Smith on new platforms such as ICONN Live with new features

Will Slaise Jr. on censorship, government regulation and new technology

Junaid Ahmed on the best platform for livestreaming in 2022

Chris Stone highlights contributors to #2022Predictions

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A special thanks to five amazing people in the 7th Annual Predictions who were there at the start. Jennifer Quinn aka JennyQ, Jennie Mustafa-Julock aka Coach Jennie, Mitch Jackson aka The Metaverse Lawyer, Tim McDonald and Mark S. Babbitt were all part of our first edition, providing predictions in late 2015, only a few months after Livestream Universe had launched and little more than a month after my first show. Thank you for the leadership you bring to our community and for your friendship over many years.

And a huge thank you to self-publishing expert Dale L. Roberts for going above and beyond to help make the first predictions book a #1 Best Seller and three-time book award winner. Thanks to author and livestream pioneer JennyQ for writing the book’s eloquent foreword and multitalented Rachael Anne Clifton aka @BeautyBubble for generously sharing her input and wisdom whenever asked.

Curious about what people had to say in other editions? Here are links for the previous six years:


  • What does the future hold for livestreaming? Is interest in live video content growing or waning?
  • What do we need to know about The Metaverse, Crypto and Blockchain?
  • Is podcasting still a viable option for independent creators now that every celebrity has their own podcast?
  • Is organic reach still possible on Facebook Live and LinkedIn Live? Is it diminishing for uploads on YouTube?
  • Should we put more time into social audio platforms such as Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces?
  • What opportunities will new e-commerce features offer to livestreamers?
  • Is short-form and vertical video the best way to reach customers and clients?

It’s time to get ready for 2022. Let’s move on to the predictions!

Thank You to our all-star panelists who took the time to provide thoughtful answers. Have a great 2022



Winnie Sun

Winnie Sun Nasdaq livestream universe predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream

2022 is going to be the year of working smarter, not harder. More audiences will gravitate to edu-tainment and finding new ways to level up on profitable, purposeful skills. The power of livestreaming will just get greater. Timely, on-demand content, by trusted voices is key.

The key term today is convenience. Traditional newspapers, classrooms are replaced by video, audio, and more. For brands and leadership it will mean that their content will evolve to classifications, i.e. – leisure vs. status/degree/specialization content. The definition of quality will continue to evolve. And, style and content will have to differentiate to remain sustainable. Media and social media platforms will continue to contract, and success in this space is only going to get more expensive to compete. And, in turn, the loyal, engaged audience just becomes even more valuable.

#WinnieSun has been shared over 25B times (March 2021). Winnie is one of the most influential, award-winning voices in the financial industry. Forbes contributor, CNBC council member, and more.

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Jeffrey Fitzgerald

Jeffrey Fitzgerald JeffinHighDef livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

No doubt our world is on fire, and one thing is certain: everyone is talking – but absolutely no one is listening. To make matters worse, the continued villainization of opposing viewpoints has rendered government and society ill-equipped to ever move forward again. Something that’s evidenced by every election cycle. That no matter the winner, we all lose when we choose to pick a party instead of a wealth of perspectives.

So, what could possibly be a viable prediction in this predicament? I believe live streaming holds the answer for all of us. In 2022, content creators will embrace more issue-driven content with authentic community conversations. Venturing beyond the familiar pillars of mindset and marketing, some will move into shows that seek greater understanding from a wider variety of voices. All through true discourse and dialog. And yes, the civil kind between people who neither look or think like you. Gathered in tiny square video boxes together, sharing experiences that may no longer contain all the past perceptions and agendas. Just great conversation.

Live streaming has already embodied itself as a bastion of next-generation citizen journalism. From revealing the tragedy of George Floyd to showing us the kindness of strangers. What many today see mainly as a marketing tool, just might change our world… or our neighborhood. And both are valuable. I believe these content creators not only embrace the questions of our day, but do so with genuine interest over predictable single-sided activism. Which offers all of us the ability to listen, learn and hopefully interact with those experiences we know very little. In the end, I think one day the influx of new perspectives – and maybe even newly found future leaders from all walks of life – will usher in a broader sense of greater meaning and purpose. And with it, in this new era of original stories, honest and healthy dialog will continue to erode the traditional and myopic news soundbites of today.

Watch the bonus video of Jeff discussing his predictions.

Jeffrey Fitzgerald of JeffinHighDef is a 25-year veteran of streaming and online video, entering his 40th year in broadcast. He currently provides broadcast and digital marketing for America’s volunteer first responders and is a 2020 two-time Emmy Award Winning Producer.

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Madeleine Smithberg

Madeleine Smithberg Mad in the Kitchen quote

Icon Header Livestream

The way things are going with covid, it may be a while until we need to put pants on. Meanwhile, my kitchen has been transformed into a virtual production studio. I guess I will not get out of my house in 2022, but I will keep creating entertaining and delicious content. (And I do wear pants.)

At the age of 60, Madeleine Smithberg pivoted from her career as an executive producer of comedy television (Emmy and Peabody Award-winning co-creator of THE DAILY SHOW) and followed her life-long passion for cooking and began working as a chef. She launched the MAD IN THE KITCHEN YouTube channel during Covid on an iPhone – now she has 4 cameras, a switcher, and professional lighting and audio. She’s been on the TODAY SHOW 3 times, and has a deal to develop a show.

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Dale L. Roberts
Dale L Roberts livestream universe predictions 2022 quote 

Icon Header LivestreamMore video creators and online entrepreneurs have additional options in monetizing their brands, especially in live streaming. Sure, between NFTs, NFT Gaming, and Crypto Gaming, anyone can get a bigger slice of the pie. However, I couldn’t tell you how that works and where someone would start.

What I do see happening is the explosion of self-publishing in the video creator community. More influencers than ever are self-publishing books to provide an additional stream of revenue while passively marketing through various online retailers including the massive online juggernaut, Amazon. Now that newer influencers are coming out, they’re acutely aware of their options and what a self-published book can do for revenue and free marketing. Why now? Because you don’t have to throw a rock before you hit an article, video, blog or social media post showcasing self-published books or teaching how simple the process can be.

Sure, this seems rather suspect coming from the guy who’s been the go-to in the self-publishing community. However, I’ve been in the video creator space since 2016. The longer I’m in the space, the more creators I see launching new publications that represent their brand while generating passive revenue. How do we quantify this amount? How will we know how many creators self-publish a book year over year? Simple, we don’t. Just look around within the video creator and influencer space. Then, monitor it for a year and you’ll find out whether or not I’m right. Or, if you are one of the people who has NOT published a book, then skip collecting data and publish a book instead.

Dale L. Roberts is an award-winning and bestselling author who’s deeply passionate about writing and publishing books. He’s also the host of three fully-monetized YouTube Channels in Self-Publishing with Dale, The Self-Publishing with Dale Podcast, and Live Streaming Tech.

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Kirk Nugent
Kirk Nugent livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

One of the consistent motivators for aspiring and even established Content Creators is the ability to support ourselves financially. For some the focus is growing a following, for others the drive is to establish themselves as a thought leader, but for the vast majority, even those who fall into either of those categories, the core motivation is financial freedom. How can we support ourselves with the knowledge we have? So we create videos, memes, blog posts, podcasts, live streams, courses, conferences, to be able to monetize our knowledge but there is a fringe benefit some, but not all, have ignored.

A benefit that I predict will become a major form of currency rivaling industries and even blockchain: Audience. Audience growth, in our circles, is mentioned more as a representation of earning potential but I predict that we will see a shift in 2022 where having an Audience will be the determining factor through which opportunities are gained or lost. Audience will become a major, if not the top, form of Currency.

Kirk Nugent of Koposition LLC teaches Businesses and Leaders how to gain Visibility and Authority through Live Video Marketing. He’s a Remote Producer, Live Video Coach, Content Creation Facilitator, Online Church Consultant and Tech/Media Speaker.

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Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

Newsletters are going to continue to grow, with more and more options to monetize, whether it’s through paid subscriptions (we’ll see more options from email service providers for this – much like ConvertCommerce), sponsorships, tip jars, and classifieds. I don’t think we’re too far off from Web 3.0 options for newsletters as well (think NFTs with newsletters). Very exciting times!

Kim Doyal teaches you how to #FtheHUSTLE. Build and scale an online business in a way that works for YOU. Email marketing and newsletters are her sweet spot.

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Jon Burk

Jon Burk Al Roker Entertainment livestream universe predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream

Television is at a tipping point. With the next-gen of content consumption dictated firmly around digital and streaming VOD by “cord nevers,” the explosion of AVOD’s and FASTs will replace traditional and broadcast TV as we know it. The coming year will see more channels popping up to serve this audience and grab their share of the programmatic advertising pie (AVOD/FAST content is ad-driven with content creators/IP owners splitting revenue with the streaming platform). Thus, discovery and search will be the most important components of this new digital transformation (just like it was with the early days of YouTube and currently, with TikTok).

The streaming platforms that are best able to aggregate and organize content while reducing any friction for viewers to access it, will win viewer loyalty. But that’s not enough. Original content is the not-so-secret sauce that allows all platforms – both SVOD and AVOD – to thrive and attract new audiences. Some AVOD’s are already populating their channels with original ad-supported content and expect this to explode in the coming year. FAST platforms (like The Roku Channel) will also step up and invest in original programming, making the need for discovery and search imperative.

Jon Burk is the director of digital strategy & marketing for award-winning Al Roker Entertainment, managing the production and activation of digital content and social video for TV programs and branded entertainment produced by the company.

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Louise McDonnell

Louise McDonnell livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

The use of short-form Reel style videos exploded in 2021. This style of short engaging fast-moving video is effective at catching and holding the viewers’ attention. Use TikTok and Instagram Reels to ramp up your video production skills!! Then apply these techniques to your main streams and video ads. My prediction for 2022 is the brands that adopt this strategy will run more successful, higher-converting social media campaigns.

Louise McDonnell is a Social Media Author, Speaker and Strategist. She’s the founder of Sell On Social Media Academy.

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Nick NimminNick Nimmin livestream universe predictions 2022 quote'

Icon Header Livestream

Live streaming and content creation in general are going to continue to increase as they have been for years I believe we’re still in the very early stages of this. With tools like Streamyard completely removing the learning curve it’s now easier than ever to jump into streaming. In addition to the barrier to entry evaporating, it’s easier than ever to get attention through live and video content and monetize that attention on social media, which also makes it more sustainable to be a content creator, regardless of genre, than it has ever been.

My prediction for 2022 is that we’ll have even more tools and resources coming online to serve this ever-growing community of creators which will continue to make things even easier and more efficient. Because of that, we’ll see more “new” people leveraging video and streaming content to make an impact in the world and connect with others.

Nick Nimmin teaches content creators how to thrive on YouTube at nicknimmin.com.

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Jodi Krangle

Jodi Krangle Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream

Audio is IT. We’re starting to use our voices for more and more things including the operation of our smart homes, our phones, and our social media (Clubhouse, Greenroom, Twitter Spaces, etc.). That trend will only continue and grow stronger. There is power in the human voice – and it forms far stronger connections between us than the written word. I’ve gotten to know people much more fully on Clubhouse even after following them for many years on other social media that’s visual only.

We’re at a crucial point in our technology development where things are simplifying rather than getting more complicated – and what’s more simple than our own voices? This will bring some issues we’ll have to take care of, however. For instance, Deep Fakes and unauthorized use of our voices, bad actors who will use such things to their advantage. Just because something CAN be done, doesn’t mean it SHOULD be. But it will also come with more protections and standards as we realize the toothpaste is already out of the tube. We’ll need to build in silent watermarks and ways to track usage – and we will, I have no doubt.

When it comes to audio for businesses, they’ll need to harness the power of sound so that they can differentiate themselves from their competitors in audio-only environments. Having a recognizable audio brand – knowing your brand “voice” – and using it consistently across many touchpoints will be key. Start an audio brand NOW so that your advertising doesn’t need to work so hard at making you memorable!

Jodi Krangle has been a voice actor since 2007 and has worked with clients from major brands all over the world including Dell, BBVA and Kraft. She’s also a singer with her own album of jazz, blues and traditional tunes (jodikranglemusic.com} and has studied sound and how it influences people (her podcast on the subject is called Audio Branding: The hidden gem of marketing).

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PJ Taei

PJ Taei Uscreen 100 Livestreaming Predictions Livestream Universe 2022

Icon Header Livestream

Live streaming will continue to expand with increased engagement. The pandemic forced us to adopt new behaviors, and those behaviors are here to stay even as covid effects fade away.

PJ Taei is the founder of Uscreen, a video monetization platform helping over 10,000 creators to sell videos online.

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Jennifer Quinn (JennyQ)

Jennifer Quinn JennyQ. livestream universe predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream

With most social platforms heavily favoring generating revenue for the platform (i.e., selling on livestream, tagging products in posts, running ads, etc.…) it’s even more important than ever for business owners and entrepreneurs to get clear on what their goal is for digital marketing. Since 2008 people have been trying to be everywhere and that simply is not going to work in 2022. It’s time to get VERY CLEAR on what your goals are, otherwise, you will get swallowed by those who know. Choose your digital lane and perfect it.

All digital marketing is about creating. In this creator economy, decide how you are going to show up and what you’re going to create. And master it. 1. Identify your niche 2. Research where your ideal client is hanging out 3. Go ALL IN on creating content for that platform.

You cannot be all things to all people, and that’s okay – it’s time to dial in who you want to show up for. And when you do – create the content that makes your ideal client feel seen, heard, and validated. THAT will make you win the 2022 digital marketing game.

Jennifer Quinn, known by her followers as JennyQ, is a podcaster, digital marketing expert, live-streaming pro and champion of her life story. She helps companies “Be Seen” with compelling video-driven content. Now, she’s using those talents to help individuals “Be Seen” with resources to transform their life. Join the journey to learn how “Being Seen” can empower your evolution.

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Mark S. Babbitt

Mark S Babbitt 2022 predictions
Icon Header Livestream

Communication = Culture. While doing research for our book, Good Comes First, one issue came up frequently: Frustration caused by a distinct lack of top-down communication. Unfortunately, in too many companies, this has always been the case.

However, during the pandemic — when employees needed to hear from company leaders most — people working from home felt a lack of direction. Worse yet, many suffered from a deep sense of isolation. Even as employers execute their return-to-work strategies, the best leaders won’t take this lesson for granted. Nor will the HR teams tasked with filling the holes left by those employees who left during The Great Reckoning.

Instead, these leaders and hiring professionals will rely heavily on livestreaming and two-way video-based communication tools to reinforce company culture, keep current employees fully informed, and candidates inspired. Digitally — what we now routinely accept as “face-to-face” — they’ll build a positive, productive culture by showing the respect employees have earned, validating the contributions of all stakeholders, and steering applicants toward what is possible. And those leaders who don’t? When the post-pandemic recovery finally realizes its full potential, those companies will fall even further behind.

Mark S. Babbitt is a speaker, author, blogger, culture architect, executive coach, career mentor, and co-author of “Good Comes First: How Today’s Leaders Create an Uncompromising Culture That Doesn’t Suck.” He serves as President of WorqIQ and CEO and Founder of YouTern.

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Ileane Smith

Ileane Smith Livestream Universe Predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

In 2022, new tools will be developed to serve creators and the booming creator economy. I think we’ll see a plethora of apps that we can use for automating our workflows through innovations in AI & AR. It will be a challenge to decide which ones are best at helping us reach our goals. We can look forward to innovations that can revolutionize the way we complete projects from start-to-finish. Exciting times ahead are in store for us all.

Ileane Smith‘s goal is to provide top-level live streaming, podcasting, and digital media tutorials to inspire you on your content creation journey.

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Mitch Jackson

Mitch Jackson Livestream Universe Predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

Web 3.0, the Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency: Everything my firm is doing moving forward in 2022 is focused on leveraging the popularity, relevancy, and power of the metaverse, Web 3.0, NFTs, the blockchain, and cryptocurrency. To help define our brand and exceed our client expectations, we’ve been wrapping our arms around this evolving technology and will continue to do so for years to come.

My team and I are so passionate about this significant shift in how we live, do business and communicate, that we’ve rolled out a new legal department in the metaverse. Creators and business owners can now meet with us using virtual reality so that we can easily and quickly help them navigate the fast-changing legal issues. We’re using Spatial.io and Horizon Workrooms to create these micro-metaverse VR experiences.

At the same time, every personalized video or social audio project, content, or show that we create and produce will incorporate one or more components of this new digital reality. Books, blog posts, podcasts, social audio, and videos will be shared in our virtual spaces (private offices, conference rooms, and public presentation halls). During and after sessions, consumers can click on any digital assets to immediately be taken or transported to the additional content or desired experience presented in VR.

NFT’s are available to all clients. Private and unlockable content and access to firm resources will be customized and made available. QR codes (QR Code Generator) will make sharing and connecting more effortless than ever. While every VR experience is maximized with an Oculus Quest 2 headset, to be as inclusive as possible, we’re integrating VR platforms that allow clients to use their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to engage and participate.

Most of our products and services already include cryptocurrency options, including payments with Strike (think of Venmo for Bitcoin) and digital wallets like MetaMask. Instead of a client being forced to type our long 42 character public MetaMask wallet address, we use a domain service to make it easier for the consumer to transfer funds. Now all they need to do is send funds to mitchjackson.eth (we used ENS.domains). Keeping things simple results in more engagement and a better client experience.

We’ll complement the above with more social audio on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. Recorded and live video will also continue to play a big part in our marketing and branding. To respect today’s consumers’ limited time and attention (everyone is super busy– we get that), our content will be short and created around a specific and relevant compelling story. Across all of our platforms, including what happens in the metaverse, we plan on using many of Casey Neistat’s storytelling techniques.

To create better video experiences, we’re using Bombbomb to personalize email video messages and Ecamm and StreamYard for our social media video posts. We’re doing presentations in front of large groups with videos and PowerPoints (or similar tools) in our VR spaces to create a more memorable and dynamic experience. Video is important, but we believe how we deliver the video viewing experience in the metaverse is what separates us from other firms.

In closing, we’re leading with empathy and allowing compassion to serve as our compass when it comes to content and engagement. We’ve all been through a lot, and the content we create moving forward takes this into consideration.

Mitch Jackson, Esq. aka The Metaverse Lawyer (MetaverseLawyer.io) has spoken twice at Tony Robbins Business Mastery and is a 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year. His popular LinkedIn Newsletter “Metaverse, Web3, Law and Tech” is recommended by Dori Clark, David Meerman Scott and many others.

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Daniella Malfitano

Daniella Malfitano livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream
In this time of The Great Resignation, it is clear that creativity, connection and entrepreneurship is on the rise more now than ever before! I believe that more people will start their own online digital business in 2022 than any other year in history, and that the traditional 9-5 workweek will become almost completely obsolete.

This is a moment of healthy growth and transformation, and in that comes a fresh new approach to productivity and how people want to spend the quality of their everyday lives. What’s become clear in this moment of uncertainty, is that we are all seeking something slightly different than our current reality. We all want a better, more improved life, and with enough intention, our collective world can transform into a better vision for our future. 

Daniella Malfitano aka Chef “D Malfi”is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, media entertainer, culinary thought leader, health and wellness advocate and classically trained chef. She is a producer, writer, director, set designer and host of several on-stage, online, and televised shows her including her own in-park cooking edutainment family-friendly in-park shows (2016-2020) for The Disney California Adventure® Food & Wine Festival, her online shows “Plant-Based Made Easy” (2020/2021) and “My Choice Kitchen” (2019), and formerly her PBS travel and cooking series “Delicious Discoveries” (2011).

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Rob Greenlee

Rob Greenlee Lybsin livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

We will see more convergence between the video and audio creator communities as the synergies between the two get utilized more to grow audiences faster in Podcasting and YouTube.

We will also see the saturation of global podcast distribution in all active music streaming platforms and then the next phase is the development of new podcast listening apps that focus on appealing to gender, race and genre vertical communities.

We will also see the growth of many full-service podcasting support companies that are helping grow the professionalization of the medium. These fast-growing companies are bringing new compelling podcasters to the medium that would never have done all the needed work to create a podcast and video series. These new creators are likely to have already built communities on their own and that gives them a leg up on growing audience. These services companies create more systematic processes that create efficiencies because of the amount of hard work it takes to be successful and consistently produce, market, distribute, and monetize digital online content.

Rob Greenlee is the VP, Podcast Content & Partnerships at Libsyn.com and Co-Host of NewMediaShow.com. A 17-year podcaster, he was inducted into the Podcasters Hall of Fame in 2017.

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Nicole Sanchez

Nicole Sanchez livestream universe 2022 predictions quote
Icon Header Livestream

Even though in-person events are returning, companies will continue to offer pre-recorded, live-streamed, and VR events as an option for attendees. As a result, the videos’ production value, live-streams, and VR events will go up, significantly enhancing the user experience. You’ll also see companies heavily repurposing the content from these events across YouTube and other social media platforms.

With sixty-eight percent of consumers preferring to watch videos to learn about new products or services, as compared to articles, infographics, ebooks, and presentations, and eighty-two percent favoring live video over reading social media posts, companies will move to produce more video content than ever before. The video content they create needs to be something that their audience receives value from and wants to watch. Self-promotional, corporate videos won’t go far.

High-performing videos need to be engaging, address a need, and tell a story. In the planning stages, before a video is shot, hard questions must be asked. Why will someone want to spend their precious time watching this video? What will they get out of it? How can we serve our viewers/prospects? Since people prefer to get information from people they enjoy watching and trust, the over 13-billion-dollar influencer market will continue to grow as companies continue to partner with influencers to target very specific markets.

Nicole Sanchez is currently a video producer and YouTube strategist for Snowflake and has consulted with tech companies such as Cisco and HPE. Nicole is also an avid live-streamer and YouTube content creator and runs her channel YayOrNayNicole.

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Andrew Kan

Andrew Kan livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

My prediction is that storytelling in all forms will be more important than ever. The ability to grab a viewer’s attention in a short-form video (less than one minute), regular video, or livestream will be critical. Finding ways to utilize all three together will be big. The best way to combine all three is to remember the value you want to deliver to your audience, and consistently do that with your content across all three content types.

Andrew Kan is an experienced director in video production with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Storytelling, YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Camera Operation, and Team Building, Andrew is a strong media and communication professional with a Degree focused in Film/Video and Photographic Arts from the Academy of Art University. He used these skills to grow TubeBuddy’s YouTube channel from 6,000 to 500,000 subscribers, helped establish the YouTube Strategy for Salesforce Careers & University YouTube Channel, and teaches over 10,000+ Subscribers how to understand Filmmaking and YouTube on his personal channel.

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Jessika Phillips

Jessika Phillips livestream universe 2022 predictions quote

Icon Header Livestream

We are currently entering a new world of online – the third wave of the web. The first wave was data, the second was social media and now we’re entering the metaverse. 

The metaverse is the evolution of how online interactions are taking place. It’s the shift towards a co-created, immersive web experience that means that businesses and creators will engage with their communities in new ways. 

I believe that it’s an exciting time to be both a creator and business owner, as we have an opportunity to think through how to best show up in this evolving space in order to drive engagement and create community. 

With that, I think there are 22 core areas that businesses must focus on to be relevant in 2022:

  1. Starting from the Inside Out: Brands will realize that in order to stand out, they need to create a brand personality that is reflective of their values. Brands need to understand who they’re here to do business with and focus on their culture in order to attract and retain the right teammates and clients. With every hire, a brand is either adding culture credit or debt which means that brands will need to work to establish “Culture Credit” by working with passionate and engaged individuals… people who value time and peace of mind over money… people who want to be inspired. When a brand’s team and clients start singing the praises of the organization’s culture, THAT is when you know you’ve hit the nail on the head.
  2. #Unfiltered Brand Communication: Brands will start to lift the veil between the company and their community. By sharing “Unfiltered” content, being transparent and giving insight into the core of the business, brands will create more conversations with their communities. I believe that brands will become more comfortable communicating with their customers via messenger, text, and social, as it shows a willingness to meet customers where they are at. 
  3. Monetization on Messenger: Brands will look into Messenger Marketing and Automation via chatbots in the inbox to streamline communications. Brands that lean into technology to help facilitate real-time, personalized conversations (by allowing them to start on Messenger and be followed up with a real person) will be brands that grow relationships.  
  4. Live Video Selling: eCommerce brands will wake up to the realization of using live video to engage, answer questions and ultimately sell, in real-time on live video. This is a huge opportunity to build a new pillar of engaged and loyal customers.
  5. Social Audio: Podcasts, Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and Facebook’s audio functionality will continue to grow via social AND in the inbox, as a way of creating more individualized and human conversations thanks to the intimacy of audio. 
  6. Producing Perfection: I believe brands will start investing more to amplify the quality and production value of their live videos and micro-content. Similarly, they’ll start leaning into producing more short-form content than ever before through hiring producers to help amplify the production value. 
  7. Becoming Craveable: Brands will start to consider leaning into creative ways to incorporate AR/VR apps and figure out how to build this functionality into their brand strategies. This will help customers become more immersed in our brands through the creation of engaging experiences that evoke emotion and tap into the senses.
  8. Emotional Intelligence: Brands will aim to tap more into emotional intelligence in order to connect with prospective customers and teammates. They will look into more relatable and personalized approaches to marketing communications. I think brands would benefit greatly from incorporating Neurolinguistic Programming into their overall marketing communications strategy. 
  9. Co-Creating: Brands will look at ways of owning the conversation by collecting client data, facilitating client conversations, and building community hubs and apps such as Discord or MightyNetworks.
  10. Brands Within The Brand: Personal branding is here to stay, and that’s a really good thing for brands vs. something to perceive as a threat. Brands will start to embrace hiring, supporting, and showcasing personal brands within their brand in order to expand their business. Many brands will even start to look towards hiring an internal influencer to help grow relationships with their ideal clients.
  11. User-Generated Content: Brands will focus on ways to let their audience amplify their story by creating moments, opportunities, and rewards for their audience to create and share UGC.
  12. Affiliate links: With the growth of dark social, brands understand that people trust their friends more than companies, and brands are willing to pay for it. Brands will start to invest more into ways they can actively encourage fans of their brand to share about the brand with their communities. 
  13. Analytics: Brands will focus more on establishing, understanding, and auditing their data to see where, how, and why their community engages. This will help shape where a brand should invest its time, money, and resources. 
  14. Strategy: Brands will recognize that it’s less about the tools and more about the technique used. By building better #Hxperiences (human experiences,) customers will feel like VIPS because they’ve got inside scoop, instant access and on-demand services when, where, and how they want them. It’s all about speed and ease of use. 
  15. Activation Of Advocates: Brand marketing will shift internally to reinforce the culture and build a strong foundation so that teams, customers, and communities want to support them. This shift will show that brands understand that their current clients, community, and team members are their most valuable influencers. 
  16. Community Creation: Brands will realize the importance of collaboration and connecting with like-minded brands who have their own built-in, trusted, audiences. Brands will start co-creating content and offers that benefit both of them AND their clients. The focus will be on creating a sense of belonging instead of buying. 
  17. Personalized Content: Brands will lean into the power of personalized videos, emails, audio messages, and ads as a way of providing personalized content. Brands will also invest in tools that will help with data collection to help streamline ways to provide more direct support for clients. 
  18. Hybrid Environments: Brands will consider ways to merge their online and offline communities through events and business processes. They’ll look for ways to enhance the online experiences to be more immersive and engaging so that their community stays engaged. 
  19. Frictionless and Flexible: Brands will start looking for ways to create online portals that allow their clients to perform actions that were once only done in person. Similarly, brands will invest in tools that allow for online financing, flexible payment options, and rewards to help take ownership of their buying process.
  20. Cashing in On Clever: Since the value of our content is in the eyes of our community, brands will start to find new ways to cash in on their clever, edutainment-style content. Because social apps are now allowing for the tipping of creators and creator monetization, plus the shift towards collectors coins and NFTs, brands will recognize that there’s a shift towards creators cashing in on clever and see that the value is determined in the eyes of the brand’s community. 
  21. SoLoMo: Brands will look towards advancing their social, local, and mobile presence. In order to drive repeat business, brands must go above and beyond their promises. Brands will work harder to grow social proof through reviews and aim to optimize directory listings. Not to mention, brands will need to establish a solid SEO presence if they want to stand out amongst a sea of samesies. 
  22. SEO: Brands will need to rethink SEO over the overall website page experience and Google’s Core Updates. Brands will find ways to turn their website into a high-speed, self-serve, interactive resource hub that gives their visitors a reason to return. 

Let’s face it – 2020 and 2021 rapidly increased the rate of customer adaptation of fast, self-serve approaches to doing business online. 

Customers want speed, accessibility, and convenience, which is why this third web wave – the metaverse – requires a mindset shift around how business is done. 

Everything we do should revolve around showing how our brand aligns with our core values and messaging so that we can build and enhance the exceptional experiences of our customers. 

It’s not a funnel but rather a flywheel approach to marketing and maintaining our brand relationships.

The overall focus for 2022 will be to build relationships in order to turn followers into our biggest fans, our clients into our biggest advocates, our team members into our biggest evangelists, and our community members into collaborators. It’s about showing up to relate to our customers on a personal level while operating with a service-over-selling approach. 

Doing this will allow us to create organic marketing momentum that attracts, retains, and secures the brand; it serves as a magnet instead of a bullhorn and is truly how we out-care the competition. 

Jessika Phillips is an award-winning marketing strategist known for her outspoken dedication to relationship marketing. Jessika helps brands organically build sustainable, craveable, and profitable businesses by out-CARE-ing the competition. Founder of NOW Marketing Group and the Relationship Marketing System. Jessika has been named the go-to expert on Relationship Marketing & has built a team of 16+ who serve over 100 global brands. Jessika is often asked to share her knowledge and insight as an industry-leading influencer. Jessika also gives back to her community and welcomes 300+ attendees and world-renowned speakers to her Social Media Week Lima conference annually. She is one who leads from the heart to help others love more, give more and be more every day.

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Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

Spotify will continue to build its walled garden. As this is the direct opposite of podcasting’s open nature, unless Spotify comes up with a new app that focuses on podcasting, and its celebrities continue to deliver “meh” content, it will do better with new podcast listeners than enticing people currently listening to podcasts to leave their current app. Spotify will also release new exciting features with an asterisk. For example, “YOU CAN PLAY MUSIC IN YOUR PODCAST” (that’s only available in this location and only to these people). These sound important and fascinate the uneducated future podcaster.

The Value for Value model of streaming bitcoin to podcasters will continue to grow, but adoption of the technology (both for bitcoin and the new updates to the RSS spec) will be PAINFULLY slow. Frustrated at the pace of adoption (and full of technical know-how) one of those nerds/geeks is going to launch a media host that fully embraces all the technology. While they won’t be IAB compliant, nobody will care as the focus won’t be on advertising. It will be the revenge of the nerds. Sales of “How you like me now?” T-shirts will fly off the shelves.

A large portion of the shows that started in March of 2020 during the pandemic will cease production as they are neither rich nor famous.

Every life coach will now add “podcast consultant” to their title.

New services will launch with promises of growing your podcast audience. There will be no videos. There will be no about page. There will be no explanation. All you need to do is provide your email address and they will explain it to you. Yes, people will still fall for that.

Dynamic ad insertion will be the feature that media hosts will be adding if they haven’t already. This excites new podcasters until they realize they still need an audience.

Amazon (realizing that Apple wakes up about twice a year to hit podcastsconnect.apple.com much like Fonzi hitting the jukebox to make sure its working in the TV show Happy Days) will take steps to get more of the market. They will also try the “Exclusive” route of content by offering deals to celebrities. This exclusive – only available on Amazon – content will become available everywhere after about six months and they realize that people want to listen where they want to listen.

Hardware companies will launch more recorders, microphones, etc with the podcaster in mind.

iHeart radio will be Number 1 at saying they are number 1. I believe they also invented air.

Figuring that “It’s better than a poke in the eye” podcasters will accept lower advertising rates (and completely ignore the value of their audience) so they can buy that can of Mountain Dew at the end of the month (if it goes on sale).

4000 “Interesting shows featuring interesting people telling interesting stories” will be launched on 1/1/22.

Dave Jackson is the founder of the School of Podcasting where he has been helping people plan, launch, grow and monetize their podcast since 2005.

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Nancy Ancowitz

Nancy Ancowitz Livestream Universe Predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

I predict—okay, at least hope—that content creators won’t try to tell everything they know about a topic. Instead, I’m hoping they create content with a few big ideas (at a time, anyhow!). To the extent possible, let those big ideas put me at the hub of the wheel, so I can take them in a direction that I find useful. Speaking of that direction, I always like to shop for information and draw my own conclusions, rather than being “sold to.” Inform and educate me, and trust that I’ll see you as a valuable resource with whom I’d like to do business.

Also, since you’re always interested in how to make content introvert-friendly, a few tips: 1) give us time to digest the information you share; 2) offer to follow up with valuable information—and then do so; and 3) when you bring us together, remember that we prefer small gatherings, even in a virtual space, to large ones. Lastly, we’re all complex human beings and “one size fits all” doesn’t even work when you’re selling socks.

Nancy Ancowitz is a coach specializing in career advancement and presentation skills, an NYU adjunct professor and the author of “Self-Promotion for Introverts®: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead.” She blogs for Psychology Today and used to blog for Salary.com.

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Jan Koch

Jan Koch livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream

Of course I’m biased and think that virtual events will stay and even grow. They’re just a fantastic way to demonstrate thought leadership and after being established in the marketing space, I see more and more companies outside the usual marketing industry tap into virtual events.

Other than that, I think that short-form video will dominate. It works extremely well already to build a brand and stay visible in front of your audience. TikTok won’t go anywhere and YouTube seems to be pushing Shorts. Combine that with the ever-shortening attention span and you’ve got the perfect storm for short-form video. The perfect medium to show a little insight into your personality without being too difficult to create.

Jan Koch is the owner of Virtual Summit Mastery and a passionate virtual summit host, connecting with people and building an audience globally. He has been organizing summits since 2015 and brought together well over 15k attendees from 110+ countries on his summits.

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Dan Currier

Dan Currier livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

As the creator economy continues to develop, more organizations will look to follow Amazon’s lead and integrate native video into their platforms. This will open up new opportunities for those with the skills to make quality content. Never has there been a better time to learn these skills and/or develop existing skills.

YouTube will remain the leading platform upon which inspiring creators may develop a well-rounded skill set to open these and many other opportunities. The development of the creator economy will empower creators to weigh the exchange of time for money with a newfound appreciation for balance and allow them to create their freedom on their own terms.

Dan Currier is the founder of the People of Video Conference and also runs a successful YouTube channel, Creator Fundamentals, which helps creator build revenue around their content. He also offers a course, Influencer100x.com, that shows creators how to leverage Amazon Influencer video to make thousands a month.

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Chetachi Egwu Ph.D.

Dr Tachi livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream

Over the last two years, the pandemic has made video and livestreaming a necessity rather than an option. The streaming universe is now filled with creators, which is excellent. People have realized the value of going live directly to their audiences. However, this also means that there is an overabundance of content, with some of the more popular creators getting the shine.

Thus, my prediction is twofold: More creators will be looking toward apps that serve niche audiences in order to get more attention for their content. Also, creators will look to new places to put content – like the metaverse.

At this point, not only is metaverse a buzzword, but it’s also an untapped virtual space that can potentially garner more attention for creators squeezed out of traditional digital spaces. It also offers the potential for creators to be compensated in sought-after cryptocurrencies.

Chetachi Egwu Ph.D. a.k.a. Dr. Tachi is a media professor, filmmaker, media content producer and journalist passionate about media, tech and pop culture. She is currently the host and creator of the live streamed show MediaScope, 1/2 of the TV Twins on the TV channeling podcast, and producer/director of Florida Memorial University’s The Lions’ Den live stream.

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Chris Krimitsos

Chris Krimitsos Podfest livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

We will see the rise of Telegram and Discord groups replacing Facebook groups. We will see Bitcoin Lightning payments come from the audience to their favorite creator as well. We will also see creators create larger tight-knit communities that they control as well as more premium offerings to their listeners.

Chris Krimitsos is the founder of the Podfest/Vidfest conferences and author of “Start Ugly.”

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Rose Horowitz

Rose Horowitz livestream universe 2022 predictions quote

Icon Header Livestream

If there’s a silver lining to our post-pandemic lives, it’s that people are communicating in ways that would have been cutting edge just two years ago. The technology existed but from demand springs genius.

Analysts have said the rate of growth in livestreaming viewership started to decline in 2021 compared to 2020. But the industry as a whole has increased by an average of 49 percent in 2021 compared to 2020, according to Stream Hatchet.

Take social audio: it’s just getting started. “This allows us to be ourselves in public in a way that I never knew before in social media. I know everybody’s personality by one word of their voice.” -Overhead in a Twitter Spaces room opening a bid for NFT art.

“Sometimes, 280 characters does not cut it. Sometimes, tweeting isn’t the right way of communicating at that moment,” Twitter product designer Maya Gold Patterson said when the platform’s Audio Spaces was introduced. “Hearing the empathy, emotion and nuance in someone’s voice can help people connect at different levels.”

For example, I often listen to #TwitterSpaces audio chats as I take walks or respond to emails on my desktop. There’s a kind of beauty there. Plus, there are some great surprises. One day, I listened to poetry and music and how they are paired with art for an NFT offering. How cool is that?

I predict that within a year, there will be hybrid versions of social audio with multiple hosts. So, people will be able to go strictly audio or join a livestream to participate in the same conversation. The benefit? Livestreams paired with evolving technology will allow hosts to easily share information and bring in speakers on video while simultaneously running a social audio chat.

Hybrid events are here to stay. Businesses see the benefits of both significantly cutting their costs and reaching a far wider audience.

Best content will continue to be Queen.

In social audio, some platforms are offering incentives to entice the best creators to host and conceive the topics.

Twitter seems to be ahead in a few ways. With its Communities feature, Twitter is encouraging creators to be more engaged. Users can join these new social hubs and tweet to other people with shared interests rather than their wider group of followers.

In another initiative launched in the fall, Twitter’s Spark program is paying selected creators $2,500 a month for three months to host at least two audio shows a week. The selected participants will also get ad credits and Spaces swag.

It’s a smart move: sustaining audience interest in new media hinges on more than attracting top minds in technology. It needs experienced, innovative creators who know not only how to create great content but how to deliver it.

Rose Horowitz is a Pulitzer-nominated journalist who is the founder of #WomenToFollow, a global hashtag trend that had a reach of 12 million views in its first two weeks. She’s a thought leader on women’s issues, a content creator, social media pro, livestream producer, and the host of her new livestream “WomenToFollow” show.

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Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

As more hybrid events emerge in 2022, we will see technology providers try to eliminate the pause it takes people on live streaming to engage vs. an in-person audience member. It has been an ongoing issue since the early days of live streaming that there are long awkward pauses or talking over people while trying to communicate.

While many hosts have found ways to help eliminate this, the technology providers will begin to assist by improving technology and adding more features that help virtual attendees feel as comfortable with speaking up as in-person attendees.

Tim McDonald is the host of The Business of Speaking, a Stage 4 Colon Cancer Survivor and former Director of Community at Huffington Post. He’s the Purveyor of Purpose at Creating Is LLC.

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Shelly Saves the DayShelly Saves the Day Livestream Universe Predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream

2022 will see the rise and mass adoption of video podcasting. The ultimate repurposing tool lives in the form of a video podcast. Distribute with video on platforms like YouTube and Anchor/Spotify integration. Audio only streams on all usual platforms for podcast distribution. Audio snippets for audiograms. Quotable graphics from content and blog posts with embedded episodes and show notes. Integrations for creator negotiated product sponsorship posts. Snippets and shorter videos as highlights across all platforms vertical and landscape.

Second prediction will be the rise of shoppable video and video streaming across platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook (Meta) and Instagram.

Shelly Saves the Day is a Seattle-based content creator and founder of iMovie Made Easy, a course designed to help anyone learn how to create video using iMovie to share what they love with the world.

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Eric Hunley

Eric Hunley Livestream Universe Predictions 2022

Icon Header LivestreamI think that 2022 will continue the migration of people and content to more paywalls and communities like Locals and Substack. With YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, and Twitter constantly either blocking, embellishing or banning content and people, folks are looking for safety and free speech. This has led to an exodus of people going to alternate platforms such as Substack, Locals, and Rumble with the latter two merging and audiences are starting to support creators more directly now through subscriptions and more.

As such, I think the advertising model which has carried the industries is weakening and we are seeing more of a direct democratization of content. The consumers are starting to vote with their dollars directly and this is a great thing.

Eric Hunley is the host of Unstructured and the eponymous YouTube Channel Eric Hunley where he interviews a WIDE variety of folks from body language experts, to YouTube lawyers, to folks in 3 letter agencies. He also has America’s Untold Stories with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert which explores history and pop-culture that is often unknown, obscure, or overlooked.

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Michelle Levitt

Michelle Levitt Heil livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

2021 certainly strengthened the need for online content. I think 2022 will see an even bigger increase across the board. We have all been doing this long enough that people no longer want basic or “phoned-in” online content. I predict 2022 will be the year of the upgrade… better content and better gear! It’s no longer “cute” when your dog is barking in your live stream.

Michelle Levitt has been a musician, an artist, and the CEO of her own podcast studio. She’s also been the Marketing Director for Heil Sound for the last 17 years.

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Shamir Allibhai

Shamir Allibhai Simon Says livestream universe 2022 predictions quote

Icon Header Livestream

I predict applications using blockchains/crypto will ultimately be where most creators spend their energies and 2022 will see a lot more creators getting exposed to this frontier. In 2022, Tik Tok usage will continue to explode and creators will continue to gravitate to it, but they will find it is harder to rise above the noise as the platform gets saturated. There’s one view that as Covid gets under control we’ll see a return to in-person events: I think virtual events will grow 10x!

Shamir Allibhai is a builder of video tech. He’s the founder of collaborative video editor in the browser, Simon Says.

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Super Joe PardoSuper Joe Pardo livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

Facebook will lose its dominance in the social media arena. The outage of 2021 is foreshadowing what is to come for the giant. Much the same way video chat services have become more fragmented over the last five years, social media consumption will follow.

A Profit Strategist, “Super” Joe Pardo brings a series of strategy, application, and execution planning to every entrepreneur, team, or business that he works with. Founder of The Super Joe Pardo Show on YouTube and the Independent Podcast Conference, Joe focuses on putting the right methods into the best practices in order to bring about personalized solutions for each client.

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Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson livestream universe 2022 predictions quote
Icon Header Livestream

We will see an increase in using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to effortlessly create relevant content that will attract your target audience online. More creators will use AI tools and machine learning to deliver tailored messages to the right audience at the right time. These tools will be available for users in current and future apps.

Terry Johnson is a digital marketing strategist and consultant with a background in advertising, marketing and tech. She is the host of “This Week’s Marketing Chat”, a weekly, live stream with topics on marketing strategy and social media for small businesses at terryjohnsononline.live

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Jim Harold

Jim Harold livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream

2022 will see more IRL streams via mobile. As phones, connectivity and apps improve, IRL mobile streams will account for a greater percentage of total live streams as we get out from behind our desks and take our viewers with us!

Jim Harold is a professional podcaster at Jim Harold Media LLC with more than 50 million downloads. He hosts The Paranormal Podcast® and Jim Harold’s Campfire, which are among the Top 1% most downloaded podcasts on the industry’s largest podcast host, Libsyn. Jim’s also the executive producer of Unpleasant Dreams and the author of five volumes of  “Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories” (All Kindle #1 Supernatural Best Sellers).

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Meiko PattonMeiko Patton livestream universe 2022 predictions quote

Icon Header Livestream

Social audio will continue to dominate in 2022. There are many clones, but Clubhouse will continue to be the leader if they continue to innovate and remain true to their vision. Audio unlike any other medium draws the listener in. A person can form a connection within seconds. I see the emergence of audio NFT’s and a way for Web 3.0 to include audio. Social audio will also play a role in the rise of cryptocurrency and creator-generated coins.

Meiko Patton helps PR Firms effortlessly increase their revenue by leveraging Clubhouse by using her Proprietary ClubMetrics Framework.

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Brenden Mulligan

Brenden Mulligan livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream

In 2022, the audio format will continue to grow exponentially across podcasting and live experiences (Twitter Spaces / Clubhouse). Creators will focus on creating tight-knit communities where they have a direct connection with their audience, using podcast players as a distribution channel to draw listeners into a more intimate connection. Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse will find its way into the traditional podcasting distribution channels.

Brenden Mulligan is the creator of Podpage, a podcast website platform used by over 10,000 podcasters to create instant, self-updating, gorgeous podcast websites.

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Joie Gharrity

Joie Gharrity Joie G 113 Livestream Universe Predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream

In 2022 major Hollywood superstars will jump into the livestream game big time. Just like they have in the podcast world.

Joie Gharrity is the founder of Joie G 113. An author and international speaker, she worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry for 15+ years at top companies in film, television, original web content, and branded entertainment.

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S. Chris EdmondsS Chris Edmonds livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

This coming year, proactive business leaders will use livestreaming as a company-wide TV show. It’s simple (as simple as Zoom) to use; it broadcasts live; and livestreams can be recorded for viewing later. Effective leaders communicate proactively and frequently to educate players about company performance, company events, service/volunteer opportunities & impact, upcoming transitions or changes in the business, and more. In addition, livestreaming lets leaders respond to questions from viewers live (via chat) or through pre-submitted questions. These broadcasts need to occur weekly on a regular schedule. The difference between livestreaming and video meetings like Zoom? Viewers aren’t required to be on screen; it’s less demanding on viewers, makes for a simpler screen/presentation, and puts the messaging and the messenger front and center.

S. Chris Edmonds is a speaker, author, executive consultant, and president & CEO of The Purposeful Culture Group. He’s published three Amazon bestselling books, the latest being “Good Comes First,” co-authored with Mark S. Babbitt to help senior leaders create uncompromising work cultures where respect is as important as results.

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Jennie Mustafa-Julock (Coach Jennie)

Coach Jennie Mustafa Julock livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, I predict that 2022 will continue to be alllllll about short-form video. TikTok has proven that the 60-second video craze is here to stay and not just something we watched to pass the time during pandemic lockdowns. I’m particularly eager to see how YouTube will prioritize Shorts for channel growth as its response to TikTok’s popularity – especially for video creators who provide substantive intellectual value without silly dance moves. Hopefully, this will encourage more creators to create more 60-second videos that matter. But sadly, I also predict that the ridiculously-embarrassing-pointing-at-word-bubbles trend is not going to end anytime soon. (sigh)

Jennie Mustafa-Julock is Coach Jennie, an inner critic expert helping clients get out of their own way so they can get on with the business of changing the world. She’s the author of “Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery.”

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Professor Nez

Professor Nez Livestream Universe Predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream

The Live-streaming Wars are going to heat up in 2022 between big platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, TikTok and more. This is a huge gift for creators and brands as more opportunities to grow and scale your reach and audience will be available like never before!

Professor Nez is a content creator, business owner and real-world educator with over four million views across multiple channels and mediums including live-streaming, VOD (Video on Demand) short-form content and more.

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Nancy Myrland

Nancy Myrland Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022

Icon Header LivestreamFor 2022, I am seeing a few new developments and approaches in content, social, and digital. The name of the game is personal. Our marketing efforts need to revolve around developing personal relationships with those we care about. Anyone can market the umbrella firm and its products and services, but our clients want to see who and what we are made of. They need to know there are real, caring people behind the name.

To accomplish this, and to help our profiles come to life, I am still extremely bullish on voice and video, and think firms and companies need to develop sound strategies in these areas. Voice and video will help them stand out from those who are not willing to take the time to figure it out, but perhaps even more important is that voice and video accelerate the personal approach I talked about a moment ago. Video doesn’t have to be professionally produced these days. It can be, but situational video that comes across as more personal and is a glimpse of the person helps the viewer understand what you might be like to do business. Regarding audio, I’d like to see my clients continue to adopt podcasting as a way to share expertise and to develop relationships with those trusting enough to place them in their ears for a dedicated amount of time. What a gift that is.

Let’s talk about LinkedIn. We also need to continue to pay strong attention to LinkedIn. It is maturing and evolving from the gentle giant I have always known, into a gentle, professional giant that has its head down, focusing on innovation, knowing when to innovate and when to pull back on features that don’t work. They are doubling down on what creators and consumers are craving, which is knowledge and content in different formats that will help them become smarter and more valuable in their individual companies and communities. I have seen an amazing and appreciated uptick in LinkedIn training requests, and I expect that to continue for at least the next few years while LinkedIn continues to come into its own, and while my professionals realize its importance in building their reputations and relationships.

Nancy Myrland is a marketing and business development advisor, specializing in content, social, and digital media marketing for business lawyers and their legal marketers. She does LinkedIn training (including her first online course: LinkedInCourseForLawyers.com), works with firms on launching podcasts, polishing their virtual presentation skills, learning video and livestreaming skills, blogging, social media (obviously), and hosts two podcasts. 

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Larry Roberts

Larry Roberts livestream universe predictions 2022

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I predict that video content in a variety of formats will continue to grow and play a critical role in the success of content creators. If we look at where we are at today, podcasters continue to find bigger audiences with the inclusion of video, email marketing is embedding short videos in their content and if you look at platforms like Firesides Chat, you’ll see social audio is including video as well. For further proof, look at the success and impact that Reels are having on Instagram. Even a creator with a minimal following can still generate thousands of views for a Reel, with the vast majority of the views coming from non-followers. Where else can you get that level of engagement and all of the demographic-specific data behind it? Good luck getting that level of detail with audio-only. This isn’t to say that podcasting and audio-only aren’t still major players in the content space, but without video, I believe that ever-elusive audience engagement will be more and more difficult to find for the indie creator.

Larry Roberts is a high energy and charismatic podcaster, speaker, best selling author and international top rated course creator with over 1000 students in 51 countries. Featured in Podcast Magazine (April 2020) Larry is the Editor in Chief of The Podfest Messenger, one of the largest podcast industry newsletters and regularly publishes articles in various podcast periodicals, he appears on other podcasts and can be found speaking at industry events.

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Bridgetti Lim Banda

Bridgetti Lim Banda Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022

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My prediction is that the upward trajectory we are seeing in livestreaming is not going to slow down any time soon. In fact, it’s going to speed up and simply become as natural as the air that we breathe. One of the areas in which I see the biggest growth taking place is livestreamed shopping. It’s an entertaining and interactive customer shopping experience that helps customers add items to their shopping cart. Much like the trusted in-store promoters who helped us make in-person buying choices, livestreamed ecommerce is a shopping experience and will become the QVC 2.0 interactive shopping experience on steroids. It’s going to disrupt the supply chain ecosystem. Never before have we had the technology and reach that allows for a three-dimensional shopping experience with an online sales associate being able to interface with clients around the globe in real-time. With relationship marketing brands can get products and services their customers want to market faster and cheaper.

Bridgetti Lim Banda helps business owners incorporate live video into their marketing strategy. She’s a Livestream Producer, Talk Show Host, Global Goodwill Ambassador and most recently accomplished becoming a two-time #1 Best-Selling Amazon collaborative anthology author.

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Steven Greene

Steven Greene make the grade livestream universe livestreaming predictions 2022

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The amalgam of broadcast media, course creation and social will continue to blend and unify at an ever-accelerating rate. “Solomediaists” (yes I have coined that term Ross Brand – or is “solomediaers” better?) (those who produce only one type of content output) will become rarer while “multimediaists” – those who can produce content and project into a myriad of platforms will thrive. This process is driven by the expansion of technology which enables the production of these media.

Dr. Steven Greene is an educator, best-selling author and multimediaist focused on education and making the world a better place.

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Caren Glasser

Caren Glasser Live Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream2022 will be the year of VR (Virtual Reality). Live events and VR events will come together to bring a hands-on experience to attendees no matter how they are attending; Live or Virtually. Desktop/Laptop/iPad/Mobile navigation in the VR space will become easier to use meaning there will be no barrier to entry. Networking events will never be the same as we will be able to attend virtually but still be able to talk with someone who is there live. The possibilities are endless…. and I’m all in!

Caren Glasser is the Producer of five online talk shows and hosts four of her own talk shows. In addition, she is in production for a new kind of event: VR networking launching in January 2022.

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Kevin Kolbe

Kevin Kolbe Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022

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I predict we’ll see Apple launch a Facebook-type alternative to finally compete in the social media space. Combine their many Mac offerings that make it easy for creators to create plus appeal to Mac-only lovers, then combine that with privacy issues and such and you could have a formidable new social media experience.

Kevin Kolbe is a content creator and video coach. He helps creators create, do more with video, share their gifts, and make an impact in the world.

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Anita Sonya

Anita Sonya Livestream Universe Predictions 2022 quote
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Livestreaming becomes a must for personal branding. It will continue to grow in 2022 even as in-person events start happening again.The pandemic has pushed people all over the world to make money online. It does not matter if you know about technology or not. You know you have to survive before being able to thrive.

It can be difficult at first for people living in developing countries since it is not only about the cost (and the requirement to pay in USD), but also the quality of the internet connections you can get. If livestreaming platforms and social media want to grow in developing Asia-Pacific markets, they need to change some policies to make it easier for end-users in those countries.

Even with these challenges, there are great opportunities to connect and communicate with people all over the world. Those benefits of livestreaming helped me host three virtual events, grow my business and even land a big brand sponsor like Restream.

Livestreaming is important not only for coaches, trainers, speakers and artists who need to boost their visibility, but for retailers in live e-commerce. People make decisions to shop from the livestreams created by the sellers and can order right away on the platform before moving to payment. Local online marketplaces support those features to influence buyers, but you still need to build your own community so the customer comes to you.

Let’s say livestreaming never dies… just like her soulmate, the podcast. They complete each other.

Anita Sonya is the founder of Livestream Your Brand. She helps business owners transform their businesses through livestreaming and online events. She hosts multiple international virtual summits each year, bringing together top speakers from diverse industries, and is planning her first internatiional in-person event for 2023 in Bali.

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Chris Strub

Chris Strub Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022

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Direct monetization options for individual creators will continue to expand and evolve, making the influencer market even more expensive and difficult to navigate for big brands. In turn, these self-sustaining creators will yield even more power to influence brands, as audiences’ loyalty will continue to shift from venerable brands to recognizable individuals. Brand partnerships will inevitably become less well-defined, as legal lines get blurred by deeper product integrations and cleverly undisclosed marketing approaches.

As the ‘Giving Day Guy,’ Chris Strub produces and co-hosts live-streamed fundraising events around the country. Chris is the first person to live-stream in all 50 states and the author of the new book, “Fifteen Seconds of Fame,” about the proliferation of Instagram Stories.

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Kyle Bondo

Kyle Bondo livestream universe 2022 predictions quote

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The Coming Upheaval: Once upon a time you and your friends could buy some microphones and start a podcast for pennies. Then one of you thought it would be cool if you could get paid to podcast. At that moment the professional podcaster was born. Like all other professions, there are many levels of mastery. Podcasting is no different. Beginners sound like beginners while experts sound like experts. The difference is in the quality.

Producing 800 episodes can make you and your show better. And next year that difference will make ALL the difference in whether or not a listener notices your efforts. To hammer home this vision, I see three emerging trends that will make a seismic shift in podcasting in the waning days of the Pandemic: The Great Podcast Drought, The Rise of Podcasting as Prototype, and The Next Content War.

The Great Podcast Drought: First, tons (a real unit of podcasting measurement) of active podcasts will DIE and the number of ACTIVE podcasts on Apple Podcasts will fall BELOW 100,000 as the Content Wars put more and more active podcasts behind paywalls. Paywalls WILL make 1 in 10 podcaster’s wealthy, however, for every podcast that generates revenue there will be nine others that do not.

The Rise of Podcasting as Prototype: Next, Hollywood will use podcasting to continue to prototype new TV and Movie content creating a whole cadre of podcasters who become showrunners, writers, and producers for REAL production companies. Additionally, these podcasts will feature a tidal wave of known A/B/C level actors. Podcasts like The Oyster and Black Box are already proving this.

The Next Content War: Finally, The Content Wars heat up as media companies start buying up podcasters, podcast networks, podcast content, or any audio content not nailed down or copyrighted. This is when the giant named Apple will finally awaken from its sleep. Brought on by its new CEO who sees podcasting as an important part of their platform for the first time since Steve Jobs. Because of this realization, Apple will start hosting podcast content and threaten indy podcast hosting companies. This will cause indy podcast companies to start buying out their competitors to form bigger hosting monsters and see the rise of new podcast hosting companies appearing to support podcasts that have been kicked off of bigger platforms. As one market shrinks another will be born.

I think each of these areas impacts the future of podcasting in one fundamental way: the industry will dramatically change to reduce the friction in starting and monetizing a QUALITY podcast. If you fine-tune your profession by increasing the quality of your podcast, you might be one of those podcasts that survive the coming upheaval. Have no fear my friends – I strongly believe that quality finally gets rewarded in 2022!

Kyle Bondo is the Chief Creative and Co-Founder of a podcast production company (gagglepod.com) that specializes in audio experience (AX) design from story/content development to audio editing and publication.

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Tina VaLantTina VaLant Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022

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Podcasting enjoys an incredible boost, as livestream creators forage new frontiers, repurposing audio from videos and lives, into this on-the-go format. Not everyone wants to be on-camera and this satisfies a broad audience, with endless possibilities. OTT media services flourish benefitting their subscribers with instant access and an array of choices to fit every need.

Savvy individuals, organizations, businesses, companies, musical/visual artists will capitalize on the value of direct interaction (via livestream and social media) with commentors, fans/followers, enabling conversion into subscribers, friends, brand influencers, customers/clients and more.

#ServeShareShine is Tina VaLant‘s motto. She serves as a speaker, photographer, columnist, livestreamer; sharing her talent and enabling others to shine.

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Mike Wilkerson

Mike Wilkerson livestream universe predictions 2022

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The value of sharing one’s story and perspective via their unique experiences and skill sets will continue to grow and find their way into both audio and (when a viable topic) video at a geometric rate. Those who wield these stories and skill sets will finally begin to understand that their life and knowledge are currently a resource that will disappear – the instant that they do, unless they take the time to somehow document it. If you thought that writing in a diary with a pen was valuable back in the day, then you’re guaranteed to finally have one of the most important “lightbulb moments” ever: as you understand why being able to hear, see, experience and learn those from those who go before us is so vital. Their stories, their skill sets, their perspectives – they are LIFE, and they fuel those whom they leave behind. Life finds a way as always because Podcasting is Captured (Life) Perspective.

Mike Wilkerson is an OG Podcaster in St. Louis area, and has crafted, hosted, produced and promoted podcasts of every kind since 2005. His growing Podcast-service-based empire includes a voiceover academy and service (The Voice Farm), a podcast editing academy and service (The Editor Corps) and a program promotion engine (The Podcaster Matrix). He has created 4 retail-based Podcast Studios to capture content to propel each vein of his business. A 5th studio, is the unique and mobile “Podcast Bug” – a 1974 custom Super Beetle with a recording studio built into the front of it. Mike and his always-growing library of programming can be found at 2GuysTalking.Com.

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Amy Woods

Amy Woods Content 10x livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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I think people will start to spend less time (or even no time) on some social media platforms they have previously been on, in an attempt to spend less time on social media overall. In doing so, they want to have a more positive experience when they are on social media. They are looking for platform-specific content, and more personalized interactions too, and I think more marketers are going to make both of those a high priority.

Amy Woods is the CEO and founder of Content 10x – a content repurposing agency. Amy and her team work with businesses and brands from all over the world repurposing their content, helping them to reach and impact more people whilst saving them time.

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Brian Schulman

Brian Schulman Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022

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In 2022, people will be creating more relatable, heart-centered, engaging, and compelling live-stream and digital media content targeting wider audiences. The days of showing up one way and acting another are gone. Authenticity is no longer optional, nor is there a choice to wear it as a ‘mask’. How sincere/genuine you are will define the success or failure of your show, your brand and business. Humans do want to connect with humans.

We have spent the last 18 months during a global pandemic, digitally, in each other’s homes. It is no longer ‘business is business’ and ‘personal is personal’. Showing up professionally has been redefined. Lines blurred. Boundaries shifted. Livestreams are taking on current issues, engaging in discussions that tackle relatable issues and digital media content is no longer all about the ‘hard sell’. This trend will continue to grow because it is what people are looking to engage with. They are seeking out spaces, communities and businesses in which they can be themselves.

In 2022, getting real, relatable, having more fun, and being human with your live-stream and digital media content will be key. Furthermore, it is becoming easier and easier to create live-stream and digital media content. This is in part due to ‘startup obstacles’ that traditionally hindered a quick-start in the past, having been removed. Less capital is required to start, because of the now widely used and accepted virtual space to ‘show up’ in. Equipment and services are readily accessible and have become more affordable, moreover, the understanding and the ability to use what is already in your hand, (think cell phone and camera/laptop), is the norm and no longer the exception. In fact, you probably already possess the necessary technology to stream live, generate web content, and create digital assets.

Before 2020, people, businesses and entities did not concern themselves with showing up virtually or making content available through a hybrid model, but in 2022 virtual and hybrid events will be in demand. The ‘digital space’ has opened events to people and communities that may not have ever before had the ability or opportunity to participate and engage with content. In the event arena, what was ‘nice to have’ prior to the pandemic (a digital component/presence) has shifted to ‘must have’. The ability to connect your in-person audience with your online community will be crucial in the coming year. This is where having everything you need in the palm of your hand, both to create and consume live-streaming, web-based content and digital media come together.

Brian Schulman, a 2X best-selling Author, is an International Keynote Speaker known as the Godfather, and Pioneer, of LinkedIn Video and one of the world’s premiere live-streaming & video marketing experts who’s insights have been featured on NASDAQ, ROKU and a #1 Best-selling live-streaming book. As Founder & CEO of Voice Your Vibe, Brian has 20+ years of proven Digital Marketing experience strategizing with Fortune 500 brands across the globe and has been recognized as a ‘LinkedIn Top Voice’, ‘LinkedIn Video Creator Of The Year’, one of the ‘Top 50 Most Impactful People of LinkedIn’ and a ‘LinkedIn Global Leader of The Year’ for two consecutive years. Named “2020 Best LIVE Festive Show of The Year” at the IBM TV Awards, his two weekly LIVE shows have been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, an Amazon best-selling book and syndicated on a Smart TV Network.

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Chris CurranChris Curran livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

Blockchain and decentralization will thrive and fundamentally change how creators publish content and earn money, as well as how audience members consume content and support their favorite creators.

Chris Curran is an Audio engineer, podcast producer, host of The Podcast Engineering Show, music producer, musician, songwriter, author of Leap Beyond Your Limits. He is the founder & lead instructor at the Podcast Engineering School.

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Ai Addyson-Zhang

Ai Addyson Zhang livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream

2022 will be the year of video, especially monetization through video content in the e-commerce space. Amazon Live offers content creators a great opportunity to create content and monetize it. Other live streaming platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram will probably catch up in 2022.

Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang is a professor turned entrepreneur. She is the founder of Classroom Without Walls and an Adobe Education Leader, Adobe Insider, and HubSpot Academy Instructor. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Pearson Education, Today Show, and more.

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Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe Livestream Universe Predictions 2022

Icon Header LivestreamWith more brands doing podcasts and now livestreams, the time has come for production value to go up. Yes, not everything is perfect, but bad audio, lighting or other “easy-to-fix” tech issues will become more of an issue. That doesn’t mean all shows have to turn into Hollywood, but let’s make the audience experience better.

Christoph Trappe creates experiences useful to people interested in understanding their customers. He’s a Top 100 CX thought leader, Top 5% Global Podcaster, Content Strategist and author of “Going Live.”

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John Pretto

John Pretto Livestream Universe Predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream1. Microsoft teams will continue to improve their SDKs, API’s and will lead Zoom programmability versus Zoom.
2. Hopin’s Market Valuation will fall by 25%
3. Hybrid Events will be seen as a failure in bridging remote and local participants

John Pretto is a 25 year veteran in Streaming and Digital Media.

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Jaime Cohen

Jaime Cohen livestreaming predictions 2022

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Social audio has had a slow burn for years but took off in 2020 and 2021 . In 2022 it will be next level. With remote work continuing for the foreseeable future we’ll see companies developing voice-only internal social media. Platforms like Clubhouse may create a paid business version of their platform to get the jump on that market.

Jaime Cohen, founder of The Right Words, is an internationally recognized speaker, communication coach & advisor, LinkedIn Learning author, and top LinkedIn creator whose communication-focused content has amassed millions of views. She transforms high achievers into powerhouse communicators who get the job, land that promotion, build thought leadership online, and become stronger leaders.

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Eddie Garrison

Eddie Garrison livestreaming predictions 2022

Icon Header Livestream

We will really begin to see the power of online communities even more so than we did in 2021. The power of live streaming for virtual events as well as the peer-to-peer connections that are made with online communities is the direction digital media is already headed. Not unlike real-life communities, online communities look to serve a specific target audience to help one another better themselves. To teach, to learn and to connect.

Eddie Garrison helps brands grow their Digital Presence by utilizing the power of Social Media with real World Strategy, Design & Results!

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Zef ZanZef Zan livestream universe 2022 predictions quotepng

Icon Header Livestream

Post pandemic, a LIVE video is the new norm of meeting, connecting and engaging with one another online (even though it is NOT a new technology!). During the pandemic, it certainly has become an essential tool in the events space. Why? Because a LIVE video is the next best thing to being in the same room with the other person! As event tech continues to grow rapidly in 2022 (and it #Zefinitely will), not leveraging LIVE videos in your event design can mean that you’re leaving money on the table! Virtual or hybrid event creators, producers and other event professionals need to explore ways to integrate LIVE videos into their event design to help drive attendee, sponsor and exhibitor participation, to create memorable event experiences and/or to maximize event ROI. Boom!

Zef Zan is a LIVE Broadcast & Virtual Events Producer at Vendor Shows LIVE & We Do Virtual Events LIVE. She’s all about helping you create, produce and host DYNAMIC + ENGAGING virtual event experiences that get to YE$ connections. Her 200mph energy is her superpower AND she uses it to help you SHOW UP + SHINE ur light a little brighter!

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H. Dean Reynolds

H Dean Reynolds livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream

As a content creator, the fact that Instagram is now focusing more on video than photos lets me know that video conversion is still the leading way consumers prefer! Can you imagine YouTube now has its TikTok version?! Yass! YouTube Shorts! but wait, Facebook also has “Facebook Reels” OMG.

H. Dean Reynolds is a licensed music publisher who is certified by YouTube Music. He also has a strong video and TV background and serves as the creative director for Dean Reynolds Media Group

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Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

In 2022 I see more people creating Video Podcasts using storytelling. In years past many large media created short shows, now many independents will create shows.

Tim Gillette is the Creator of Simple Easy Marketing and Branding. Hosting Live and Virtual events around online marketing using blogs, video blogs, and podcasts to build a business, Tim started in the speaking business after a personal conversation with a friend and mentor Zig Ziglar, who inspired Tim to find a way to be himself and his message with the world just by being himself.

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Claudia Santiago

Claudia Santiago Livestream Universe livestreaming predictions 2022
Icon Header Livestream

We are in a major revolution! Being in the entertainment industry, I see this as akin to eras in history when there were major shifts: just as when the cassette tape overtook records, then CDs overtook the cassette tape and digital replaced analog recordings and midi instruments took over! The amazing thing is today we are able to do much more than we could do years ago.

We have also seen COVID, a global pandemic, force many to change the way they do life and business. The entertainment and hospitality/tourism industries will never be the same and are having to pivot quickly and frequently. I see this as an opportunity to welcome the new and allow activation of the creative innovation power within each of us at a whole new level! We live in exciting times… that is if we don’t stay stuck in the old.

I see that moving forwards in 2022, we will find new platforms opening up, current platforms changing their focus and systems. New, new, new! is the name of the game. I sense that there will be a resurgence of new work opportunities for coaching as new systems and strategies will overwhelm the online space in various ways such as NFT. There will be a period of time in which embracing and incorporating these new strategies, software and systems will be key for brands and companies to gain market share and sustainability in this new world of business. Education, community and a willingness to grow and embrace the new will be the key to success.

Regardless of the pandemic and incredible tech changes, remaining connected in relationships within authentic communities will be another key to success and health to balance such huge transitions as we are relational beings, not robots, and this is a foundation not to toss aside. I see health and wellness developing new strategies to help mentor people as they transition to the new.

Claudia Santiago is an international recording artist, live entertainer and seasoned professional performer at local, national and international private and corporate live events with extensive touring, tv, radio and media appearances. Claudia’s expertise also extends as a strong online entertainer, brand influencer, speaking talent and consultant.

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Jeffrey Bradbury

Jeffrey Bradbury TeachCast livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

In 2022, microblogging, and microstreaming will continue to take off. The ability to quickly create short amounts of content will further dominate the marketplace and help us fill the needs of our dopamine-driven fantasies.

Jeff Bradbury is the creator of the TeacherCast Educational Network at TeacherCast.net.

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John R. DiStefano, Jr.John Distefano U Do It livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

Now that livestreaming is mainstream the companies are receiving a wealth of feedback. I believe 2022 is the year that the livestreaming broadcast companies will respond to these requests and it will be glorious! We’re already seeing integration with Stream Deck, co-host collaboration with studio control and the ability to stream to 30+ platforms simultaneously.

I think 2022 is the year that broadcast studio quality reaches the home where a small team of co-hosts or host and producer combinations can launch a show that has the look and feel of broadcast television. Scene switching, soundFx triggers, lighting automation, camera zoom/pan, screensharing, guest swapping and more will all be features that a co-host or producer will be able to control remotely while allowing the host to run the show without distraction.

John R. DiStefano, Jr. produced DIY content on YouTube that has now morphed into a side hustle working with Derral Eves and others developing software solutions to implement their vision. He is also CEO of No Cheese Records, which is a record label focusing primarily on hip-hop and EDM.

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Bee Smith

Bee Smith livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream

My prediction is that in 2022, you will see a double portion of new livestream apps that come with added features of previous ones to better help users reach target audiences.

Watch the bonus video of Bee discussing her predictions.

Bee Smith is a Global 4-time bestselling author and award-winning Mental Health Advocate. Overcoming Suicide she uses her multimedia gifts to shine the light on Mental Health issues and encourages others to walk without shame and live a life full of Joy!

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Phil KlubaPhil Kluba livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header Livestream

I believe the metaverse and the technologies around cryptocurrencies and NFTs will play a huge role in digital content creation. There will be new and immersive ways to create courses, sell products, tell stories, and build virtual events in 2022. The worlds of virtual, augmented, and traditional media will blend and build the foundation of internet 3.0. The technologies we use to create will improve and become more hands-on, making it easier for creators to create.

Phil Kluba is the founder & CEO of Press It, a Toronto-based media production company that has spent the past seven years specializing in innovative video, live-streaming, and content solutions.

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Carlos Phoenix

Carlos Phoenix Livestream Universe Predictions 2022 quote
Icon Header Livestream

Livestreaming remains a fantastic way for individuals and businesses to reach their target audiences. As a dealer in the tools and tech to simplify and expand on livestreaming, the next step is expanding the reach by first improving the quality of streams from graphics to sophistication and expansion of the distribution of content… including television. Smart TV platforms can expand such reach to target audiences. I offer such capabilities and it will grow in 2022.

Carlos Phoenix currently offers great tools, both hardware and software, to help expand the capabilities of those creating live and recorded content at home, office and mobile. He is building a platform for content distribution on all media platforms including television.

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Chip Edwards

Chip Edwards livestream universe 2022 predictions quote

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make significant inroads into media creation. Marketing material, news stories, blog posts, and course creation will all be significantly aided (or in some cases fully automated) by computers generating the copy. Well-written, unique, interesting stories will be entirely generated by Artificial Intelligence. The lines between human and computer intelligence will continue to blur and the conversation around sentience will become mainstream. Relying on Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will continue to expand and more content producers will use this platform to engage their market. And as everyone gets used to talking to these devices (and getting personalized responses), the line between human and robot will blur further.

Chip Edwards of Create My Voice helps content producers (bloggers and podcasters) deliver their content through Voice Assistant platforms. Now anyone can just ask for your content (and hear it).

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Toni Henderson-Mayers

Toni Henderson Mayers livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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Virtual events are here to stay. This will not take away from in-person events; it will be an option. It will be an option that will prove to be lucrative and a wonderful way to reach an untapped market.

An entrepreneur for over 30 years, Toni Henderson-Mayer‘s success with branding and development of on and offline businesses such as Wise Courtship, Alphabet Theater Workshop, Word Therapy Publishing and UB Solutions has positioned her as a top business coach in the areas of organizational management, digital marketing, training and HR services for private and government clients.

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Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace NowSourcing livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
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As I have said in previous years, LinkedIn continues to be an underrated livestreaming asset. Viewers can watch a replay of your live video so the repurposing of it is great. Since last year, LinkedIn has created creator mode and now offers more people the opportunity to become live broadcasters. I am excited to see what the LinkedIn creator community comes up with next!

Brian Wallace is the Founder of NowSourcing, a top-rated content marketing agency that makes the world’s ideas, simple, visual, and influential.

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Marco Novo

Marco Novo livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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“People Like Me” approach livestreaming, influencer marketing and word of mouth as going together. First, let me give you a fast, non-academic overview of these three concepts as discussed in this context:

  1. Livestreaming: Real time video with the possibility to interact with viewers and speakers.
  2. Influencer marketing: When people with a sphere of influence (celebrity, thought leader, expert) recommend a certain product or service.
  3. Word of mouth: When someone I know recommends a product or service to me based on their experience with that product/service, based on my needs.

Amazon is leading this approach by allowing everyday people to talk on live shows about their favorite products. You just need to have a following on a given social media platform, apply to become an Amazon influencer, and if you’re approved, you can go live and talk about your favorite Amazon items. Sounds great, right? But there’s a tiny problem, which can become big. You’re on rented land, so Amazon can stop the program, and you’re “out of the road”, or you can be restricted by Amazon rules.

So, the best option is to have your own space. You can use tools to embed shows on your website and do your live shows there. Your house, your rules. And how can you apply the “People Like Me” approach? Asking your customers to talk about your products on live shows produced by you. What they love about them, how they use them, how they can be improved (yes, it is good to leave the honesty door open). Your customers will love to share their experiences, thoughts, and opinions about what you’re selling, your viewers will get a truthful experience (they are “people like them”) and it will not be an expensive approach, which will have an interesting ROI.

Everyday, more people are getting familiar with live streaming, technology is more user-friendly, and Internet speed is increasing, which facilitates the process. In addition, think about making some exclusive events for your better customers, and think about bringing some on-screen. Make special offers, create scarcity just for the show, and so on. This approach uses the power of word of mouth as it’s people like me recommending; Influencer marketing as they know what they are talking about; and livestreaming as I can interact with them in real-time. So, why not give it a try?

Marco Novo is a Portuguese live streamer, live remote producer, live stream consultant and trainer.

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Marisa CaliMarisa Cali livestream universe 2022 predictions quote

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Audio is extra important when livestreaming. Bad audio will make you lose your audience no matter if you’re talking for a few minutes or an hour-long session. With the rise of audio-focused events, virtual event organizers will consider adding an audio-only option for eventgoers. A downloadable option will be key to planning and offering one more connection point.

Connection points engage your audience more than just for the main event and continuously over time with repurposing. Audio-specific content made a huge splash with apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces and their popularity proved that audiences ARE in fact consuming on-demand audio.

With the rise of live streaming and increasing demand for video content, Marisa Cali found a calling in remote live stream production. In April 2020, she launched the Live on Social Now Productions division of her business which blends her love of tech, project management, and creativity. Marisa has had the pleasure of working with exceptional partners to execute virtual summits, exclusive fireside chats, and podcasts that build community.

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Leland BestLeland Best livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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Three words – “Remote-Controlled Broadcasting.” As our world continues to get smaller, thanks primarily to audio and video technology coming to the forefront during the pandemic of 2020, we can expect to see many more working their movie-making magic at keyboards and control stations from their personal home studios, rather than a remote stage facility.

“The Cloud” has been, and will continue to be the major threshold to be crossed in order to reach the pinnacle level of near-infinitely scalable broadcast production. Twitter is out, LI is still boring, YouTube will stumble once again, Twitch will see an uptick in content variety other than gamers, and live-streaming websites and other online a/v services will continue to lock, pop, and drop for years to come.

As one who’s been involved since the inception of real-time, high-definition audio and video production over the internet, I can say this… we are still to this day, only ever in it for the personal, relationship-building experience this medium allows us to have in a moment’s notice with anyone from practically anywhere around the globe! Allowing grassroots broadcasters like ourselves to circumnavigate the biased, and propagated media created in the mainstream.

Leland Best is the Owner/Operator of BestLIVE.tv, co-owner and Sr. Technical Director of Talent Pros LIVE, where the team just completed this year’s annual “National Overdose Prevention Leadership Summit” for 2021 for the second year in a row. He’s worked as a remote technical director for clients such as: IDOtv.com, the Public Health Institute, and the Professional Referee Organization for MLS

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Erin Cell

Erin Cell livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
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The announcement of Facebook entering the metaverse speaks volumes for what we can expect for the future of digital media and marketing. We are entering a new world & if you haven’t been paying attention to NFTs, AR, VR and the metaverse you will be in for an awakening. I think you will start to see all of these media become more prevalent in the mainstream. This means it will open up a whole new world for marketing to people in other realities.

Erin Cell currently manages & produces the Bad Crypto Podcast and the Nifty Show Podcast. Both shows are focused on blockchain technology and the future of digital collectibles.

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Phil Gerbyshak

Phil Gerbyshak livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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2022 will be the year social media and podcasting gets more intimate, with smaller communities of people being the goal and the outcome of a confluence of political angst, Facebook continuing to lose our trust, and content producers finally realizing the true power of the quality of their audience. With tools like Kajabi offering easy private RSS feeds, creators will be able to more easily monetize even a small audience – if they create a show worth listening to that addresses the value their audience needs.

Phil Gerbyshak is a social selling and sales expert, working with service-based professionals like financial advisors, insurance professionals and consultants to improve their productivity, performance and profitability. He hosts the Social Selling Essentials show, and a book by the same name will be out in Q1 of 2022.

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Dan HughleyDan Hughley livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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The bar for sound quality has risen in podcasting as more and more shows emerge that just sound great. In the coming year, I expect to see more podcasters feeling empowered to record, edit, and mix their own content for publication rather than rely on the skills of an audio engineer. I also see the popularity of the one-stop-shop that does all of that for you, plus helps with booking guests, writes show notes, posts on socials etc., gaining popularity. This isn’t because of the skills involved, but the time. And as software developers and equipment manufacturers continue making products that allow storytellers to create content without having to think much about technology, the product is going to be great-sounding content from every level of podcaster.

Dan Hughley is an audio engineer who wants to help podcasters simplify the recording process. His current role as Senior Marketing Manager at Focusrite gives him the opportunity to work with all types of content creators.

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Valerie MorrisValerie Morris livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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Ten years ago, brands could do really well by sharing/resharing third-party content that was relevant to their industry. However, today, there is SO MUCH content out there that viewers only want to spend their time on something that might have a new spin on the subject. That’s why original content has become such a dominant force in marketing and social media. Whether you do that via podcasting, video, blogging, or something else, getting your original voice out is going to take you much further than simply resharing the same old thing that everyone else has shared for years.

Valerie Morris is a content marketing and social media expert. She and her team help clients create authority-building content to grow their brand awareness. Valerie is also a published author, public speaker and trainer, and active member in the digital marketing community. She also gives back through intern programs, industry organizations, and events to help students grow in their professions as well.

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Gord Isman

Gord Isman livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
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In our quickly changing world, LIVE taught transformational course/workshop experiences (e.g. cohort-based courses) via platforms like Zoom, enabling students to interact and engage with a coach/mentor/guide and supportive community at much deeper levels than pre-recorded, self-paced course content alone. As a result, people are more willing to step out of their comfort zones and take risks resulting in transformational outcomes in a shorter time.

I know that I’ve consumed my share of pre-recorded, self-paced courses that somehow didn’t result in me moving my needle of progress forward. Maybe it’s time to try a cohort-based course experience? I recently taught my own Cohort-Based Course on YouTube Channel Essentials and found that the students just loved the LIVE teaching, LIVE Q&As, and one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions that were all part of the package. I believe that live streaming as a core feature in courses and workshops is going to explode!

Gord Isman is a Video and YouTube Consultant specializing in helping people to grow their businesses with video. He has a “How To” YouTube channel that educates people in video editing (e.g. Camtasia), video marketing and YouTube. Gord offers done-for-you services, courses, as well as one-on-one coaching to help you work through your video creation and content marketing challenges.

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Brad Friedman

Brad Friedman livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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I predict 2022 will be the year Human-to-Human® #H2H marketing becomes more important than ever. As the Metaverse begins to take shape, consumers of content, who end up as consumers of goods and services, will consume from those brands they trust. And trust is built through Human-to-Human® marketing. Brands will be thinking more and more about whether their content is building trust and is segregated to the right audience. And, to do this, brands will realize the trust-building benefits of video, livestreaming and podcasts.

I believe most events will be hybrid events, giving brands fewer opportunities to engage with prospects in person. The psychological impact of COVID-19 will force brands to stop considering livestreaming their events as a bonus and start considering it a necessity. And I believe these livestreams will be more interactive. We’ll see more polls, more influencers, and more short vertical video event-goers and others can watch on a mobile device. Quality trust-building content specifically targeted to the right audience will be essential in 2022. As will developing an interactive hybrid events strategy.

Brad Friedman, a Digital Marketing Strategist and Coach, is the Founder of The Friedman Group, LLC, a digital marketing agency that works with business owners and professional services providers to generate leads and revenue online. Brad is an Amazon best-selling author of two books and the host of The Digital Slice Podcast.

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Christian Karasiewicz

Christian Karasiewicz livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
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Live streaming will become more mainstream. We’ll also see greater expansion into live shopping, with more brand sponsorships across all levels of streamers. Lastly, virtual try-ons of products and more will come more into focus.

Christian Karasiewicz is the Content Marketing Manager at StreamYard and host of the Launch Your Live show, where he shares streaming tips and gear recommendations. He is the host of Social Chatter, the longest-running social media marketing talk show from Social Chefs.

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Marc Gawith

Marc Gawith livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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2022 is going to bring a change in the OTT, live and simulated live marketplace shifting the way we think about the “protocols” of live streaming and video delivery. Solutions like RTMP will be an also-ran behind new more stable delivery methods like RSP, and others. Platforms that use RTMP will be forced to start developing for new, more current, protocols.

Mark Gawith is the Director of Business Development for Resi Media. He has been involved in live video streaming for 7 years having worked in consumer and enterprise live streaming, from being a creator to now working with one of the top delivery platforms.

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Chris Stone

Chris Stone livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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As Influencer Marketing on live video continues to rise, I see not only the opportunities for Influencers to be massive – but especially to those that have their act together on live video. As Amazon has proven, the US is going to be the next major spot for online shopping – specifically live shopping with key influencers leading the way. I suspect that other major retailers such as Target, Costco and Wal-Mart and others begin to follow Amazon’s trail and build out their platforms to allow for Influencers to help guide their consumer shopping behavior, right while they are live online.

It’s especially exciting to those that have already curated a great livestream presence and following – because we’ve seen many approved Amazon influencers arrive on the platform without any livestreaming experience, coming from platforms where livestreaming isn’t prevalent or used at all. Those Influencers who are able to drive consumer behavior on live video will have a distinct advantage as these additional platforms start to flip the “livestream shopping switch.”

Watch the bonus video of Chris discussing some of the creators featuring in the 2022 Predictions.

With a 25+ year history in the music industry with Sony, driven and passionate entrepreneur Chris Stone founded the Podcast and Live Streaming Consultancy Cast Ahead after the success of his own co-hosted podcasts changed his life. At Cast Ahead, Chris thrives on enabling driven entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders and enterprises to express their stories and elevate their reach while extending their efficiency in that process.

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Rob Balasabas
Rob Balasabas Uscreen livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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Content Creators will be diversifying their revenue streams much more in 2022. You’ll see more creators creating courses and memberships, more creative sponsorships and integrations of brands into their content, and more consumer purchases through their favorite creator’s affiliate links.

Rob Balasabas is a Content Creator on YouTube, sharing helpful advice and strategies with creators to build community, content, and revenue streams. He is the head of partnerships at Uscreen.

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Eliseo Way

Eliseo Way livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
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With live content becoming more and more normalized and dare I say preferred, we will start to see a shift from pre-recorded and programmed broadcast to real-time live on-demand content. We are already seeing brands like Amazon put livestreaming creators on the forefront of their platform and with their recent acquisition of MGM Studios, I expect to see Amazon using all of their new media outlets and channels to feature even more livesteaming creators. As this model becomes more popular, we will see companies like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus etc. etc. follow that formula by also opening up livestreaming channels for vetted creators. YouTube has already proven that even though people can easily find the pre-recorded content they are searching for to get the answers they need, most people will still chose to watch a livestream on that very same topic because it adds a new element to the experience that many people love, that being real-time Q&A sessions and exciting community engagement.

Eliseo Way is the Owner and operator of ContentEcosystem. He works with businesses, brands and individual influencers to help them create top-notch content.

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Jim Fuhs

Jim Fuhs livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
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Shoppable Videos will continue to grow on platforms. Amazon has seen the advantage of influencer-generated content on product pages and this will become something that other brands and companies will consider. This allows user-generated content to go to a whole new level. Pinterest is starting to do this and I believe other platforms will follow suit and allow for affiliate revenue.

Jim Fuhs is an Amazon Influencer and cohost of the Amazon Live Show Dealcasters. He also does remote production work for companies like StreamYard, IBM Research, and the United Nations.

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Brandon Birkmeyer

Brandon Birkmeyer livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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The Year of Creative Voices. We’ll continue to see more people than ever tapping into new creative outlets. As we have new voices entering media at a faster pace, it will force more creativity into the space. To stand out from the growing crowd, creators will look to find their niche and separate themselves with better productions, better storytelling, and innovative experimentation.

Brandon Birkmeyer is a marketing coach who helps industry experts, coaches, and content creators build their brand. For over 17 years, Brandon directed brand strategy for top FORTUNE 100 companies. He now produces and hosts a top marketing podcast called Brands On Brands, which has ranked #1 in personal branding and content marketing.

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Lottie Hearn

2022 is time to own accessed anywhere, secure, one-click Video Chat rooms

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Having #MS issues off-camera – 2021 was a year watching big biz react to lockdown 2 using only vapid-virtual Zoom/Teams… Most ignoring the wider impact implications of quality LIVE tools. Some did basic talks at camera, others tracked employee hours. Many couldn’t sit with screen stress + little interaction opportunities… Virtual-fatigue was THE 2021 real-life-pain #GlobaLIVE issue. So THANKS to our inclusive LIVE community! My 2022 prediction is that biz must now look beyond basic Zooming Teams, demand more “LIVE production” quality, using simple, self or LIVE producer controlled, virtual meeting rooms, with inspiring interactivity included. 2022 is time to own accessed anywhere, secure, one-click Video Chat rooms (eg. Whereby.com) – no log-in, stop on-screen overload & start paying proper attention to the impact of easy viewer interaction, not just speaker “lectures”… 2022 #LIVEPresenters will fully realize the importance of using Broadcast Quality #GlobaLIVE Tools & simple #LIVEStylePresenting – like Ross & everyone here helps the world with daily – thanks Ross!

 #LIVEWithLottie Hearn –  #ConfidenceOnCamera worldwide pro-speaker, mentor, coach – stage to screen for over 30 years. She even wrote the first book about it. Her latest health issues may take her out of LIVE, for now, but never stops her #GlobaLIVE support life!

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Jesse Guthrie

Jesse Guthrie Livestream Universe Predictions 2022 quote
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I think virtual events are here to stay based on the outcome of Covid-19. The owners and creators have seen that they can still provide value and sell from virtual events just as well as in-person events. The virtual event landscape is now forever changed. The use of production and level of graphics is now more important than ever!

Jesse Guthrie is the owner and head graphic master of Stream Sense Media. He has worked with companies such as Bass Pro Shops as well as Streamyard in his role of live streaming and graphics jedi.

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Tony Mobley

Tony Mobley livestream universe predictions 2022 quote
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There will be more virtual interactions across the board in all areas you can think of! They will improve consumer engagement!

Tony Mobley is the creator of Conversations with Tony Mobley, real conversations with real people.

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Ash Borland

Ash Borland livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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We will see a move to a new content strategy that would include short vertical content (TikTok, REELS and Shorts) as this will be the brand discoverability but it will be paired with long-form live streaming style content to build community. This approach will become the norm by the end of 2022.

Ash Borland is a Content Marketing Consultant & Top 20 UK Marketing Podcaster.

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Wágner dos Santos

Wagner dos Santos livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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Despite several unfair remarks recently made by the media with respect to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, their considerable investment in the metaverse should not be ignored. While virtual worlds and experiences that liken “Ready Player One” may seem too fictional to believe today, there is no question that social networking/media is evolving more experientially. Human beings communicate best when their voices, likenesses, and body language are included because, arguably speaking, we are very complex and emotional creatures. Communicating in written form was a great introduction to the online world but it’s very limiting. In 2022, expect a hybrid of visual and verbal communications virtually and in reality to work seamlessly together.

For over 5 years, Wágner dos Santos has been the creator and host of Wagner Live, a weekly podcast produced by The Wagner Agency. In each episode and together with a special guest, expect to hear fresh perspectives on what’s hot in business right now. For the past 20+ years he has enjoyed a fulfilling career in the advertising industry and is currently the President / Account Planner at The Wagner Agency.

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Sue-Ann BubaczSue Ann Bubacz livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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The depth and speed of change in digital media and LIVE-streaming are stronger than ever, but it’s an especially inspiring and fun time for digital creators as the playing field becomes increasingly accessible. But, while fewer barriers to the digital game make the use of digital media increasingly easier, affordable, and viable for all brands and businesses, doing it well isn’t nearly as simple. Still, I love the power of digital for the little guy! Personal brands and small businesses can play in the big leagues, going head-to-head with big corporations and international brands. Standing out means having the ability to resonate with prospects, customers, and other stakeholders, directly. It means you are able to connect with the right people in the right way. But, a lot more goes into making these critical impressions and really engaging with an audience.

Of course, there are several value-added content pieces to master, software and marketing stack considerations, and things like strategic thinking, marketing plans, business goals, and objectives, etc., to examine. What’s the right balance between analytics and creativity? How can you produce the best user experience via both content and design? What’s the most effective way to turn your digital efforts into conversions, i.e., paying customers? There’s a LOT TO IT!

Do You Connect Human-to-Human via Digital Channels?

But, in my view, the bottom line for digital success (as always) comes back to the human factor. H2H, or human-to-human, is what creates, maintains, and sustains businesses. The relationships you create through your digital and LIVE messaging are what matters most to grow your business. The value and originality you deliver with digital media to serve your customers make all the difference in how well you connect. Taking strategies, campaigns, and tactics further by executing your plans effectively, efficiently, and consistently is essential. Today’s marketing is a conversation, and the digital platforms you engage in facilitate this concept to actively improve your results. Connecting with people productively and engagingly is the future of digital and LIVE work together. A human-first approach is the core digital strategy for success. Now. Before. And in the future.

As a business content creator, writer, and editor, Sue-Ann Bubacz crafts and produces high-quality, unique web content assets to help businesses connect with people and grow. Her tenacity, business experience, and creativity help clients from a fresh and strategic perspective to create digital impressions for an impressive digital footprint. Catch her at: WriteMixforBusiness.com or MSSYBiz.com.

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Dr. Aikyna Finch

Dr Aikyna Finch livestream universe 2022 predictiona quote
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In 2022 there will be video in emails, texts and purchases. People will be using more videos in their Facebook and IG stores. They will spend more time on their phones and iPads creating the content live as they sell and develop.

Dr. Aikyna Finch of Technically Intuitive is a social media speaker, trainer and conference host! She features women in tech and people of color in social media so they have the platform where they truly shine and are seen for their value in the industry!

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Tim Sohn

Tim Sohn livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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More brands will multistream. I always recommend to livestream to at least two destinations – at least one of them not being owned by Facebook, since the platform has become increasingly unreliable. By multistreaming, with a tool like StreamYard, you reach a bigger audience and reduce the chances of catastrophe if one of the social medias you are streaming to is down.

Tim Sohn is a 15-year leukemia survivor and founder of Sohn Social Media Solutions, where he produces & hosts livestreams for brands, nonprofits and entrepreneurs that want to create bigger impact, build relationships & community. He is also the co-host of The Tim & Jim Show and Showing Up: Perspectives On Cancer with Kara Oelker.

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Will Slaise Jr.Will Slaise Jr livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

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My predictions for livestreaming in 2022. The first one is, the larger platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, will call for them to be regulated by the government. Why? To avoid any type of liability that could occur from content creators as well as any agendas or narratives that are perpetuated on that platform. The second prediction i have for 2022 is, there will continue to be, an outgrowth of new platforms. The reason for this is many people are being censored on the traditional, large platforms. They too, will have the desire, to have a place, where they can share their content and create their content. The third and final prediction I have for 2022 is, the technology that is available, such as livestreaming platforms, cameras, encoders, software encoders, hardware encoders allows the average person to create content, share their content that helps others and in turn, makes the world a better place. This will continue to grow, at an exponential rate, even bigger than what it has in the past. One thing that this lockdown has shown us is, people still want to stay connected and people are still consuming great content. One of the best ways to create great content, as well as cut down your editing time, is to do livestreams.

Watch the bonus video of Will discussing his predictions.

Will Slaise Jr. produces digital content, as well as my podcast to teach,inspire and motivate others in the area of content creation (video, audio, digital files) and photography.

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Junaid Ahmed

Junaid Ahmed livestream universe predictions 2022 quote

Icon Header LivestreamYouTube will continue to dominate in 2022. The company has transformed, taking in feedback from the creators and catering to just a massive audience with well thought out content and realism.

Watch the bonus video of Junaid discussing his predictions.

Through Home Studio Mastery, Junaid Ahmed has been helping content creators, podcasters, and speakers create their home studios, giving them an unparalleled advantage when they show up on video. A Dedicated home studio space also creates a deeper connection with peers and audience. Junaid has Designed studios for some of the top leaders on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Steffen Kaplan

Steffen Kaplan livestream universe 2022 predictions quote

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Live Streaming Will Continue to Grow in Powerful, Helpful Ways. So much has changed in our world since the pandemic hit, including how we share information on social media. Although the spread of disinformation on social channels has contributed to what is now being termed an infodemic, social media is also used in many positive ways for social good — educating, raising awareness, raising funds, creating community and opportunity to help with many issues and problems in society.

Live streaming has quickly become an essential way for brands and organizations of all types and sizes to communicate, share their mission, and grow globally. Even those who had never live streamed before quickly learned how to use the technology as they were home more than ever, due to COVID-19 upending life as we knew it. Live streaming has become an invaluable component of social media, and its ability to reach so many viewers across multiple social channels simultaneously has captured the attention of millions of users and viewers.

But it is the personal connection that live streaming creates, through sharing of insight, experiences, and stories, and most importantly, engaging with people in real-time — there is no hiding behind the screen, you are in full transparency mode as I say — that has attracted so many to live online broadcasts. Those that harness the power of creating great communities through the power of social media and live streaming, will continue to grow in powerful and helpful ways!

Steffen Kaplan is a social media and visual strategist and live stream producer that has worked with AARP, The Pulitzer Prizes, and is the co-creator of the Martin Lindstrom and Marshall Goldsmith M&M Show live stream.

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Lee Uehara

Lee Uehara quote livestream universe predictions

Icon Header LivestreamREPURPOSING CONTENT: My prediction is that more and more folks will find creative ways to repurpose their content, including recording more “rooms” on Clubhouse and turning them into podcast episodes. This will cause more people to buy upgraded equipment to get the job done.

GEAR/TECH: The trend to move to mirrorless cameras will continue to grow as they are lighter and faster, and in many cases smaller than DSLRs. In turn, there will be a great uptick in more video creation — and selfie headshots. Just remember, the best gear is the gear you can afford.

Lee Uehara, host of House of Lee NYC, is the co-founder of AAP (Asian American Podcasters Association), Podthon.com, the indie collective, and NYC Podcasters Network. Lee is also a rockstar photographer to podcasters and speakers.

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Ross is an award-winning livestreaming strategist who helps creators & entrepreneurs monetize their talent and expertise; brands sell their products and services; and livestreamers with hosting, promotion, gear, and show development. Hire Ross for a 60-minute coaching or consulting session at rossbrand.net. For longer-term consulting and on-air talent inquiries, email Ross.

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