#LivestreamSpotlight: Coach Jennie Slays Your Inner Naysayer in ‘Hilda’

#LivestreamSpotlight: Coach Jennie

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Logo Livestream Universe Sept 1, 2016

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About Coach Jennie

Jennie Mustafa-Julock (aka Coach Jennie) is The Audacity Coach and author of Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery.

An amusing yet actionable self-help book, Hilda explores the ways your inner saboteur operates while providing powerful tactics for silencing the noise, getting out of your own way, and realizing your true potential.

Coach Jennie Livestream Universe Spotlight
Drawing from Coach Jennie’s expertise in organizational development and ten years as The Audacity Coach, Hilda helps you become keenly aware of your self-sabotaging ways and arm you with powerful counteractions to get you unstuck and make you unstoppable.

After spending a few minutes with Coach Jennie, you’ll find she does not subscribe to the gentle encouragement coaching thing. Her signature cathartic shoves get you unstuck and unstoppable.

That BS-free approach to so-much-more-than-life coaching helps her clients build the audacious lives they’ve been dreaming about. Coach Jennie is on a mission to instigate Audacity in as many humans as possible and then watch the world change.

Find her on the web at coachjennie.com and The Audacity Lab on Facebook. She broadcasts Coach Jennie’s Audacity Lab shows live on Crowdcast.io.

In the spring of 2016, Coach Jennie co-hosted two episodes of #LivestreamNews with Ross Brand: First Impressions of Huzza and DIY Mobile Video with guest Monique Johnson.

Coach Jennie Quote Hilda Livestream Universe
For more on Coach Jennie, check out her #LivestreamStars interview with Ross Brand, on November 30, 2015.

About Ross Brand

blab_channel_image.JPGRoss Brand applies his background as a radio host to conduct interviews and lead livestream conversations that inform and entertain. He is the founder and editor of Livestream Universe, covering the latest and greatest in livestreaming and online broadcasting.

Ross hosts #LivestreamStars, Mondays at 7pm ET at RossBrand.tv. The show features talented broadcasters delivering high-quality content across livestream platforms. He also hosts #LivestreamSports, #LivestreamNews and #AskTheExpert monthly. He produces and presents the Daily Livestream Update weekday mornings on FacebookThe updates contain show recommendations and news from the livestreaming industry.

Ross is the co-founder of HRAvantGarde.com. You can find Ross on Twitter: @iRossBrand. His Instagram username is @RossBrand1.

Show Topics

  • Who is Hilda?
  • What readers can expect to learn from Hilda
  • Our inability to stop sabotaging ourselves
  • How Coach Jennie is using livestreaming to promote the book
  • How Coach Jennie has grown as a broadcaster
  • Becoming more confident on Facebook Live
  • Jennie’s Hilda writes the book’s opening
  • More information about Hilda at HildaTheBook.com

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