#LivestreamSpotlight: Karen Graves Teaches Coaches How to Profit

#LivestreamSpotlight: Karen Graves

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Logo Livestream Universe August 29, 2016

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About Karen Graves

Karen Graves is a Communication and Marketing Specialist who helps small businesses grow via online and offline marketing strategies that increase leads, traffic, and sales. As a Sales Success Mentor, she helps coaches make money in their businesses.

Karen Graves Livestream Universe Spotlight
A former salesperson for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company, Karen has trained and coached thousands of sales professionals who were deemed the “Best of the Best” in their industry.

Karen is the host of Think and Grow Rich for Coaches, airing Mondays through Thursdays at 11am ET on Crowdcast. She discusses Napoleon Hill’s classic book and other personal and professional development publications.

Karen also hosts Wealthy Wednesdays at 4pm ET weekly on Crowdcast. The show focuses on topics relating to profitability and business growth.

For more on Karen, check out her #LivestreamStars interview with Ross Brand, on January 4, 2016.

Find Karen on Twitter: @KarenGCoaching. Her Instagram username is @CoachKarenG.

Karen Graves Quote Livestream Universe Spotlight

About Ross Brand

blab_channel_image.JPGRoss Brand applies his background as a radio host to conduct interviews and lead livestream conversations that inform and entertain. He is the founder and editor of Livestream Universe, covering the latest and greatest in livestreaming and online broadcasting.

Ross hosts #LivestreamStars, Mondays at 7pm ET at RossBrand.tv. The show features talented broadcasters delivering high-quality content across livestream platforms. He also hosts #LivestreamSports, #LivestreamNews and #AskTheExpert monthly. He produces and presents the Daily Livestream Update weekday mornings on FacebookThe updates contain show recommendations and news from the livestreaming industry.

Ross is the co-founder of HRAvantGarde.com. You can find Ross on Twitter: @iRossBrand. His Instagram username is @RossBrand1.

Spotlight Topics

  • Karen discusses her shows
  • Why Karen believes Think and Grow Rich is such an important book
  • Why Karen chose to host on Crowdcast
  • How her shows have changed since she left Blab
  • How she has grown as a broadcaster
  • How livestreaming has impacted Karen’s business

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