Post Planner Live with Rebekah Radice: Employee Advocacy on Social Media

Post Planner Live: Employee Advocacy on Social Media
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#LivestreamStars host Ross Brand, co-founder of HR Avant-Garde, was a guest on Post Planner Live (#ppLive) to talk about how companies can benefit from their employees using social media to engage with current and potential customers.

The conversation was broadcast live on Friday, June 24, 2016, and received more than 1,100 views on Facebook. Post Planner CMO Rebekah Radice, a top 5 social media blogger according to Social Media Examiner, hosted the show.

Post Planner Live Ross Brand Rebekah Radice
Ross is the editor of and hosts #LivestreamStars Mondays at 7pm ET. He also hosts The Daily Livestream Update and 3 monthly shows: #LivestreamNews, #LivestreamSports and #AskTheExpert.

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