#StreamLeader 001 – Don’t Try To Do It All At Once

#StreamLeader Report 001- Don't Try To Do It All At Once

It doesn’t have to happen all at once.

There are so many opportunities in the online world — for creators and entrepreneurs — that we think we aren’t doing everything we could do to grow our business. Of course, we aren’t. It’s impossible to do everything, let alone do everything well.

2021 has been a year of firsts — doing things you might have assumed were part of my offerings but, in fact, I had never done before, including:

  • hosting a virtual summit
  • starting a Facebook group
  • launching a membership community
  • creating merch (coming soon)
  • publishing a book (coming soon)
  • starting this weekly email report

All of these things have a learning curve. To make an impact, they may require having a network within your industry, an online audience already following you and/or an investment of time and/or money to get up to speed.

Don’t try to do it all right away. Don’t buy all the fancy gear or try to check every box that you think is necessary for an online personality.

Start with your strengths:

  • What do you do better than most people in your niche?
  • What do you know that others don’t?
  • In what areas do people seek out your help?
  • What do you enjoy doing?

Let the answers to those questions sharpen your focus.

In the beginning, I went exclusively with the interview format for my livestreams. I knew that was my strength and where I could stand out as a host from day one.

If you try to do everything at once, you risk becoming overwhelmed and burning out. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

The biggest reason you want to start with your strengths: It’s what you do best that will garner attention and help you build an audience. Then, from a position of strength, you can add other offerings for that audience.

Terrific Tools ⚙️

  • Email Marketing: After years of relying on free services, I am excited to create this weekly report in ActiveCampagin. So far I’m very impressed with the user experience and the range of different features.
  • Video Monetization: I’m a huge fan of Uscreen and not just because they sponsored our recent summit. The business aspects of managing the Livestream Universe Mastermind (Beta), which offically launched this week, are handled in Uscreen’s dashboard. In addition to our twice-monthly live strategy sessions, members have access to videos available in our Uscreen catalog. It’s a beautiful platform that enables you to create your own Netflix-style streaming service with a premium custom website. You can also sell video courses, memberships and subscriptions. Sell or rent individual videos as well. 
  • Next week I’ll share my thoughts on Telestream’s new Screenflow release and let you know if I decide to upgrade my software.

Around the Universe 🌌

Watch & Listen 🎬 🎧

Ross Brand on Tim and Jim Show by Steffen Kaplan
Thanks to Livestream Producer Steffen Kaplan for sharing this photo from his streaming studio.
  • Having been the guest on The Tim & Jim Show’s first anniversary episode, it was great to rejoin the hosts (Tim Sohn and Jim Fuhs) as they approach their third year of weekly livestreaming. We discussed takeaways from hosting a virtual summit.
  • Celebrate Social Media Day with the great Louise McDonnell! She’ll be sharing small business social media success stories on Facebook Live at 8am ET on Wed, June 30.

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Ross Brand

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